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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Matt Nelson got a 10-pt at 5 yds with D.I.E.!

Matt Nelson #21 in the D.I.E. Hunter's Pecking Order - hunted with my tactics, but he did not use a D.I.E. Scrape and he still had the most exhilarating bow hunt of his life! I spoke with Matt for a few minutes yesterday, and he was pumped up about using D.I.E. Hunting tactics along with the knowledge he already had as a WI bow hunter, to bag a trophy 10 point whitetail buck in Marshfield WI on November 2 2012.

The dominant buck approached Matt while he waited on the ground. He said he could hear the buck stiff-legged walking toward him for 100 yards. Matt shot the buck face-to-face at 5 yards with his bow! That is a first for any D.I.E. Hunter! WOW!

This 10-point typical buck's rack green scored at 143 3/8". It has 4" diameter mass on the main beams from the base of the rack to the G4 antlers. An 18" inside spread, and estimate age of 4-1/2 to 5-1/2 years old.

This hunter was in the woods before light, (something I do not recommend) and he walked-like-a-deer getting there. He couldn't find his trail markers so he waited near some cover he had a hunch the dominant buck would be skirting on his way to the doe bedding area from his own bed. The buck was harvested at 7 am, and Matt feels it was the easiest hunt of his life because he read my book, and used what he learned to imitate the actions of a doe in estrus, and a buck from another herd. That is what DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING is all about.

I am learning from hunters like Matt Nelson, who choose to modify their first hunt, to incorporate some of the skills they already had, that there are many ways to get a king, as long as you never tell him you are a human. Matt was 'hunted' by the king of the herd, and to my knowledge he is the first person on earth to use my system in a modified manner, and was still able to harvest the king of the herd. Matt's testimonial is on its way! Check back to see it here.

If you harvested a mature buck while using my tactics I want to hear from you. I cannot share your story if you do not come forward and tell it to me.