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Sunday, March 2, 2014

There are 7 new D.I.E. Hunters wearing invisible deer suits today.

Yesterday, I met with 9 people in Menomonie Wisconsin at the Stout Ale House and I taught them how to walk among kings unnoticed. These 8 men and 1 woman, are now more informed about whitetail deer behavior than 99.9% of all the people on this planet. We know what deer think!

Knowing how deer live inside their world, allows us to see their world, clearly, and we can forget we are humans, at least for a little while, and learn from observing deer how it is that a human must behave to convince deer that he or she is not a human at all.

All that matters to a D.I.E. Hunter is doing it right the first time. After that, our actions speak louder than our intentions. Two of the students in my D.I.E. Hunter Training Class are veteran D.I.E. Hunters that used my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Trophy Buck Hunting System in 2013. They told their hunt stories to the class, and provided support that my teachings do make deer hunt people who have been trained by me to pretend they are a pair of deer.

No deer can tell if you are a buck or a doe, but they believe by your behavior in the "Deer World" that you are one of the two deer, and because deer live by herd rules, and one of them is that intruder bucks cannot bed on dry land, the king of the herd is sent in looking for this intruder buck, in an effort to confront him and to enforce the rules. I teach people to be two deer, so you keep the dominant buck guessing. When he gets near your stand site, he will encounter the scent of a hot doe, and instead of being in defense mode to meet a intruder monster buck, the dominant buck lowers his guard to get in contact with the hot doe.

That is the time when the dominant buck will be standing, or walking within 35 yards of the D.I.E.. System user. Hunter or not, anyone can use my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Scrape System to make monster bucks fight in order to determine who (which buck) is the most dominant buck in the area at the time. That buck, is the one that waits for you to return to your tree stand, so he can approach you when you are there. You must follow the D.I.E. System use instructions to a T in order to rely on the system to bring the king to you. Modifying the system can cause the dominant buck to identify you as a danger to him (a human), and so doing so is not advised. Some modifications are okay to make, but each mistake you make is always one you chose to make by disobeying the D.I.E. Hunter's Standard Hunt Instruction.

No one can be there to instruct you and control your behavior on you D.I.E. Hunts, unless you hire me to be there with you. I do guide in Wisconsin, and I teach my tactics to any person anywhere in the lower 48 states, when they hire me to do so. I want you to learn how to make the king of every deer herd hunt you, but in order to do so you must purchase my book. I will not give it away for free.

Anyone who I have trained in classroom, or in the wild will tell you that we are in a different world than all traditional (non-D.I.E. System Users) deer hunters. We live by the deer rules, and we do not need to prove it to non-believers. Our life is better because we understand what dominant bucks, does, and all other bucks think, and we can predict their movements, based on the location we choose to place the D.I.E. Scrape. The king of the herd will defend his territory, that is a fact, and the facts is all I ever teach.

If you want to see a big-racked buck on every deer hunt you go on in the future, then use my tactics and you will. That is unless you behave as a human instead of following my instructions. You have a choice whether you want to hunt deer or whether you want deer to hunt you.

You must choose to hunt with 
Bob J. Mercier's
'Hunt' or be "The Hunted" - It's a Choice!

Want to be hunted by kings, anywhere WHITETAIL DEER EXIST?

Trust me you can be, if you buy my book and use my tactics as directed. Do not use trail cameras when you use my tactics, or you (the human) will make the dominant buck aware that you are a human, and he will not come within 35 yards of you in daylight. Instead he will still make an appearance inside 35 yards but only in total darkness. You (the human) would have chose to fail, if you choose to not follow my instructions. I am not anti-trail camera. I am anti-trail camera with my D.I.E. System, because when you hunt with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING, the Scrape is the only tool you need to use to get the king to come to you in daylight. Trail cameras are TOYS. They are not TOOLS.

I invented this system in 1998 and every person who ever shot a mature buck within 35 yards had pulled their trail cameras as soon as they met me. If  you want my personal advice then buy my book. I will tell you all you need to know to succeed on every hunt in my book.

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Special Thanks to my wife Michele for supporting my efforts to teach Americans to be hunted by kings!

Bob J. Mercier