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Friday, November 30, 2012

Tim Hartley got a 12-pt. at 25 yds. with D.I.E.!

Congratulations to Tim Hartley of Cedarburg WI for successfully harvesting a mature buck with 
DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING while bow hunting in Wisconsin on private land.  
He got a nice 12-pointer at 25 yards, and he is another believer in the D.I.E. Hunting System.

Here is Tim's testimonial received by Bob on Nov 29, 2012

“Hi Bob......just wanted to let you know that my brother Tony talked me into reading your book, and I'm really glad that he did!  I hunted on my land in Clark County, Wisconsin, and used the D.I.E. system.  I must admit that as I read the book, I was a bit skeptical.  I think we've ALL read books before that made claims that didn't seem to pan out, but that was certainly NOT the case with yours.  I was able to take this 12 point buck with a bow this season, and had him coming within 25 yards of my stand...uh, just like your system said he would! (Who would've thought that would ever happen? 

I've been hunting for many years, and have never seen a system as predictable as yours!  I had missed a larger bodied buck a day earlier that was heading right toward the D.I.E. scrape. He also had a nice rack, but not quite as nice as this one.  I can only blame buck fever for having missed him, but I was grateful when this big fellow came along.  I'm guessing this guy was an intruder buck.  Needless to say, I intend to hunt with the D.I.E. system next year and from now on.  

You've got a believer on your hands with me....

Tim Hartley” 

Photograph of Tim Hartley of Cedarburg WI, with his first D.I.E. Buck.
A 12 -pointer taken at 25 yards with his bow in Wisconsin 2012
He is ranked #26 in the D.I.E. Hunter's Pecking Order
Congratulations Tim!

Taylor Galecki #25 was hunted by a 8 pt. buck

Congratulations go out to Taylor Galecki of WI for successfully harvesting a mature buck with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING. He did not own a copy of my book but he learned from someone who did, and it changed the outcome of his 2012 gun hunt. D.I.E. Hunters are invisible to deer and Taylor experienced it first-hand. Deer think you are a breeding pair of deer and they seek you out. It is fun, and easy to learn. Below I have written a few comments and then I have posted Taylor's testimonial, and buck photo.

This testimonial came through a One-On-One customer of mine Doug Dedering who is a D.I.E. Hunter. Doug taught his son Leo, and his son’s friend Taylor Galecki (who shot a mature buck and then wrote this testimonial) using the tactics that D.I.E. Hunters use to get to their stands (walking among deer). The two young men, both shot bucks, in the 2012 WI gun season using tactics they learned from Doug, who learned it from me, Bob J. Mercier. Taylor shot a mature buck that thought he was a buck or a doe, therefore I deemed Taylor’s 2 ½ year old buck a D.I.E. Buck, and he indeed earned a rank in the D.I.E. Hunter’s Pecking order. Taylor Galecki is now the #25 in the world with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING. Here is his testimonial:

“Ok first things first I'll start off by saying that ‘deer walking’ in my opinion works great! I got to witness first-hand a deer following Leo.  (Leo is my friend who hunts the same land as I do.) It thought Leo was another deer. I had just got up in my stand at 6:10 A.M. and Leo was leaving to walk to his stand. No more than 1 minute later there was a little doe walking down the trail that me and Leo had just walked down. It was following everything Leo was doing. Every time that Leo stopped, the deer stopped and when Leo would start walking, it would walk. The deer walked right up to my stand and it could not find Leo anywhere. It then turned around and walked down the trail a little ways from where it had come from and bedded down.

Now for the Buck Story...      

We had hunted all day, opening day and saw a lot of deer activity as well as heard some grunts. We saw three different bucks between Leo and me. One buck in particular was a buck that we both saw. 3:15 P.M. and was about 200 yards out on a ridge. There was a tree line in front of me and the deer. It was acting as if it had been following a ‘hot doe’. Then when it got straight out from me at 200 yards, it stopped at the top of the ridge and just waited, looking around for 1 minute. It then turned around and ran 600 yards away out of sight. That was not the last time I would see that nice buck. The next morning, it was a pretty cold very calm morning. You could hear everything that was walking, hundreds of yards away. I saw a doe early, the one that was following Leo, at 6:10 A.M. and did not shoot it. At roughly 7:15, I saw something coming from the top of the ridge. I saw its breath before I saw the deer. It turned out to be the nice 8 pointer that I saw the night before. It was walking very slowly and walking right on the other side of the tree line that was about 70 yards from me. When the deer got straight out from me again, it stopped, turned right at me and started to walk through the tree line. It got half-way through the tree line when my stand made a very small squeak. The buck was now more alert than ever and stopped for what seemed like 10 minutes, trying to out wait anything that just made that noise. The buck finally started walking right at me again, meanwhile I had my gun up and he was in the cross hairs. I was just waiting for him to turn broadside so I could make a good shot. He was now about 50-60 yards away from me and turned broadside. He had a little bit of a quartering towards me going on. I put the cross hairs right on him again and squeezed off a shot. The deer walked a few steps then jumped over a little brush pile, walked a few more yards and then I heard nothing. I got down finding I put a perfect shot on him, I hit his heart. He died no more than 10 yards from where he had been shot. Best hunting story I’ve ever had and first buck in my life! Thanks for the great advice! It paid off this year!”

~Taylor Galecki 
Taylor Galecki of WI with his first buck a dandy 8-point D.I.E. Buck!
Taylor is ranked #25 in the world with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING.
Congratulations Taylor!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

D.I.E. Hunter Testimonial - Anthony Lee

This is a testimonial of Anthony Lee of Germantown WI - He hunted with D.I.E., had it work and believes in it. So should you!

“Dominance Is Everything has been the best investment I have ever made for deer hunting! I've read many articles and books throughout my years of hunting, and yet, none has ever offered anything that is comparable to the information presented by Bob Mercier in his book and at his seminar. Bob basically tells you the secret ingredients to the secret recipe that would allow you to encounter the biggest buck of your lifetime!”

“About two years ago, I ordered Bob's book, and attended one of his seminars. I was very pleased with the new knowledge that I acquired at the seminar, and I decided to give the system a try.”
“I went out in the beginning of November to do my hunt. Two days went by, and I did not see anything. I grew impatient, and I gave Bob a call. He gave me some tips and encouraged me to be patient, for I still had two more days to hunt. On the third day, I did everything Bob had told me from the previous night, and within an hour, the biggest buck of my lifetime showed up! He was a 10 pointer with thick tall tines, all about the same length, and from my guess he was at least a 160-class…a very mature buck indeed. However, during that hour, I had fallen asleep. I woke up, to him moving into my scrape. His presence caught me by surprise, and the buck fever kicked in hyper drive. He stood not even 20 yards away, but I was trembling from excitement so much that I shot over his back. He jumped away increasing his distance from me, but he continued to look towards the scrape. I could not bring myself together to attempt another shot at him, and eventually, I watched him slowly walk away from the scrape, heading back towards the neighbor's property. That was the biggest buck I have ever encountered!”

“Dominance Is Everything is an excellent system.  I've learned more than just a system. I've learned to become a more complete hunter, and best of all, I've learned to become invisible to deer by becoming a deer myself.”
“Thanks Bob!”

Anthony Lee
Germantown WI

Anthony Lee and Bob at Boxhorn Sportsmans Club in Muskego in October  2010 at a D.I.E. Seminar

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tom Earle #2 got his 4th D.I.E. buck

Tom Earle called me today to let me know he shot a dandy 140-150 inch class 10 pointer this season, using the scrape exactly as directed in my book and at my seminars. Tom's comments were:

 "Bob it gets easier every time I set up a D.I.E. Scrape. I know what to expect and the system always brings in a nice buck. I mean it is so good, an experienced D.I.E. Hunter can rely on it happening."

"I have the whole system down real good now. I got a dandy buck, you would be proud of him."

When Tom's photos get here I will post them on this blog along with the statistics of his experience of being hunted by a buck.

Tom Earle is now the only person on earth with 4 mature bucks to his credit, all taken while using DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING.

Way to go Tom!

Here is a photo of Tom's first 3 D.I.E. bucks FYI:

Bob Schneider of Chilton WI is #24 in the world with D.I.E.!

Congratulations go out to Bob Schneider of Chilton WI. Bob has hunted numerous times with the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING SYSTEM since 2011. Bob had a head cold in 2011 and had to quit during his first hunt, but he did not want to leave the area, so he sat in his car and watched his tree stand and D.I.E. Scrape with binoculars. He saw a heavy racked monster buck approach it, within 10 yards of where he should have been sitting, on his fourth day. He called me to share his story, and I agreed not to write about it, until he was successful at harvesting a mature buck with the system.

Bob and I have spent the better part of three days together since then, and I knew this day was going to be coming this season. The day Bob called to say he shot a D.I.E. Buck! He doesn't like to write stories so he gave me the details of his hunt and I will share them with you here.

Bob modified the system a bit, and he still had success. Here are the facts.

Read Bob Schneider's own words (below)

"I had to walk over 400 yards across a field to get to my tree stand so I modified the time that I needed to start and I left my vehicle in the dark. I took my time getting to my stand, walking like a deer the whole way. I got there in the dark, and all was quiet until 7 am when I heard a deer splashing its hooves in the water off to the East of me in the swamp. I was hunting in the middle of a swamp (another modification to the system).

I heard, ploosh, ploosh, ploosh, ploosh. I didn't know it then but it was a buck making his way across the swamp to check me out. Then all was quiet. I watched the sun come up, and the frost burn off around me, and at 8 o'clock (I checked my watch), I heard ploosh, ploosh, ploosh, ploosh, as the same deer, took 5 or 6 steps towards me again. I think the buck was standing there 40-50 yards away in standing water for that whole hour, but at that time I didn't know that it was a buck. I thought the first deer I heard at 7 am had passed through. Now I know different. He was hunting me!

My first reaction when I heard his second set of steps in the water was to think "Holy crap... he is close!"

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a 10 point buck. He had approached silently to within 30 feet of me. I did not use the D.I.E. Scrape in this area. I chose the spot because I knew a big buck lived (bedded) downwind of my stand in that area, and he would surely come to me as a invisible deer. I did drag in the doe lure that you recommended. I shot the buck immediately and now I have a D.I.E. Buck to report. He is 3 to 4 years old with a 16" inside spread and he has nice mass. His face is really gray."

"Earlier in November I set up a D.I.E. Scrape and hunted over it. I saw 5 mature bucks from that tree stand in the 4 consecutive days I hunted. I passed on all of them, because I knew there were bigger racked bucks in the area. On the last (4th) day I saw two really nice 8 pointers and a 10 pointer. The 8 pointers were both shooters in any one's book, but I wanted to wait for the king. The 10 pointer was the biggest of the three bucks and all of them came in during the last 45 minutes of daylight on Day 4. Each one came alone, but there was not a dull moment to be in my stand. I believe in the power of the D.I.E. Scrape, but I had more time to hunt so I passed on those buck that day. I was invisible. They never saw me."

Bob Schneider #24 D.I.E. Hunter from Chilton WI

For those of you who don't know, Bob Schneider owns Gravity Park Race Track in Chilton WI. He and I met when he signed up to come to seminar in Madison WI in 2011. I enjoy spending time with him, and I know that you will too, if you ever get a chance to meet him. He is a true gentleman, who is all about having fun, while working his racetrack and while being hunted by kings!

Congratulations Bob! You finally did it!

You are now #24 in the world with D.I.E.!

Written by Bob J. Mercier

On November 26 2012 Bob scouted and found a spot for a D.I.E. Scrape on an upcoming WI late season bow hunt. He expects to be hunted by a king and his competitors. I will post the results of his hunt when he completes it We are both sure he will meet a dandy buck on that hunt.

Tim Hunt of Sheboygan WI is #23 in the world with D.I.E.!

Congratulations go out to Tim Hunt of Sheboygan WI for successfully harvesting a dandy 8 point buck with his gun and the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Hunting System, on the opening day of the 2012 WI gun deer season.

Tim's testimonial (is below):

"Hi Bob,
I just wanted to let you know your system worked, it's great. John Holden and I took your class a couple years ago. Last year I set up your system, but it was not right. I just got home from being on the road and did not have the time to do it correctly. Needlessly to say I didn't see anything!  This year I had the time and did it by your book, step-by-step, boy did it pay off!
This big guy would only come out late at night. I know this  because I have his photo on my trail cam. There where also a smaller 8 point, a 7 point, a 6 point, and 5 point. This bigger 8 point took over the area, no he is not a huge deer, but still very nice.
After doing your setup on Thursday, and not going back to it, I did not even get a chance to put up the last scent when at 7:20 am opening day he came in to check out the scrape. He stopped just long enough on the other side of the scrape for me to get off a 34 yard shot. The conditions were just perfect that morning, a little foggy, winds were in my favor.
After going down to get my deer, I checked out the scrape and the rub. He indeed took it over! The signs where there.
I'm also sending a few pictures of my deer and the set up I used. Hope you enjoy!"

Thank you very much,
Timothy Hunt
Sheboygan, WI