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Friday, November 2, 2012

Nick Swain gives his hunt 2012 D.I.E. Hunt Testimonial

"Bob you really have an amazing system, that brings results! Everything you taught at your seminar and everything that I read in your book is REAL! I have been out on my first D.I.E. hunt, by day 1 when I went to swap out the lures I could tell that the buck took over the scrape and rub. Then today on day 3 of my hunt I walked in to my stand and as I was watching the woods to my left because I heard a noise, I did not notice the buck directly under my stand... needless to say I was busted, by the big buck. Yes it sucks to be busted, but it has been an awesome hunting experience! That buck was 20 yards watching the rub and scrape that I made... that's really incredible! I can't wait until I get another 4 days off to do another D.I.E. hunt so I can get a chance at the king of the herd. Thank you very much for sharing your way of hunting with not only me, but with the world as well!"

Nick Swain

I congratulate Nick for using the D.I.E. System as directed. The king hunted him, and he not only experienced it, but he is willing to share his hunt experience with me and with others, even though he got busted this time. I am aware of two other hunters who had 10-pointers bust them this past week and neither of them were willing to share the story due to the fear that their friends would laugh at them for not getting the buck. I applaud Nick and I know he will be hunted by another king on his next hunt.

I also applaud the other men. 

If you had a D.I.E. Hunt, share your story with me and I will share it on my blog. 
Thanks, Bob J. Mercier

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jerry Denboer of WI became #15 in the world with D.I.E.!

Jerry Denboer is a D.I.E. V.I.P. He and I spent a day earlier this year scouting the land he hunts in Wisconsin. I was thrilled to see the photo of the MONSTER 8 point buck that Jerry shot with his bow on his first WI D.I.E. Hunt in October 2012.

Jerry will be sending me a testimonial in the coming days and I will share it here and on my website under Photos and Testimonials.

Way to go Jerry!

You harvested the first 2012 WI Archery Buck and now you are #14 in the world with D.I.E.!

Welcome to my world!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Chad Moder #11 in the World with D.I.E. (Testimonial)

Chad Moder became #11 in the world with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING in WI Gun Deer Season 2011. I am proud to post the photos of Chad's first D.I.E. Buck along with his Testimonial on the blog and on the website. Please congratulate Chad on a job well done, when you see him. Way to go Chad!

"I had recently finished reading Bob’s book just prior to the opening of the 2011 Gun deer season.  Like many hunters in WI, I hunt on public land in the northern part of the state.  Unfortunately, because deer camp is three and a half hours away, I was forced to “cram” the system with minor modifications.  I set up my DIE system on Friday around mid morning.  Opening day came and went with little action.  The weather forecast for Sunday called for snow and wind in the afternoon.  I headed out to my stand Sunday morning with my drag line in tow.  The morning was quiet, and before long the snow and wind started to blow.  As I tried to shield my face from the blowing snow, I caught a glimpse of movement about 60 yards away.  The buck walked right up to my trail where I had drug my drag line.  The buck turned and paralleled my trail heading straight for my DIE setup.  At 10 yards I pulled the trigger harvesting a nice 8 pointer.  It was 3:00 in the afternoon in the midst of a snow storm, and I had just taken my 2nd biggest deer ever.

Thank you, Bob, for sharing your knowledge of Whitetails with the rest of us.

Chad Moder
Appleton, WI