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Monday, November 24, 2014

D.I.E. HUNTERS are harvesting some nice bucks this season

I have been getting dozens of texts with photos of downed D.I.E. BUCKS from new customers and veteran D.I.E. HUNTERS alike.

In order for me to make them public, I need your permission and it has to be in writing. So please email your permission to publish your photo and testimonial on the internet, and for use as advertising as I see fit, and I will gladly post your D.I.E. BUCK PHOTOS and your written testimonials on my web page and my blog.

Click here to write a testimonial for my book, my seminars, or a private lesson that you and I were on. If you do not have my book, but you learned my tactics through reading articles and adapting to my ways the best you can (like one new customer did) you can submit your testimonial too, but in order for me to print it, and brag about you, you must be a customer. So buy my book and you will be a D.I.E. HUNTER.

Send photos with your name, address, phone number and email address if you have one to me at mydiehuntresults@gmail.com

A phone call is appreciated. Thanks

I appreciate hearing from everyone. Life is good for us isn't it!

Bob J. Mercier

My 2nd Day of being hunted was interesting, but it was ended short - due to ...

On my second day of the 2014 WI Gun Deer Season, I arrived to my ground blind, and there I found the fresh tracks of the king of the herd and his three pecking order bucks. In this herd there are four bucks older than 2 years old that hold rank in the pecking order. Only the king walked in my boot prints (made the day before). The other bucks just came along to see the tracks of the human who walked into their sacred territory near the breeding scrapes of a challenging intruder bucks that had two hot does with him. 

That is the story my D.I.E. Scrapes, scents, tracks, and location choice for the set-up told the deer. It was the scent of my D.I.E. Scrapes that called them in. The king had gone to the scrape nearest to me, pawed it up and urinated in it. I could see the evidence, and I was pleased to know he was not afraid of my blind. He stood trotted by it 1 yard away and walked to the scrape (10 yards away) and stood still to urinate in the dirt, to dominate the scrape and to own it. That means he will be the first mature buck back to it, after a rain. It is the job of the pecking order (including the king) to breed all hot does inside their territory boundaries, and to maintain the pecking order (order in which they breed), by rooting out all challenging intruder bucks, and forcing them to head to the nearest standing water source(s).

Rain was in the forecast, but it never came. All we had was heavy fog, another hunter's advantage. Heavy fog occurs when the air is warmer than the ground, and stays as long as ice is melting, (in this case it was 8 inches of snow). The king and I had a plan to meet when he returned to his core breeding scrape, which I constructed 4 days earlier in a place I knew he would feel comfortable breeding in daylight. I used my own tactics to fool the king of the herd. My tactics have never failed anyone who uses them as directed. I learned what I teach from observing dominant bucks and the deer that live with him as well as deer that are just passing through.

Anyway, I got there just after 7 am as planned, and his tracks were less than 15 minutes old.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The first day of 2014 WI Gun Deer Season for Bob J. Mercier

I shared space with the king of the herd yesterday, as I walked across the #3 core doe bedding area from one stand to the next. He stayed bedded just outside of it, and he was facing me the whole time. I got within 30 yards of his body, (without ever seeing him) and without him ever laying eyes on a human. He let me come towards him because he was believing I was a doe in estrus. When I climbed up my tree stand that sits only 5 feet off the ground, he stayed bedded and quiet obviously looking for the doe but only seeing the snow kick up from under my feet. I wore snow camo bibs and a blaze orange camo parka, hat, gloves, and a full face mask. Armed with a 7mm magnum, and using enhanced hearing devices, I did not hear any live animals or see anything while walking the 80 paces. I could hear a pin drop at 40 yards I am sure. His tracks are big and I came upon them 20 yards from the low sitting stand. He had walked to within 2 feet of the stand earlier yesterday morning. Maybe he was "HUNTING ME" and maybe he was putting down a scent trail around my D.I.E. Scrape, telling all intruder bucks to stay away fromt the area. Kings do that!

After getting in my stand I made three challenging grunts and he got up and bolted to the South 3 jumps and stopped. He surprised me. I thought he would be bedded 100 more yards to the Northwest, but recent logging had removed his daytime shade offering canopy, so he had moved South into the nearest conifers for privacy. He stiff legged back and forth behind me for nearly an hour and he bedded down again just out of sight in the shade, upwind of me, not knowing who I am but surely believing I am a monster buck which has challenged his dominance on the edge of his territory.

He is a massive buck, but I have not seen his rack clearly in the past 4 years. I know deer habits, and more so than that I know dominant buck behavior. It is 43 degrees this morning where I am hunting and heavy fog with 0 visibility. He will move today, and the good news for me is it is going to rain all day. I am hunting from two stands this year. One is a ground blind. I have it set inside the 35 yard bubble around my D.I.E. Scrape. The king's track was in the scrape yesterday. He put it there one or two days before. With the rain, he will have to come to the scrapes when other deer do, so he can re-freshen them and put his scent in them. I forgot to mention that I modified my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING System on this hunt, by role-playing and doing what I feel I must do to get this king to walk out in the open for me in less than 3 daylight periods. Today is Day 2 and I am going in again. I will sit in the ground blind, facing North, in a South wind, and he will come from South if he makes his appearance in daylight.

I am going to stay quiet and wait today. He will have to go to the scrapes, all I can do is hope the does come home today, and their movement near the D.I.E. Scrape will attract other bruiser bucks from other herds, and he will have to move closer to me in order to own this one piece of his own territory while I am there. He is not afraid of the man in me. He does not know I am a man, otherwise he would not have come back and stiff legged to show his dominance to me. He wants every deer to check in. I am not doing so, so he must come to me if he wants to be king of his herd today.

If he doesn't come in view today. I will track him for a few hours tomorrow. I can only hunt 3.5 days, but the odds of us meeting are still 100% at less than 35 yards in daylight, until I quit.

God Bless everyone who hunts with my tactics. The kings of herds are hunting us! As challenging intruder bucks and does in estrus, not as men. Use as directed or modify your hunt, but whatever you choose, have no regrets!

Bob J. Mercier