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Monday, November 24, 2014

D.I.E. HUNTERS are harvesting some nice bucks this season

I have been getting dozens of texts with photos of downed D.I.E. BUCKS from new customers and veteran D.I.E. HUNTERS alike.

In order for me to make them public, I need your permission and it has to be in writing. So please email your permission to publish your photo and testimonial on the internet, and for use as advertising as I see fit, and I will gladly post your D.I.E. BUCK PHOTOS and your written testimonials on my web page and my blog.

Click here to write a testimonial for my book, my seminars, or a private lesson that you and I were on. If you do not have my book, but you learned my tactics through reading articles and adapting to my ways the best you can (like one new customer did) you can submit your testimonial too, but in order for me to print it, and brag about you, you must be a customer. So buy my book and you will be a D.I.E. HUNTER.

Send photos with your name, address, phone number and email address if you have one to me at mydiehuntresults@gmail.com

A phone call is appreciated. Thanks

I appreciate hearing from everyone. Life is good for us isn't it!

Bob J. Mercier

My 2nd Day of being hunted was interesting, but it was ended short - due to ...

On my second day of the 2014 WI Gun Deer Season, I arrived to my ground blind, and there I found the fresh tracks of the king of the herd and his three pecking order bucks. In this herd there are four bucks older than 2 years old that hold rank in the pecking order. Only the king walked in my boot prints (made the day before). The other bucks just came along to see the tracks of the human who walked into their sacred territory near the breeding scrapes of a challenging intruder bucks that had two hot does with him. 

That is the story my D.I.E. Scrapes, scents, tracks, and location choice for the set-up told the deer. It was the scent of my D.I.E. Scrapes that called them in. The king had gone to the scrape nearest to me, pawed it up and urinated in it. I could see the evidence, and I was pleased to know he was not afraid of my blind. He stood trotted by it 1 yard away and walked to the scrape (10 yards away) and stood still to urinate in the dirt, to dominate the scrape and to own it. That means he will be the first mature buck back to it, after a rain. It is the job of the pecking order (including the king) to breed all hot does inside their territory boundaries, and to maintain the pecking order (order in which they breed), by rooting out all challenging intruder bucks, and forcing them to head to the nearest standing water source(s).

Rain was in the forecast, but it never came. All we had was heavy fog, another hunter's advantage. Heavy fog occurs when the air is warmer than the ground, and stays as long as ice is melting, (in this case it was 8 inches of snow). The king and I had a plan to meet when he returned to his core breeding scrape, which I constructed 4 days earlier in a place I knew he would feel comfortable breeding in daylight. I used my own tactics to fool the king of the herd. My tactics have never failed anyone who uses them as directed. I learned what I teach from observing dominant bucks and the deer that live with him as well as deer that are just passing through.

Anyway, I got there just after 7 am as planned, and his tracks were less than 15 minutes old.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The first day of 2014 WI Gun Deer Season for Bob J. Mercier

I shared space with the king of the herd yesterday, as I walked across the #3 core doe bedding area from one stand to the next. He stayed bedded just outside of it, and he was facing me the whole time. I got within 30 yards of his body, (without ever seeing him) and without him ever laying eyes on a human. He let me come towards him because he was believing I was a doe in estrus. When I climbed up my tree stand that sits only 5 feet off the ground, he stayed bedded and quiet obviously looking for the doe but only seeing the snow kick up from under my feet. I wore snow camo bibs and a blaze orange camo parka, hat, gloves, and a full face mask. Armed with a 7mm magnum, and using enhanced hearing devices, I did not hear any live animals or see anything while walking the 80 paces. I could hear a pin drop at 40 yards I am sure. His tracks are big and I came upon them 20 yards from the low sitting stand. He had walked to within 2 feet of the stand earlier yesterday morning. Maybe he was "HUNTING ME" and maybe he was putting down a scent trail around my D.I.E. Scrape, telling all intruder bucks to stay away fromt the area. Kings do that!

After getting in my stand I made three challenging grunts and he got up and bolted to the South 3 jumps and stopped. He surprised me. I thought he would be bedded 100 more yards to the Northwest, but recent logging had removed his daytime shade offering canopy, so he had moved South into the nearest conifers for privacy. He stiff legged back and forth behind me for nearly an hour and he bedded down again just out of sight in the shade, upwind of me, not knowing who I am but surely believing I am a monster buck which has challenged his dominance on the edge of his territory.

He is a massive buck, but I have not seen his rack clearly in the past 4 years. I know deer habits, and more so than that I know dominant buck behavior. It is 43 degrees this morning where I am hunting and heavy fog with 0 visibility. He will move today, and the good news for me is it is going to rain all day. I am hunting from two stands this year. One is a ground blind. I have it set inside the 35 yard bubble around my D.I.E. Scrape. The king's track was in the scrape yesterday. He put it there one or two days before. With the rain, he will have to come to the scrapes when other deer do, so he can re-freshen them and put his scent in them. I forgot to mention that I modified my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING System on this hunt, by role-playing and doing what I feel I must do to get this king to walk out in the open for me in less than 3 daylight periods. Today is Day 2 and I am going in again. I will sit in the ground blind, facing North, in a South wind, and he will come from South if he makes his appearance in daylight.

I am going to stay quiet and wait today. He will have to go to the scrapes, all I can do is hope the does come home today, and their movement near the D.I.E. Scrape will attract other bruiser bucks from other herds, and he will have to move closer to me in order to own this one piece of his own territory while I am there. He is not afraid of the man in me. He does not know I am a man, otherwise he would not have come back and stiff legged to show his dominance to me. He wants every deer to check in. I am not doing so, so he must come to me if he wants to be king of his herd today.

If he doesn't come in view today. I will track him for a few hours tomorrow. I can only hunt 3.5 days, but the odds of us meeting are still 100% at less than 35 yards in daylight, until I quit.

God Bless everyone who hunts with my tactics. The kings of herds are hunting us! As challenging intruder bucks and does in estrus, not as men. Use as directed or modify your hunt, but whatever you choose, have no regrets!

Bob J. Mercier

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Newest D.I.E. HUNTER to fill his tag in WI sends testimonial

On Saturday October 4 2014,

One of my customers named Scott Rankin texted me a photo of an 8 point buck he shot while implementing some of the methods I trained him to use, this summer, while we scouted his hunting land together in Central Wisconsin. Scott, wanted a mature buck and he did not want to have to hunt for 4 days. I aim to please, so I taught him optional set ups, that would allow him to be encountered by kings and their pecking order bucks, as well as challenging intruder bucks, in less than a 2 or 3 day period whether the rut was on or not.

Scott is as dedicated as a deer hunter as any person can get, and he assured me that he would use some of the optional methods I had taught him, if and when he was able to hunt in the early bow season prior to October 12 (the date I have taught all D.I.E. HUNTERS to know that the rut is on in Wisconsin).

Scott texted me. "He is not the king but I could not pass him up." Less than 6 hours of hunting on Day 1 and he shot a mature 8-pointer at 50 yards. I am proud of him, for harvesting a dandy buck on Day 1 of his first modified D.I.E. HUNT.

Here is his testimonial and a photo of the buck taken on October 4 2014 by Scott Rankin. Congratulations Scott!

"On Saturday Oct 4, 2014 I used all the skills I have learned from my Dominance is Everything book and killed this beauty 16 1/2 inch 8 pointer. I shot this deer with my bow at 50 yards.  Went to the stand in the morning using traditional methods and did not see a thing.  In the afternoon I walked to the stand using Bob's techniques(Walking like a deer, and using scent on a drag line the way Bob showed me) and at 6:08 p.m. I landed my trophy for the year.  Can't wait for gun season!  I am going to use the same techniques I have learned from Bob."


Thanks Bob.

Scott Rankin
Waushara county - Wildrose - WI

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Whitetail Bucks are on the move

In the past week (August 26 to September 3), I have seen many whitetail bucks on the move. They are anxious to move to their new home, where they will be staying for the next six and half months. They are moving South West of the place they were bedding all summer.

How far Southwest? That depends on the terrain and available shaded vegetation in the area that their king calls home. Every buck chooses to live in the territory of one king of a herd. They do not all show allegiance to the king, but they all live inside one territory. I have taught this fact, and over 400 other previously unknown facts about deer to those who read my books, attend my seminars, or hire me to train them on their own land, or public land across the country.

I am an expert at deer behavior. More importantly... there is no one else anywhere in the world who can teach others to see the "Deer World". I am a man, with a gift from God. I am sharing my gift, for that very reason, and I welcome you to see the Deer World by purchasing a copy of my first book titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! Copyright 2011 written, published, and distributed by Bob J. Mercier owner of MINDFUL OF NATURE LLC.

Click Here to Order the best book about deer and deer hunting that you have ever read. Everyone who reads it, has become a better hunter because they adapt to using my methods, so they can share space with wild deer, on a daily basis. Those who share a passion to walk among kings, tell me that reading my book has allowed them to get within 35 yards of any deer in daylight, just as I stated it would.

This is a factual book, that no person can critique because I discovered these facts, and no other person in history is an expert at these behaviors. If you want training to walk among kings, or to finding the best places to see monster bucks on your land, while using a D.I.E. Scrape in the rut, or while standing still and encountering a buck searching for you, then call me today.

Those are some of my skills that I am willing to share with others. Thanks be to God.

Bob J. Mercier (262) 719-2743

Living in Eau Claire WI

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A D.I.E. Book is Great Gift for any Serious Deer Hunter

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I want you to be a D.I.E. HUNTER

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Libraries across America are stocking my book now. Order Today while D.I.E. Books are in Stock!

Attention Library Staff Members and People who go to libraries to read,

Librarians who wish to order copies of DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! copyright 2011 written, published, and distributed by Bob J. Mercier are now welcome to place an order. Up until July 9th 2014 that option was not available. I kept the book out of libraries. Now that over 2500 people own a copy and I have heard back from over 500 people who have hunted successfully with my tactics, I know it is time for it to be put on the shelves of libraries across the country.

As of today July 10 2014, I am on a mission to offer my book to everyone who wants to learn what deer think.

The decision to sell to libraries has been well received.

Librarians across the country are now ordering copies of my book.


Now anyone can read my book and you do not have to own a copy to do so. Just call your local library and ask them to purchase a copy for their location. They can contact me and I will send a book to them promptly. You then can check it out, and learn without spending any money, until you make the decision to hunt with my tactics or not. I hope you take advantage of the rights you now have to read my book for free. Nothing beats owning a copy though.

All you need to do is call them and request my book, and then give them my website address www.DominanceIsEverything.com  or my phone number (262) 719-2743 or even my email bob@dominanceiseverything.com  who do not want to buy it before you review a copy. Call your local library and ask them if they have a copy of my book. If not ask them to purchase one or more so you and your friends can read it and learn more about deer behavior and hunting big bucks than you ever imagined. 

Read the Testimonials from people who have read my book, some who I have trained on their hunting land, and others who I have never met. These people are my friends. They are D.I.E. HUNTERS, and they are proud to tell you that what I have to say about deer is TRUE FACT. You can learn from me if you are willing to listen, or able to read. I am trying to reach every deer hunter on earth. I am managing to do so at a very slow pace right now, but I will not give up. It is not the money that I get for my book that drives me to share my knowledge of deer behavior with you. It is the passion I have to help every single person who hunts deer, to see the way the deer live, and the way I have hunted for 16 years with my own tactics, and have yet to fail to meet the king of the herd within 35 yards of me no matter what deer season I am hunting during.

Just so you are aware, I want to mention how book orders are normally placed and how we handle the order to get the book(s) to our customers as soon as possible.

I personally package and ship, each book, as well as make the sale, and process the paperwork (invoices and paid receipts). Please contact me directly by phone or email to order copies of my first book titled: DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck!

Preview the book online by clicking on the following two links:

Read the Preface by clicking here you can also order directly from the page, and see the ISBN information as well as credit page of the book
Preview the Table of Contents

Books sell for $49.99 per copy

Wisconsin customers must pay 5.5% WI sales tax unless you are tax exempt.

Friday, June 27, 2014

I attended "Deer School, and I wrote a book about it! Believers see trophy bucks on every hunt!

I studied at the school of: “The Great Outdoors”
Located on wild lands in the states of: WI, MO, MN, MI, AR & Canada
Field of Study: Whitetail Deer Behavior & How to be able to walk among them unnoticed, monster buck habits, and how to get close to them in daylight
What I achieved: Knowledge about deer behavior that no other human on earth posses. I can read all deer sign just as a deer does, I will tell you what it means to deer, and I will take you to them straight from the location of the sign.

Activities & Societies:
  • ·         Speaker at Sports Shows in U.S.A. Topics –DOMINANT BUCK HUNTING
  • ·         Teacher of the D.I.E. Trophy Buck Hunting System 1998-Now
  • ·         Teacher of how to read all buck rubs and find the most dominant buck in the herd
  • ·         Teacher of how to know where the boundaries of a deer herd are
  • ·         Teacher of how deer communicate, and how to make them hunt you
  • ·         Teacher of what deer can see, and how to be invisible to deer
  • ·         Teacher of how to read all types of deer sign
  • ·         Teacher of how to walk within 35 yards of deer in daylight.
  •            Wisconsin Trophy Buck Hunting Guide since 2013
  •         SCI International - Member

I have shared my tactics (DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System) with thousands of people since October 2010. In 1998, I invented this new method of getting close to deer (Monster Bucks and Dominant Bucks included). Since then I have sold over 2500 copies of my D.I.E. HUNTER’S handbook I titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING…To A Monster Whitetail Buck! ©2011

In an attempt to prove the discoveries I made are indeed facts, that no other person has ever discovered before me, I launched D.I.E. HUNTER TRAINING, teaching seminars across the country, and offering to personally take my customers into the territories of kings of deer herds, and teach them to see the “Deer World” from the perspective of deer. 

Most of my clients are do it yourselfers. They either own their own business or they are an influential person among their peers, including their own deer hunting party.
It takes a person who knows how to think outside the box, only a few minutes to see the reality that I have discovered about deer.

These people are willing to learn right from the get go, but once they learn it, they are not so willing to share their new knowledge with the rest of their hunting party, or with society as a whole. They believe in my tactics, from the start, and they feel as blessed as I do, to have such knowledge.

Having read my first book a person feels like they have a map to every deer herd, and they can go to the king or the pecking order bucks at anytime in daylight, and when they get there, the bucks will be there waiting, instead of fleeing the area. It feels that way (like a dream come true) only until you actually do it! Then it is reality for you. I believe I have discovered the most awesome facts about deer in human history. I wish to document the facts in a series of books for all to see, so my legacy will live forever, in the hearts and minds of people forever.

Most trophy buck hunters struggle to see the herd’s most dominant buck on every hunt. For a person using my tactics, it is quite the opposite. We expect to meet him, and we always will, unless another deer hunter interferes with us, or unless the person using it (not me) chooses to break one of the rules I set them to follow. Breaking the rules tells deer that you are a human, and no dominant buck will ever walk within 200 yards of a human if he knows you are a human.

On a hunt with my tactics, your behavior in the woods is what the biggest change is. It is not a silver bullet. It is you making a conscious decision not to tell any deer that you are a human, so they never know they are being hunted. Not only that, but you have to know what deer do so you can do what they expect you to do. Just going to your tree stand directly from your vehicle does not cut it.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Are you a D.I.E. Hunter? Do you own a copy of my book? Do you want others to know about it?

Loyal Customers,

Today I was contacted by three people who wanted me to train them in the wild on property that they have been hunting for many years. These three people are not one party, they are individuals who heard about me and my deer hunting tactics, from the comments one of their friends or family members was making about me and the way I teach others to understand the true meaning of all sign left by deer.

These people and over 1300 others are excited to go deer hunting for the first time in 2014 with the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Trophy Buck Hunting System.

I am as excited for them as they are, because I know they will encounter majestic bucks, and these men and women will be changed forever. Once you see the truth, there is no mistaking it.

It has been two years since I published a new print ad for the D.I.E. Book. I now have more than 3000 customers, who are helping me spread the word to other deer hunters that everyone should hunt with Bob J. Mercier's tactics, because they work. They bring monster racked bucks within 35 yards or less of you, on every hunt, because of the way you behave, and the way you do not ever inform the deer that they are being hunted, but not only that! It is because I am the only man on earth with the knowledge of what deer think, and I am teaching the facts about deer to society, one person at a time.

If you want to help promote the D.I.E. System, then here is how you can help!

Please copy and print this NEW ADVERTISEMENT, and pin it up in your supermarket, sporting goods store, gas station, community building, supper club, auto repair shop, barber shop, convenience store, or local tavern, so the deer hunters in your city or town will not be left out this fall, when D.I.E. System Users take to the woods, to be hunted by kings of deer herds, and their competitors.

If you do not own a copy of my D.I.E. Book, then review this ad, and contact me to ORDER ONE TODAY! There are over 400 pages, and it will take you 16-20 hours to read it. Some people read it multiple times to drill the data into their heads. So they tell me.

Below here is a .png file

I am attaching the ad in .png and .jpg formats to make it easier for you to download the file. Right-click on the ad, then left-click "save image as"

Below here is a .jpg file

Crossbow hunting for deer in Wisconsin is for everyone in 2014. It is about time!

I am anxious to shoot my new crossbow, and I am guessing that tens of thousands of other Wisconsinites are anxious to do the same. Thanks to one of my Private Lesson clients Troy Thielbar - Owner of Trophy Hunter's Supply in Seymour Wisconsin. I am now the proud owner of a 2014 Barnett Raptor Crossbow. (pictured here)

Up until now I have always shot deer with my first and only compound bow, a 1993 Browning X-CELL 2000. I get lots of comments from the bow hunters I have taught in seminars, that I am shooting 'old school'. They are certainly right there!

See my Browning X-Cell Photo Here-- I am on the right and Tom Earle is on the left.

I am not one to brag about my shooting skills in the past but I will be one to show you what I can do in the future. I found out last fall that my bow site was off and I was shooting 9 inches off to the right. That is the reason I missed the monster 10-pointer in 2009 at 8-feet. That is tough to admit but it is true. See this photo taken by Scott Anderson of that buck in August 2009 12 weeks before he hunted me. His mass was exceptional. He was the 5th biggest buck I had seen up to then while hunting with my own methods a.k.a. the D.I.E. System.

I aimed for his spine (standing right above him). I could have speared him from there. I could not believe my eyes when the arrow flew straight to his right shoulder blade, hit it and stuck in the ground. That buck didn't know what hit him, but he knew something did. He looked up and I stared at his back, not looking him in the eyes. Thirty seconds later he lowered his head and moved towards my D.I.E. Scrape which was 10 yards away. By the time I got a second arrow set, he was past the scrape and only offered me a shot at his hind flanks. I passed, and he walked away with a shoulder scar and no blood loss, so he would still be king the next day.

He retreated to the swamp on the neighboring parcel 100 yards to my SW and two and a half hours later a 17-point buck with non-typical antlers charged the spot that I call the 'landing'. A place that is 35 yards straight downwind of one of my D.I.E. System Scrapes. I invented the D.I.E. Scrape, as you know it makes the king of the herd come to you wherever you make it, and he will search for its maker for at least 4 consecutive days in the rut.

The 17-point buck pictured above was in a race with another monster buck (10 or 12 pointer, I caught a glimpse as he ran away) came out of the same swamp at a dead run (gallop). They both got to the 'landing' at the same time, and the took it upon themselves to fight with antlers tickling and heavy grunting... the 17-pointer won the battle and let out three long monster buck growls that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It sounded like a bear was growling. The other buck ran off, going in a semi-circle upwind of the D.I.E. Scrape never getting closer than 35 yards of it. He was yielding to the most dominant buck in the area at the time.

That 17-pointer then charged straight towards me (not knowing I was there of course). There was a major deer travel corridor between him and I and being that I was situated upwind of him he had to gallop to the trail. When deer run they do so directly into the 2-inch wind, unless their life is in danger. In that instance a deer will run in whatever direction the closest cover away from the threat is, regardless of the wind.

When the now dominant buck in the area (17-pointer) hit the one-way deer trail, he turned the only way he could... toward my D.I.E. Scrape, and I grunted at him with my voice. One long tending grunt and he stopped in his tracks. I held my aim on his ribs behind his right shoulder and let the arrow fly. Even though I was shaking and the sight on my bow was hitting 9-inches off center I still made a killing shot through the liver and out the back of his left lung. He went 80 yards and fell down dead. I recovered him in a lowland in 4 inches of standing water. His rack scored 172 4/8" non typical, with 17 legal points and a 19.5" inside spread. He was aged at 5 1/2 years. I am thrilled to have recovered him and I am very proud of that hunt.

That 17-point buck has become the buck on the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING logo which is a registered trademark of the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Deer Hunting System. (See photo below) Tom Earle of Palmyra WI is the artist who drew the logo.

The buck that was the most dominant in the area at 7 am was the 10-pointer with a rack that many people estimated was 180" class. I am sure he commanded the herd. He had a typical 10-point rack, a huge body, and 15" G2s and G3s.

He may have been close to a state record with a bow, but I will never know. I was fortunate that my D.I.E. System does not fail to bring in the competitors of the kings of herds, after the king has come and gone, or before the king ever finds the D.I.E. Scrape. If you set it up correctly the king of the herd finds it within 72 hours of you constructing the D.I.E. Scrape. I have taught it that way for over 13 years to over 3000 people and to this day that and every other fact I state in my book, have been proven by those who use my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING System as directed.

One thing remains the same. I always set up my D.I.E. Scrape and Tree Stand with the same method, and I train others to do what I do. Kings of deer herds cannot stay away from a D.I.E. Scrape for more than 4 consecutive days during daylight or they are no longer king of the herd. You will meet the most dominant buck, and whether you feel hunted or not, when that mature (two year old or older) breeder buck walks within 35 yards of you while you are using my tactics including the D.I.E. Scrape or Not Including a D.I.E. Scrape, then you have succeeded at learning from me, that DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck!

Last year in 2013 I was hunting in Central Wisconsin with my bow and on the first day I encountered a 150" class 8-point buck at 15 yards. I passed on him because I wanted the king of the herd, and by observing his behavior while walking, and trotting I knew it was not the king. I was right! At ten o'clock on Day 2 of my hunt, I heard the king of the herd make his approach towards my stand location. He stiff-legged through 8 inches of oak leaves and ground clutter, making his foot steps resemble someone dragging their feet on a gravel road. That is typical behavior of the king of the herd when you challenge him to a fight within 35 yards of your tree stand, as all D.I.E. Hunters do when using my D.I.E. System as directed. The buck walked past me and then held up in cover 50 yards away. I waited until 2 pm and he never left the area. I believe he bedded down just out of sight of me. Later on I was interfered with by a trespasser and I yelled at him to get off the land. The problem was I forgot that the king was bedded me at that moment, and he got up and left. He went to the highest hilltop within view of my D.I.E. Scrape and grunted as he walked back and forth. When you tell the buck you are a human, in any way, (as I did in that case) he will retreat and hold in a patch of cover that protects him from the human, yet allows him to still dominate his entire herd. His grunting was informing the deer, in the area that I (a human threat) was near one of their main trails to their evening food source and that any deer that heard him should quickly get to a gallop and gather in a group on the hill he was on, if they wanted to be safe. That is what all the deer did. They went to their king and held there as one group until sunset, then they made their way through the hardwood forest to their congregation zone. A nearby pasture and overgrown corn field.

I injured my left elbow while placing my tree stand on that hunt, last October, and since then I was told I have tennis elbow. I wondered if I would be able to pull my bow back and hold it (set at 62 pounds with 35% let off) long enough for a shot on my hunts later on in the fall. I found out that my arm hurt so much I had to keep my left elbow straight before attempting to draw my bow, and under those circumstances it was hard to hold it without constant pain. I wished that crossbows were legal for everyone but at that time they were only allowed to be used by someone who was incapable of using a compound bow, or was over the age of 65 years.

Later on, in November 2013 I heard on the radio that WI DNR had passed a ruling allowing anyone who can obtain an archery deer license to use a crossbow or a bow. Now it would be a choice for everyone to make. Those like me who are for this change, are glad to finally see that deer hunters should all be able to hunt with the same choice of weapons (based on hunter safety) not based on who you are.

You know as well as I do that times are changing. Lots of people used to believe that compound bow users were not as skilled as recurve bow users, and that using crossbows, or state of the art equipment was cheating. Not so. Today, things are different, we look at those things as options, not ways to cheat. Anyone who is law abiding can buy a deer hunting license in Wisconsin, as long as they pass a Hunter's Safety Exam and take the classes of course. Back in the day, before I became a hunter (not to long before 1979) people did not need a Hunter Safety Certificate of Completion. Why? I do not know. Maybe there were not any classes offered, or maybe so many people were responsible gun owners that they did not think it was necessary back then. Anyway times changed and the DNR implemented Game Laws for us to follow.

As a law abiding gun owner, and 1979 Hunter Safety Certificate holder, (Photo above - is my official patch) I for one, am glad there are laws governing the legal harvest of wild game, but that does not mean that I agree with all the laws. The way I see it, if you can live by the rules in the state(s) that you are licensed to hunt, then you will have many more years to enjoy the sport you love the most... deer hunting, and if the law saws you can choose to use a crossbow to harvest a deer, then by golly I am going to exercise my right to do so, and I am not going to put if off for 21 years like I did when it came to upgrading my compound bow. In my case, still having a sore elbow, using new equipment is the best way for me to be successful as an archer, whether I hunt with a crossbow or a compound bow, it is my choice to make.

I do not compare myself to others with regards to who is a better hunter. My reputation speaks for itself. You may have more bucks, but I have no more about deer than you do. I want to hit what I aim at, so this year I will use new equipment or I will be sure it is shooting straight before heading afield.

I hope you will use DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING on your next hunt, because it is now a choice for you to make. Having an extensive knowledge of how deer behave, what it means, and knowing what to expect from deer when you do a certain behavior, and learn to leave deer sign instead of human sign, is a skill. It is not cheating. Why wait to get the latest information. It is available to you now. Those who wait to purchase my book(s) will be left in the dark ages while hundreds of thousands  of deer hunters across the country move forward using my tactics and they will see instant results, just as the first 3000 American D.I.E. HUNTERS have seen. Gun, bow, crossbow, or muzzle loader does not matter to the deer. Just make a good shot and hunt according to the laws in your state and we will set a new standard (you and I) that all the future deer hunters in America can be taught right from the start. Success is imminent for the users of the D.I.E. Scrape as long as they never tell any deer that a human was there and that the human is coming back.

You can depend on my teachings being FACTS that I can prove and you can see for yourself on every hunt for the rest of your life. The D.I.E. System is not the only way to hunt deer. It is another way, and for those who do not like traditional methods or playing the waiting game, hoping to see a monster buck, DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING is the system that is right for you.

I will continue to write books, put on indoor and outdoor seminars, provide private lessons to people who want to learn. I will provide guided set-ups, land analysis (showing you the borders between kings of different herds).  I am offering to Guide you in the field with my tactics. I am living my dream, of teaching others to hunt as I do, and I am changing the outcome of their future hunting trips one hunter at a time.

Help me spread the word. If you read my book and you love it, then tell a friend where to get it. If you are a store owner and you would like to sell my books then please contact me immediately.

Click here to order a  book copy today, and get it within 5 business days.

What will you choose to go afield with on your first hunt this fall?

Your comments are welcome here.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Buy my book, do everything I say you should do, nothing more, and nothing less, and expect to be hunted by kings!

For the price of a "HOW TO BOOK" you can be hunted by kings! Every time you hunt deer for the rest of your life! Here are the statistics of some of the people who bought my book and hunted with the D.I.E. System without ever picking up the phone to call, or hiring me to personally train them. You can do it, if you are willing to do what I do, without asking why. The why is in the book, so is the how, the when, and the where. All you need to do is believe in it, and go for it.

Some people get it right the first time just by reading and comprehending Bob's first book titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! © 2011. They call and tell Bob of their amazing first time experience with the KING OF THE HERD HUNTING THEM, ON LAND THEY CHOSE, WHEN THEY FOLLOWED BOB J. MERCIER'S RULES TO SETTING UP AND HUNTING WITH HIS D.I.E. SYSTEM.

Here are some photos of people who never came to seminar but who did what Bob advised them to do (in the pages of his book) These men saw and harvested the best buck of their hunting life on their very first hunt using Bob J. Mercier's DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System. You can too.
Tom Gustafson - IL shot this 13-point buck, older than 3 years of age, less than 35 yards with his bow, on Day 1 of his 2nd  hunt with my D.I.E. System in 2012. He is the 16th man in the world to harvest a D.I.E. BUCK. Tom had a monster 160" class buck approach him on his first D.I.E. Hunt, but he didn't get that buck. He set it up again as directed and this buck came in on the first morning of his next hunt.

Tim Hartley - WI shot this 12-point buck, older than 5 years of age, at 25 yards with his bow, on Day 2 of his first hunt with my D.I.E. System in 2012. He is the 25th man in the world to harvest a D.I.E. BUCK.

Matt Nelson - WI shot this 10-point Monster Dominant Buck, older than 3 years of age, at 5 yards with his bow while standing on the ground, on Day 1 of his first hunt with my D.I.E. System in 2012. He is the 20th man in the world to harvest a D.I.E. BUCK. I do not advise D.I.E. Hunters to hunt from the ground. Matt modified my hunt instructions but the king still came to him and in less than one hour on the first day.

Taylor Galecki - WI Shot this 8-pointer with his gun at 50 yards as the buck made his way towards Taylor. He was taught by his best friend's dad, whom I taught while on a private lesson on the land Taylor hunted later that year. Taylor shot the king of the herd on Day 2 of his first D.I.E. Hunt, and he earned the rank of 24th man in the world to harvest a D.I.E. Buck.

Bill Haga - WI, read the D.I.E. book, and on the first day of WI gun deer season he walked like a deer (as I instruct in my book) to his tree stand and when he got there the king of the herd was bedded nearby. He could not make his own D.I.E. Scrape on the property because his nephew Vince Lease was hunting over one on the same property, and they did not want to pull the king from one scrape to another, as I had directed in my book. This Monster 14-pointer was startled by some people as they drove up to the other side of the parcel and got out of their cars. The buck rose from his bed and walked right towards Bill, knowing full well that the deer he just heard come in (Bill Haga - Invisible D.I.E. HUNTER) would assure him (the monster buck) that he is safe there. Bill shot the buck at 50 yards with his gun. Awesome hunt for a first-time hunter, who modified his first hunt, but met a monster, because he did what a deer would do, rather than what a deer hunter would do. Bill is #26 in the world with D.I.E.

Paul Gretzinger - WI shot this 10-point king at less than 15 yards with his bow on Day 1 of his first D.I.E. Hunt. He modified  the hunt, but still succeeded at harvesting the best buck of his life! Paul is #15 in the world with D.I.E.!

David Stoelb - WI shot this 11-Point Monster Buck on his first hunt in 2012 in WI with his bow. The buck came right to him in less than 20 minutes on Day 5 of his hunt. There is not normally a Day 5 but David confirms he was busted by this buck at 35 yards on Day 1 of the same hunt. He hunted 3 more days and no buck would enter the invisible 35 yard bubble around the D.I.E. Scrape, so he removed his tree stand and re-installed it on the other side of the same D.I.E. Scrape. The next morning the same king came right in as soon as he got there. David Stoelb is #27 in the world with D.I.E.

These results are typical. 

If you do what I do you will be hunted by kings!

Deer Hunters who learn to follow Bob J. Mercier's instructions become 'the hunted', while the king of the herd hunts them. The herd king believes they are a buck and a doe that have entered his territory in order to establish the right to breed there. Most traditional deer hunters do not know what deer think, so they cannot figure out what this all means, that is why Bob wrote a book.. Sharing what he has discovered about deer behavior that no one has ever discovered before him, changes the way deer hunters hunt, and the way deer hunters think, forever.

Because Bob is an expert at explaining all whitetail deer behavior and he discovered the true meaning of over 400 whitetail deer behavioral traits, any person who is willing to follow Bob's tactics 100% will be able to walk among deer unnoticed (as a human). D.I.E. HUNTERS are allowed into all deer herd territories, whereas humans (traditional deer hunters) are not.

If you want to see the best - racked buck in less than 4 days on any parcel of land, at any time, then I wish to tell you there is only one way to accomplish that goal buy Bob J. Mercier's book DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! read it and learn to move through the territory of kings of herds 'like a deer'. Learn how to construct Bob J. Mercier's D.I.E. Scrape and install one on your hunting parcel within 35 yards of a tree stand that you installed the same day as the D.I.E. Scrape. Read the chapters about dominant buck behavior and intruder buck behavior and take on the role of an intruder buck, but be full aware of how to change hats and represent a doe, or a yearling buck at any time. Then read the chapters that explain how the deer herd will behave when they discover your scrape, and decide to become 'the hunted' ahead of time. I mean do not get out of your car at the wood edge without leaving your human brain in the car. You must be a deer when you enter the woods. Not a human. 

So what if you spook a deer or two while walking in. All deer get spooked when a buck from another herd is nearby. Just re-read the D.I.E. Book. It has all the answers to your questions. Become one deer and move through the forest believing your body, and your mind represent a breeding pair of deer. Do what they do, (what I teach you to do), and all deer will allow you to walk right by them to your D.I.E. Scrape. Once there settle in, and pull your weapon up, if you have one. The biggest racked - buck in the area will be coming to you soon. I mean he is on his way now, but he may be distracted by real does in heat or estrus, or by a challenger, or by a human (other than you). Give him time. DO NOT CALL TO HIM. If you stay quiet you stay invisible to all deer. 

Realize that the king of the herd will come to you as soon as he is sure there is not any danger lurking in the 35 yard area (radius) all around your scrape. Some people will see the area's most dominant buck after 8 minutes passes. He will enter the 35 yard invisible bubble, making his way to the D.I.E. Scrape or your tree stand.

That is because dominant bucks have an 8 minute rule, and all mature deer know it, but not all juveniles do! Do not gauge your knowledge base of deer behavior by what any deer less than two years of age, does. Young and dumb deer do not keep the herd safe, and a buck has to be 2 years old in order to hold rank, or to become capable of saving the lives of every member of his herd. For that reason adult deer do not care whether or not juvenile deer listen to them, when faced with a crisis. When faced with imminent danger adult deer send out a warning and then the take care of themselves, leaving the young and dumb (fawns and yearling bucks) behind.

My D.I.E. System attracts mature breeding deer, and makes them comfortable breeding in the area you set the D.I.E. Scrape. If you do not follow the rules, and you fail it is only because you did not follow the rules. No matter what you do, if you set the D.I.E. Scrape up properly, then 72 hours or less the king of the herd owns it. He will come within 35 yards of it during legal shooting hours as long as he does not experience danger, human, or otherwise there, and as long as no trail cameras are in his kingdom. 

I do not owe anyone any explanations about trail camera use, but for those who do not follow my instructions (in my book) regarding trail cameras on properties you are using the D.I.E. System, you are the reason for the Dominant buck's refusal to commit suicide at the D.I.E. Scrape in daylight. He knows when a trail camera is in his territory that a human is there, and he will only visit the D.I.E. Scrape in total darkness to avoid getting shot by a legal deer hunter. Rather than pressure a monster buck into coming in at night to avoid the human (a person who did not follow my rules), I advise you to pull all trail cameras because I have never used any. There are no instructions for using trail cameras on a D.I.E. Hunt except put them in your garage in a box. Then the king of the herd will come to your D.I.E. Scrape in daylight, because you (when you are there) represent a pair of breeding deer, not a man and a trail camera. The king will only do what I teach you if you set the stage the way I have trained thousands of deer hunters before you. If you fail, to see any deer it is because the king knows human(s) are interfering with his breeding process, and he has to inform his pecking order and all the deer in his territory to stay away from you, until you leave. 

Don't like the rules of not using trail cameras? Then I cannot help you, nor do I want to help you. I only want to help deer hunters or people who want to get close to deer in daylight. Using trail cameras deters from a person's ability to accomplish those goals. I have never used a trail camera so I do not give you any advice on how to use them, I only want you to succeed at meeting a king face-to-face on your first D.I.E. HUNT, so I tell you to do what I do. Nothing more and nothing less. I never use trail cameras, so you must not as well. It is that simple. 

For those who want to see a monster buck on every hunt. A buck scoring over 140" but more often 160"- Over 200" then let me teach you my tactic. I call it DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING®, but in order to succeed with it you have to leave the human, in you, at home, and never place any trail cameras in the territory of the king of the herd. Trail cameras are toys. The D.I.E. System is the best tool a deer hunter can have.

There are 3 ways to get my book: Updated Sept. 19, 2017

  1. Order Online: Click Here.
  2. Order by Phone: Call Bob J. Mercier (262) 719-2743
  3. Order by Mail: Send a check or money order made payable to MINDFUL OF NATURE LLC P.O. Box 551 Hales Corners WI 53130 
  4. Payment in the amount of $60.78 for Wisconsin Residents, and $57.98 per book for out of state deliveries in the U.S.A. 
  5. Make sure you send your name and address along with your order so Bob can ship your book to the address you provide. 
  6. If you want an autograph or if the book is being given as a gift to someone, please write the name of the person you would like it autographed to. Bob will personally autograph any book when requested (no additional cost). 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Attention Customers of Bob J. Mercier and Mindful Of Nature LLC:

As of March 26 2014 we no longer have a TOLL FREE PHONE NUMBER. (877) 788-4621.

Email Bob J. Mercier at bob@dominanceiseverything.com, or send a letter to Bob J. Mercier or Mindful Of Nature LLC P.O. Box 1687 Eau Claire WI 54702

Thank you.

 Bob J. Mercier

Sunday, March 2, 2014

There are 7 new D.I.E. Hunters wearing invisible deer suits today.

Yesterday, I met with 9 people in Menomonie Wisconsin at the Stout Ale House and I taught them how to walk among kings unnoticed. These 8 men and 1 woman, are now more informed about whitetail deer behavior than 99.9% of all the people on this planet. We know what deer think!

Knowing how deer live inside their world, allows us to see their world, clearly, and we can forget we are humans, at least for a little while, and learn from observing deer how it is that a human must behave to convince deer that he or she is not a human at all.

All that matters to a D.I.E. Hunter is doing it right the first time. After that, our actions speak louder than our intentions. Two of the students in my D.I.E. Hunter Training Class are veteran D.I.E. Hunters that used my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Trophy Buck Hunting System in 2013. They told their hunt stories to the class, and provided support that my teachings do make deer hunt people who have been trained by me to pretend they are a pair of deer.

No deer can tell if you are a buck or a doe, but they believe by your behavior in the "Deer World" that you are one of the two deer, and because deer live by herd rules, and one of them is that intruder bucks cannot bed on dry land, the king of the herd is sent in looking for this intruder buck, in an effort to confront him and to enforce the rules. I teach people to be two deer, so you keep the dominant buck guessing. When he gets near your stand site, he will encounter the scent of a hot doe, and instead of being in defense mode to meet a intruder monster buck, the dominant buck lowers his guard to get in contact with the hot doe.

That is the time when the dominant buck will be standing, or walking within 35 yards of the D.I.E.. System user. Hunter or not, anyone can use my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Scrape System to make monster bucks fight in order to determine who (which buck) is the most dominant buck in the area at the time. That buck, is the one that waits for you to return to your tree stand, so he can approach you when you are there. You must follow the D.I.E. System use instructions to a T in order to rely on the system to bring the king to you. Modifying the system can cause the dominant buck to identify you as a danger to him (a human), and so doing so is not advised. Some modifications are okay to make, but each mistake you make is always one you chose to make by disobeying the D.I.E. Hunter's Standard Hunt Instruction.

No one can be there to instruct you and control your behavior on you D.I.E. Hunts, unless you hire me to be there with you. I do guide in Wisconsin, and I teach my tactics to any person anywhere in the lower 48 states, when they hire me to do so. I want you to learn how to make the king of every deer herd hunt you, but in order to do so you must purchase my book. I will not give it away for free.

Anyone who I have trained in classroom, or in the wild will tell you that we are in a different world than all traditional (non-D.I.E. System Users) deer hunters. We live by the deer rules, and we do not need to prove it to non-believers. Our life is better because we understand what dominant bucks, does, and all other bucks think, and we can predict their movements, based on the location we choose to place the D.I.E. Scrape. The king of the herd will defend his territory, that is a fact, and the facts is all I ever teach.

If you want to see a big-racked buck on every deer hunt you go on in the future, then use my tactics and you will. That is unless you behave as a human instead of following my instructions. You have a choice whether you want to hunt deer or whether you want deer to hunt you.

You must choose to hunt with 
Bob J. Mercier's
'Hunt' or be "The Hunted" - It's a Choice!

Want to be hunted by kings, anywhere WHITETAIL DEER EXIST?

Trust me you can be, if you buy my book and use my tactics as directed. Do not use trail cameras when you use my tactics, or you (the human) will make the dominant buck aware that you are a human, and he will not come within 35 yards of you in daylight. Instead he will still make an appearance inside 35 yards but only in total darkness. You (the human) would have chose to fail, if you choose to not follow my instructions. I am not anti-trail camera. I am anti-trail camera with my D.I.E. System, because when you hunt with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING, the Scrape is the only tool you need to use to get the king to come to you in daylight. Trail cameras are TOYS. They are not TOOLS.

I invented this system in 1998 and every person who ever shot a mature buck within 35 yards had pulled their trail cameras as soon as they met me. If  you want my personal advice then buy my book. I will tell you all you need to know to succeed on every hunt in my book.

Title of book:
DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! copyright 2011
Sold Here for $49.99 plus $5.99 shipping and handling (WI customers must also pay sales tax).

Bob J. Mercier's books are NOT SOLD IN STORES.

Bob J. Mercier owns MINDFUL OF NATURE LLC P.O. Box 1687 Eau Claire WI 54702 Bob's Cell Phone: (262) 719-2743

Special Thanks to my wife Michele for supporting my efforts to teach Americans to be hunted by kings!

Bob J. Mercier 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Five D.I.E. Bucks on display! It makes me proud!

I want to thank Jerry Gardner of De Pere Wisconsin and Bernie Miller of Hatley Wisconsin for sharing their D.I.E. Hunter Testimonials with the public. This photo was taken by a seminar attendee at my February 1 2014 D.I.E. Hunter Training Seminar held at the Country Inn & Suites in Green Bay WI. Thank you to that person and every other D.I.E. Hunter who is willing to help us get the word out that D.I.E. is a real easy way for deer hunters to have close encounters with majestic kings of herds and their competitors.

Bernie Miller (center) is one of the most talented D.I.E. Hunters on the planet. Bernie became the fifth person on the planet to harvest a mature buck while using Bob J. Mercier's tactics, which are included in his book. I taught him in 2010 in another customer's living room, when I put on a 3-4 hour training seminar. At the time, I did not have my book DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! Copyright 2011 published yet. Bernie was a good listener, and he took a few good notes. When Bernie first hunted with D.I.E., he was bow hunting in WI and the king busted him, when he got out of his stand. He was not supposed to leave the tree stand, but being a bit skeptical he broke a D.I.E. Hunter rule and the king stood up from his bed less than 20 yards away from his stand, and saw the man, instead of an invisible deer. Bernie’s first successful hunt came just a few days later win the 2010 WI gun deer season. He actually got a second chance to shoot the king of the herd on a different property than his first D.I.E. bow hunt. He had hit the 10 pointer that he bagged with his gun shown here (Upper Right Corner) a week before he met me. He was bow hunting and hit the buck in the shoulder blade. Bernie asked me in seminar if the king of the herd would come to a D.I.E. Scrape if he were injured from a broad head in his shoulder blade. I replied that he would come if he was still king, but if he was badly injured he would not show up. Bernie's testimonial says it all. He claimed his COMBO BUCK - One arrow and one bullet when he used my invention The DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING D.I.E. Scrape during the rut, on the same parcel. The king came to the D.I.E. Scrape on Day 1 of his first hunt there, a fine 10-pointer with a split brow tine (Upper Right Mount). He got him with a 7 mm magnum when the buck lowered his head to rub the tree behind his D.I.E. Scrape. Since then Bernie has taken the two other bucks shown here (Middle Mount and Lower Left Mount), while using a D.I.E. Scrape 100% as directed. He prides himself on his ability to walk among deer unnoticed, to enter the territory of kings, without any deer ever identifying him as a human. I wanted to feature Bernie Miller, because of his talent and his dedication to hunt with my D.I.E. System 100% as directed. Way to go Bernie!Bernie Miller also gave a video testimonial that can be seen on YouTube. Click Here to View it.

Jerry Gardner (Left) is pictured here with his first D.I.E. Buck (Top Left Mount), a 6-point Dominant D.I.E. Buck taken in 2013 in Northern Wisconsin. This 6-point buck is mature and he was a king. We are sure of it, because he dragged his legs and splayed his toes placing his dew points down as he made his way inside the invisible 35-yard (radius) bubble that exists around every D.I.E Hunter's D.I.E. Scrape. Only the king of the herd will drag his feet when he enters the invisible bubble. Congratulations go out to Jerry Gardner for his great accomplishment on his first hunt with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING in 2013. Jerry also attended a D.I.E. Training Seminar prior to hunting with D.I.E., and it goes to show you that my training practices produce solid results. Jerry Gardner also gave a video testimonial that can be seen on YouTube. Click Here to View it.

Bob J. Mercier- [ME] is pictured (right). The (Lower Right Mount) is my pride and joy. A 17-point monster un-ranked buck that fought another buck one minute before I shot him with my bow at 10 yards right in front of my D.I.E. Scrape in 2009. He officially scored 172 4/8" Pope & Young. It was the 3rd day of my D.I.E. Hunt. (They do not go longer than 4 days unless you modify the system). I had the king of the herd walk right under my stand two hours earlier, and I shot at him at only 8 feet away. It is a humbling story to tell, because I did not know at the time that my sights were off 9 inches. I aimed for his spine and hit him in the shoulder blade. The buck was a 180" class buck; he was a 10-pointer with 15" G2 and G3 antlers. I will post his photo (below). I have one scouting photo of the king. He trailed me in to my D.I.E. Scrape on November 5 2009 at 7 am. Two hours later, after he left the area, two bucks raced in and stopped just outside the invisible bubble around my D.I.E Scrape. I heard grunting from each buck, and then antlers tickling, then more grunting, and finally three long buck growls. They were the voice of this 17-point non-typical buck. He was telling the other buck (a monster swamp buck with a black coat of hair) to step aside as he goes inside the bubble to breed with the doe, they both thought was there to mate. That was I! I pretend to be a doe that is ready to breed, and because I learned to do what real deer do, they believe I am a deer and never think about me being a human. The 10 pt. king rested his shoulder on the belt-on tree steps I installed the day before. People do not understand whitetail dominant buck behavior as well as I do. I know what deer think, and I can share space with any deer on the planet. When the 17 pointer let out the 2nd of his 3 buck growls his competitor surrendered and exited the area, running wide around the invisible 35 yard bubble, and heading at a dead run straight into the NW wind. Then the 17 pointer charged the D.I.E. Scrape. I stopped him in his tracks with a single buck grunt made from my mouth. He put his feet on the ground instantly and my arrow flew true into his ribs. He went 80 yards and died. I found him in the swamp he lived in. Now that buck adorns the cover of my book, and he is the buck on the logo for the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Deer Hunting System. 

The facts are that all you need to do is buy my book, read it, and believe in it no matter what your friends who know nothing about it say!

I am changing the way deer hunters hunt deer, one hunter at a time.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Do you want DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Logo gear?

Robert Joseph Mercier owns the rights to the word phrase and logo for

FYI: Robert Joseph Mercier is Bob J. Mercier  

Want to own gear with the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Logo on it?

If you would like to own merchandise with the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Logo displayed proudly on it, then Bob ask's you to comment on this blog post, or if you prefer send him an email request stating which item(s) you have interest in purchasing.

Bob would like to offer some of these items:

  • Camouflage Baseball Hat with embroidered logo in front
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Is there something that you really want to buy with the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Logo on it? 
If so, please get in touch with Bob.


  • Please click "COMMENT" at the bottom of this blog post, or
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  • Bob will respond to everyone who provides their name and phone number via email. 
  • If you do not want to provide any follow up information, then please post your comments here. 

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Bob J. Mercier
Mindful Of Nature LLC
P.O. Box 1687 
Eau Claire WI 54702
Cell: (262) 719-2743

Friday, January 31, 2014

New Business Mailing Address

Hello Everyone,

I no longer receive any mail at the address on my old business cards. I am no longer living in Ashland WI and therefore am not getting any mail there. Please update your records so you can reach me in the future with time oriented mail. Thank you.

Mail order book orders should also be sent to this address.

Mindful Of Nature LLC
c/o Bob J. Mercier
P.O. Box 1687
Eau Claire WI 54702

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The first 27 successful D.I.E. Hunters on earth!


The D.I.E. Hunter's Pecking Order

I wish to thank the first people who shot D.I.E. Bucks for providing me with proof that any person can get a mature buck by choosing to change the way they hunt deer. These twenty seven men set the standards for others who are new to the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING System. They proved to be worthy of training, and they made me proud for using it as directed, and for using their intelligence to think like a deer, when they thought a modification would work for them. D.I.E. Hunters never assume. We read the facts about deer, by reading deer sign like the deer that left it, and we trust in the facts. That is what sets us apart from deer hunters who hunt traditionally. There is nothing like being 'hunted' by a king!

I will be posting the photos of their bucks on this blog in the coming days.
Check back here to see the dandy bucks that 'hunted' these men.
These are the statistics of the first 27 harvested bucks taken by deer hunters who used Bob J. Mercier's tactics that make mature bucks approach the stand site of a D.I.E. Hunter. Note: The D.I.E. Scrape is only one of Bob's tactics, and hunting without a D.I.E. Scrape is an option for any D.I.E. Hunter, as long as they remain invisible to deer.

We are
 "Those who are hunted by kings!"

To join us. Go to www.DominanceIsEverything.com to buy a D.I.E. Book.

Your deer hunts will never be the same.
These men and thousands of other men and women will attest to that.

A Special Thanks from Bob,

I do appreciate seeing and hearing about the results of your D.I.E. Hunts, whether you used it as directed or modified the D.I.E. System, does not matter to me. If you are seeing more trophy racked bucks on your deer hunts because of what you learned from me, then I am happy for you.

I intended my efforts of writing and teaching others to walk among herds of deer unnoticed, to be rewarded with gratitude by those who have enjoyed using the D.I.E. System. I hoped they would tell all their friends about it! I found out after two years of selling my books and teaching private lessons, and group seminars that most people who learn to hunt like me love it, and they do not want anyone else to know what they are doing. So instead of telling everyone, they are keeping it a secret.

These men in the D.I.E. Hunter's Pecking Order were not selfish. They want you to know that my system really works. Not once in a while, but every time! We (D.I.E. Hunters everywhere) are on a mission to change deer hunting forever!


'Hunt' or be "The Hunted" - It's a Choice! 


It gives me great pride to know I have made a difference in the deer hunting world. Please send photos of the bucks you shot while using my tactics, and I will promote them on my website or my blogs for everyone to see. Please call me for Testimonial Submission or you can submit testimonials directly on my website by clicking here. All photographs must either be texted to (262) 719-2743 or emailed to bob@dominanceiseverything.com

Thank you,
Bob J. Mercier

5 D.I.E. Hunters are featured at the Feb 1st 2014 D.I.E. Training Classes in Green Bay WI

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I have invited 5 men who hunted with D.I.E. after I sold them a book, trained them in seminar, 
taught them in a private lesson, or guided their 2013 deer hunt with gun or bow in Wisconsin..
They are coming and they are bringing their D.I.E. Bucks!
  • You Gotta Come to This Event!
  • Hear the stories of their D.I.E. Hunts and see for yourself 
  • The D.I.E. System is for Everyone, but only those who are willing to spend their money on it will ever have the power needed to become 'One who is hunted by kings!'

Help me welcome Bernie Miller - Hatley WI with his three D.I.E. Bucks. Two of which I have photos of. (below)

Bernie Miller and his first D.I.E. Buck which landed him with the rank of #5 in the  D.I.E. Hunter's Pecking Order
A 15-pointer that hunted Bernie Miller with D.I.E.

Bob Schneider of Chilton WI with a 10-point swamp buck that hunted him in 2012 with the D.I.E. System
Jerry Gardner with a mature 6-point King of the herd. Shot 10-27-13 in WI. Awesome and Rare!

Jerry Gardner of Green Bay WI - Attended the last D.I.E. Training Seminar I put on in Green Bay in 2013. He did what I taught him and the king hunted him. A six point king that stiff-legged his way towards the stand site of an invisible first-time D.I.E. Hunter! What could be better than this for anyone who owns a copy of my book?

This photo shows the huge body size of Jerry Gardner's 6-point D.I.E. King. He dressed out at over 220 pounds.

Mike Swan and Randy Buechel were both guided by me in 2013. They both met the king of the herd on the first day of their D.I.E. Hunt, but neither man was fortunate enough to kill the king. It happens to everyone, at one time or another, but that does not take away from the fact that they are successful D.I.E. Hunters, and I have the utmost respect for them for being willing to tell the public that my D.I.E. System really does change everything. It makes kings of herds hunt you, because of your change in behavior, and the will you must have to continue the hunt until the king presents himself to you. Awesome job! I cannot wait to see them tell their hunt stories to the attendees of these two training classes on February 1, 2014 in Green Bay WI.