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Sunday, July 7, 2013

What to expect if you hunt with D.I.E.!

DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING is a Trophy Buck Hunting System, (when used 100% as directed) it calls out the Most Dominant Buck in any herd, it also attracts Challenging Intruder Bucks, Un-Ranked Monster-Racked Bucks and Swamp Bucks. Does in heat or in estrus will come to a D.I.E. Scrape too, but not fawns of either sex or yearling bucks, and certainly not the pecking order of the king of the herd. They are banned from ever approaching a D.I.E. Scrape.

The king of the herd and his competitors compete to dominate the D.I.E. Scrape which you have set up within 35 yards of your tree stand before the hunt. Only one mature buck will approach within 35 yards of you at a time. The king of the herd will come in during daylight, in any four consecutive day period of the rut, as long as you are invisible to deer, and you are in your stand waiting for him. 

When the a mature buck comes within 35 yards of you on a D.I.E. hunt you have indeed succeeded and the system performed 100% for you. If you are sure that he is not the king of the herd, you can pass him up and wait for the king. In my book I teach you how to know the king by his behavior. Many first time D.I.E. Hunters shoot the first buck that comes in close, and many times he is a challenging intruder or an unranked monster buck. Either way, the hunter is the hunted and the hunt is complete. 

My system makes big bucks fight over the right to come to you. They are not informing each other that a human is in their world. Traditional Deer Hunters are blown away when they trust my teachings and use D.I.E. as directed. They call me and tell me "Your D.I.E. System works!" I know it does, and I can tell in their voice that they were skeptics when they hunted with it, because they found it hard to believe that a deer hunter could see a miracle on every hunt, but with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING (my hunting tactics) you can. Thanks be to God!

I teach you to become an invisible pair of breeding deer. The king hunts you believing you are both the buck and the doe, while his competition seek out just the (invisible) doe to mate with. Every buck that comes in is either the king of the herd or he is willing to fight the king of the herd for the right to mate with the invisible doe. You are the invisible doe and you are also an invisible ex-dominant monster-racked buck, that the real bucks and does cannot find. For those reasons I want to be in a tree stand and not hunting on the ground, so the monster - racked buck can never reach his goals. 

Always be safe when hunting with D.I.E.! 

Remember you are 'the hunted', and every mature buck that comes within 35 yards of you is not just passing through. He is on a mission to meet the doe (to breed) while avoiding a confrontation with the invisible monster buck if at all possible. You have to use D.I.E. as directed in order to meet the king. If you mess up, or intentionally modify the D.I.E. System then the king will not approach your stand in daylight.

 Challenging intruder bucks, some with huge racks of antlers will still fight for the right to come in, but they only fight each other, because the king warns his herd that a human is present. The dominant buck and his pecking order bucks will stay away from all humans.

Read my D.I.E. book, attend a D.I.E. seminar, or hire me for a private lesson, so you know what to expect. 

 To this day, every person who used my D.I.E. System 100% as directed, has been within 35 yards of a mature buck while using my tactics and hunting within 35 yards of a D.I.E. Scrape. Some hunters modified the system, sometimes that meant not using the scrape itself. Only some of them succeeded. I am hearing from them, and I am posting their testimonials on my web page. 

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