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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

D.I.E. books are available at Amazon.com

Good News Everyone!

Now you can now shop on Amazon.com and buy a D.I.E. Book or get one on the only other website in the world to carry them. That would be: www.DominanceIsEverything.com

I looked at putting my books in stores and I have decided not to do so. I will be self-publishing all of my future books. I will distribute them personally, and I will be the only resource for D.I.E. Hunters or deer lovers to be able to purchase DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Trademarked merchandise.

As you know, I started my own business that is all about using my own self-taught tactics that I personally developed to make deer hunting more fun, easier than traditional deer hunting, and less time and money consuming. In an effort to keep my namesake and the name of my ingenious D.I.E. Hunting System all to myself and to the users of my D.I.E. System hunting tactics, I will not be selling my items at any other place in the future.

My deer hunting books will sell online at both my website and at Amazon.com, and all other merchandise will sell through me, at stores, that are online based, mail order based, or brick and mortar based.

Please check back often right here for all future announcements from Bob J. Mercier
Thank You.

Bob J. Mercier