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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 4 of my 2013 WI Bow Hunt

I have to quit trying to make it happen, and just let it happen. The D.I.E. System does the work for a human, and there is no human in a D.I.E. hunt.

Day 4 turned out to be a bust for me, because I left early on Day 3 to avoid shooting the buck in the rain, and having a chance of losing his blood trail. I do not like taking chances and shooting a buck on a foggy and rainy afternoon is pretty chancy if you are alone, like I was.

When I walked out on Day 3 the king was there and I disrupted his normal behavior by advancing too far downwind of my D.I.E. Scrape. I did not intend to boost the buck from his sanctuary as I actually did by accident that day.

In hindsight I know now that the king knew I was not a deer, because no deer would have pushed through brush from upwind of his position and head straight towards his body as he staged downwind of his primary breeding scrape. My D.I.E. Scrape had become his core breeding scrape. He placed his front hoof print in each of the 3 scrapes that existed there (by the end of my D.I.E. Hunt) and he did so on a daily basis. All the bucks in the area, and does stayed away from the D.I.E. Scrape except a yearling buck that is young and dumb.

I hunted on Day 4 for 7 hours, and I had a conversation with three bucks that surrounded my scrape, before I realized I had been busted and at least the king was aware that there was a threat in his midst. He circled the Set-Up at a distance of 70-100 yards and when he came upon my drag-line scent, he locked up on it, and made his presence known to every deer in the area by raking his antlers on brush that was chest high on the buck. He wanted to call attention to himself, and to tell his herd that he is their commander, that he was downwind of the scrapes and that no deer can get to the scrapes without first encountering him and earning the right to breed there, by beating him in a fight.

I know now that quitting early on Day 3 cost me a successful kill. I can live with that. I will hunt the buck again in a week or two and I will improve my location and not call to him at all. That will force him to look for me in the new area, rather than telling him I am there, and allowing him to circle me to keep me inside the 35 yard bubble that exists around every D.I.E. Hunter's tree stand when we are in it.

Thanks for following my first hunt this year. The next one will turn out to be another learning experience, but as I have become accustomed to know, the king will be convinced that a doe is there to breed, and if I do not make any mistakes, then he will never feel threatened, and he will advance to find his next mate, the way he does in the wild when a doe in heat goes into estrus and visits one of his scrapes.

The D.I.E. System kept the king bedded within 35 yards of me for 3 days, and the buck actually approached my stand and urinated within 22 yards of the D.I.E. Scrape, that being 6 yards behind my right shoulder. If you have read my book, you well know I build the cover up behind my right shoulder so no deer can see me or catch a glimpse of my shadow in the morning. I do not care if some readers do not believe in what I write. I only speak the truth, through my spoken words and the ones I write whether they are in print or on a computer screen. The truth is all I know.

God Bless You,

Bob J. Mercier

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 3 of my 2013 WI Bow Hunt with D.I.E. (Details)

Day 3 of my 2013 D.I.E. hunt resulted in some discoveries. When I came in, I walked like a deer through the dominant buck's core bedding area. It is the place he beds when the wind is from the WNW. He wasn't there of course, because he was NNE of my D.I.E. Scrape protecting his interests in breeding the two does I represent when I am in the tree stand. 

My stand faces SSW in hopes for a NW wind which I have yet to see. It was my fault that I set up expecting the NW wind at this time of year, and not checking the 3 day forecast as I direct my clients to do. I will not make that mistake again. Each day the Dominant Buck has visited my D.I.E. Scrape in the dark and has bedded within 45 yards of it (straight downwind for Day 2 and Day 3). He is in command of my D.I.E. Scrape(s) and he has made a third scrape of his own on the South Side of the two I have made before, and during this 4 day hunt. 

When I walked in yesterday I did not drag any deer scent, I only dumped a bit of urine out in a few of his staging areas on the way to my stand. I knew the buck would be hundreds of yards away in the opposite direction, and it being daylight had me feeling safe to do so.

Come sun up the Dominance buck walked from his bed to the direct downwind position 30 yards behind me. I could hear his abrupt steps as he announced to his herd that he is there king and that he is in charge of these scrapes. It rained all day with only two breaks for about 2 hours each, one at 11 am to 1 pm and one at 2 pm to 4 pm. During the first break, a spike buck walked into my primary scrape, stopping just shy of the dirt, looking over the dominant buck's rub and then sniffing one of the scent canisters I had placed there. He then came to my second scrape which is 5 yards from me on my left side and sniffed the doe estrus urine I have in that one. He moved off and never saw the invisible D.I.E. Hunter. He was flipping his tail, which told me there were other deer in front of him and behind him in view of his tail, that I could not see, but he could. The king was in front of him and other does, fawns, and yearling bucks were behind him. 

During the second break, the king made his second approach to my scrape. He held up 6 yards behind me and took a pee. I have never had a buck pee within a few yards of me before. He turned his body 180 degrees around as he urinated on the ground 22 yards downwind of my scrape. I did not look at him, because I cannot see a reason to bust myself. I cannot shoot behind me, and he did not know I was a human, so what do I have to gain by turning around, other than proving which buck or doe was there? I do not feel I need to prove anything to anyone, so I stayed invisible and let the buck do as he may.

Today is Day 4, and the wind is from the ESE at 5 mph at 6 am, at 7 am it will be from the South, and at 10 am it will be from the SSW. The best news I have is that the wind will be from the WSW at 10 mph when the afternoon finally gets here, and then the king of the herd will be right where I want him (where I will be dragging my doe scent in this morning). I hope to see him approach the scrape today and give me a shot opportunity, but I have to wait to see. I pushed a big deer out of the area 80 yards downwind of my scrape yesterday (Day 3) when I left. I did not see a rack, but the deer was 50 yards away standing broadside and was well over 200 pounds. I expect it was a buck scent checking the area. 

The good news is the king is hunting me. There is no bad news. The D.I.E. System worked on Day 2 when the Dominant Buck approached behind the hill to the WNW and rubbed trees within 35 yards of me, he again entered the 35 yard bubble around my tree stand yesterday (Day 3) while I was in the stand, the only thing is he is on my backside due to the ESE winds we have had for 3 days. Today the wind will change as I am in my stand, and while I have his complete attention, I am going to keep on hunting him (invisibly of course). I have a fifth day off, so I may use it, if need be. This boss buck is worth the extra effort. He owns the land I walk on, and I do not want to be the first one to back down. He will continue to come to me, as long as I persist and as long as I continue to be two deer which he has never met face-to-face, but he believes are real. 

God Bless. 

Bob J. Mercier

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 2 was a success. I am role-playing with the king!

Yesterday was Day 2 of my 2013 WI Bow Hunt with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING. I went in to my stand on the scheduled time, and when I got there I realized that the king of the herd had visited my D.I.E. Scrape for a second time (overnight). This time he rubbed the tree behind my scrape. He claimed ownership of all the land between the scrape and the deer trails I had walked in on for the past two days. He is upset that an intruder buck is in his midst (me), and he is anxious to meet this doe in estrus, that has been eluding him for a day and a half (also me).

I went to my stand via deer trails that the king owned. His shredded rubs tell me he owns this entire woods, and that I am trespassing when I am there. I thought it would make sense then to tell him the intruder buck doesn't care if he is trespassing, so I left buck sign near some of his territorial rubs that I passed by on the way to my stand. 

I made a 2nd D.I.E. Scrape when I arrived there as planned, but I did not place any decoy. Instead I did a bit of calling during the day. Doe bleats, and buck tending grunts. At 1 pm I saw two does off to my right. One was pretty big (estimated 160 pounds) and the other was a yearling (estimated 130 pounds). They were waking up from their bedded positions, and moving inside their core doe bedding area which I am hunting inside the fringe of. 

I am aware now that the king of the herd has a tight grip on his pecking order bucks. The king must have a massive rack, because no lesser ranked bucks and no challenging intruders have made a charge for the D.I.E. Scrape as of yet, while I was there. At 3 pm I saw a pecking order buck chasing 3 does. He was trotting and went into a gallop as the deer ran up a small slope to gain a view of the upcoming area. He was either an 8 or 10 pointer with a 16" wide spread and a very symmetrical rack. Probably a 3 year old but maybe 4 year of age. He would have scored about 130 or 140 at the most. His tines were high off the top of his head. The rut is on folks!

Just as the buck and 3 does took flight into a gallop, I heard the Dominant buck let out a set of tending grunts off to my right. He was straight downwind of me about 70 yards, and moving at a 45 degree angle towards his territorial rubs that I had walked past earlier that morning. When he got to them he laid into them with his main beams. I could hear him rubbing trees in a smooth manner, and also making shredded rubs. The king was telling the doe and the buck that he believes are real, (but which are only a mind game in my and his head) that he is there, he is downwind of them, and he knows by smell and sound that they are there to meet him. 

Dominant bucks never start fights with other bucks, they only defend their right to be king, by showing up to every challenge they are offered (that they believe to be real). The existence of a DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING D.I.E. Scrape inside his territory is a territorial challenge, and the existence of a doe in heat or estrus coming to the king to breed, but not visually there for him to find, makes him into the protector of his herd territory, and a very aggressive breeder who is growing ever impatient to meet his next mate, who obviously cannot hear his calls to her, or see his rubs, and know where the king is bedded so they can meet. I tell the king of the herd, through my actions that I am a deaf and dumb doe, but I have the sweetest perfume, and I keep coming to see him on a daily basis because I want to breed with him. After all he is the best buck in the land, and he has the right to breed any doe that is 'hot' and inside his herd boundary. I am that doe, but instead of answering his tending grunts by standing up and going to him to breed, I stay quiet, and make him think about me some more. He has to believe I cannot hear his grunts, and that I cannot read his buck rubs, both shredded and smooth, in order for him to hunt me down for his next mate.

I have achieved that in the past two days of sitting in my stand, after role-playing with the king by walking like a deer, and using his herd's trails to get where I am going whenever the wind told me I could, without breaking any deer rules. He is on a mission to meet me and yesterday was the day he planned to do it. I threw him for a loop when I left 30 minutes early to play hard to get. Today he will be bedded within 50 yards of my stand when I arrive, and I expect him to show up in the first few minutes or hours, and he will be posturing all the way in. I have seen this behavior over a dozen times before on my past D.I.E. hunts, and their is no mistaking the approach the king of the herd makes to a D.I.E. Scrape. 

The wind was from the ENE on Day 1, and Day 2 it started out from the ENE, and ended up from the SE. We had a bit of snow between 1 and 3 pm, when I saw the pecking order buck and the does moving. I am convinced they were in the #2 doe bedding area before the snow came and they entered the #1 bedding area on the NW side while I was there, because the wind told them to move to the furthest downwind bedding area before the storm. If you want to know more, I invite you to read my book, DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! Copyright 2011. I sell them at www.dominanceiseverything.com 

Today is Day 3 and a D.I.E. Hunt only lasts up to 4 days. It ends when you meet the king of the herd inside 35 yards, or when 4 days pass, whichever comes first. I find that monster bucks are the smartest of all the kings a D.I.E. Hunter can meet, and having a monster racked king hunt me, is a heart racing experience. I pray that God keeps my heart beating when the monster buck shares space with me. That incident has been planned on both his and my calendar now for two days. It will either happen today or tomorrow. My odds are going up as the days and hours in the tree stand pass me by. I have never failed to see a mature buck within 35 yards or less of my tree stand while using my D.I.E. System, and I do not expect to start. God brings the king to me, and my actions in the deer woods, pretending I am a pair of breeding deer, that no real deer can locate, and that the king has to search for in order to meet them, must have something to do with the success I have had hunting this way. 

Up until now I know I am not busted. The king is aware of me as a buck and he has taken the D.I.E. Scrape over. He owns it now. The herd bucks are kept at bay, because the king will not allow any pecking order bucks within 35 yards of his core #1 breeding scrape. He will circle it and he has circled it while I am in the stand, and he will guard it with his life. He wants to see a doe in estrus so today I will show up on time, and expect he will be there waiting for me. Bedded down with his back towards my stand, hoping the doe shows up without her mate today. I will not play two deer today, only one. That way he will feel at ease and make his approach, if all goes the way I want it to. I have faith in D.I.E. and no regrets.

I will post today's activities when I have time tonight or tomorrow. Check in to see what happens as the Deer Whisperer is hunted by a Wisconsin Monster Buck in 2013!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 1 of my 2013 WI Bow Hunt is behind me

I have a One-On-One meeting with the king of the herd today. Yesterday was Day 1 of my 2013 Wisconsin Bow Hunt. I got in my stand at 8:48 am and saw a bruiser buck walk away from my D.I.E. Scrape at a distance of 65 yards. I could only see one half of his rack and the length of his main beam was over 20 inches with 2-3" mass. I know I wasn't busted, even though I was 45 minutes late getting there. Darn alarm clock was set for 4:30 pm instead of 4:30 am. 

The day was quiet at the D.I.E. Scrape until 4:40 pm when the king rose from his bed, 45 yards downwind of me and let out a double grunt. He was calling his doe in estrus to him, asking her to go to him, rather than making him come to me. I am his doe in estrus, so of course I played hard to get, and hard of hearing at the same time. 

He waited 4 minutes and galloped 3 jumps away from his bed in a Southerly direction, and then back Northerly again, as if to tell the 'hard of hearing doe in estrus' that he WAS RIGHT OVER HERE!

Again I stayed silent, and then I let out a doe in estrus bleat with my mouth, and voice. He strutted his stuff a few yards in my direction, pushing brush and making his presence known, and then he locked up, and waited for sunset.

I climbed down out of my tree stand and left the area like a buck that was surrendering his mate to the king.

Today is Day 2, and I have a monster buck waiting for me at my D.I.E. Scrape and stand. I am invisible to deer, and I am going to enter the area in broad daylight at 8 am this morning with a mission to meet the king of the herd. The catch is I am bringing another doe in estrus along today, and I am placing a doe decoy within 5 yards of my tree stand, and ten yards upwind of my D.I.E. Scrape. When he gets a look at the D.I.E. Scrape, after I stop my ground motion, and am safely into the tree stand, that king and his competitors are in for an exciting day. I will rattle and grunt to behave as two contenders who are closer to his mate than he is. That will bring him in. In case I get busted or miss the shot I have a secondary location picked out to retreat to, and in that case Day 3 will be needed, but as of right now, I think today is the day that I will meet the king at less than 30 yards and my arrow should fly true to his vitals.

Wish me a safe hunt. I do not need any luck, because I have faith in my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Trophy Buck Hunting System, and I always use it as I direct you to use it. I have no regrets!

I will post the day's results when I get home tonight, along with photos of the king or the buck that I shoot if he is not the king.

God bless you all.