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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The king hunted me on Day 2 and Day 3!

I saw a 140-150 class 8 pointer at 20 yards on Day 1 of my hunt. No shot, and he was not the king, so I passed on attempting one. The king came in when I rattled him on Day 2 at 1 pm, but he held up 45 yards away. He could see my scrape and no doe near it, so he refused to come closer. He was stiff-legged walking, and I thought I was going to meet him that day. Later on I called out of my stand to a person I thought was trespassing (but wasn't). That told the Dominant Buck that a human was in his territory. I forgot about the ramifications of speaking out of my tree stand until it was too late. 

The next day (Day 3) I placed a Montana Doe decoy at the scrape and it was visited by a 5 point yearling buck 2 minutes after I settled into my stand in the morning. An adult doe came to it later on around 1 pm and I saw 3 other does in my view outside 35 yards that day. The wind was swirling and the Dominant Buck was on the move. He had to stay downwind of my set-up in order to keep tabs on the action of other deer there. I could hear him pacing back and forth and grunting to the invisible doe (me), for the last twenty minutes of the day on Day 3. He was telling the doe to stick around, that he was coming to her, but that he would wait for total darkness before advancing to her location. I know he was holding out because I yelled out of my tree stand at the person I thought was trespassing the day before. That cost me my encounter with the king of the herd. He put a warning out at the end of Day 2 that a human was in their midst (because I let him hear my human voice while he was hunting the doe) and for that reason all I saw the next day was does, fawns, and yearling bucks.

 In my book I tell you that the dominant buck keeps all fawns and yearling bucks away from your scrape when he is dominating it. If you see does and fawns within 35 yards of you I believe you are too close to doe bedding areas. They walk around in doe bedding areas all day long. Does in heat or estrus can come in on a normal hunt, but not fawns, or yearling bucks.

You are not busted until you see the tail of the king up and flagging or until you know he has identified you as a human because of you making a mistake while in his territory. There is no need to quit if you get busted unless it is Day 4. If it is Day 1, 2, or 3, just follow my advice in my book and move your stand and scrape accordingly. The dominant buck will hunt the invisible doe the next morning and he will forget the human again. Stick with it, even if you get busted intruders and monster bucks still will come in.

I hunted Day 4 (October 21) until 11 am, expecting the king to rush in in the morning, so I pretended I was an intruder buck and I told him to show up and fight, but he did not. You see his life is more important to him than risking it for a fight he may lose. That dominant buck hunted me on Day 2 and Day 3, and he knew his life was in danger on Day 2, so he never committed to coming to the scrape in daylight, but the D.I.E. DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING System did its job. I saw a 3.5 year old 200+ pound 8 pointer the first evening within 20 yards of my stand. Chalk one up for the king on my first attempt this fall with a bow in WI. I will go after him again from another stand on the same property, and next time I will not break any of my own rules. I learned a lot about this king on this hunt. I know now what I am up against. He earned the right to live another couple of weeks.

I know of three other D.I.E. Hunters who got busted this weekend and of one man who did not fail. Doug Gregoire of Sheboygan Falls WI shot his third D.I.E. Buck with a bow. He is a monster! See my blog at dominanceiseverything.blogspot.com for the photo and check back here for updates from other D.I.E. Hunters.

D.I.E. is still your best bet for a meeting with the king of any herd on your terms. Buy a book or come to a seminar and get a book at the door with the purchase of a seminar ticket. Next D.I.E. Hunter Training is this Saturday October 27 in Hayward WI at the Flat Creek Inn & Suites. Walk-Ins are welcome. If you have a book bring it. Doors open at 8 am. Seminar hours 9 am to 4 pm with a 45 min lunch break. Cost is $50 per person (bring your D.I.E. book) or $100 per person (includes a D.I.E. book). You must pay cash or credit at the door. Call 262-719-2748