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Saturday, April 25, 2015

I am back to the keyboard writing again

Hello Customers, and Friends,

Just wanted you all to know I am currently starting my second, and third books. One book is about reading deer sign like a deer, and the other is about hunting scrapes. I have a vast knowledge base of techniques using mock scrapes and modifying real scrapes made by pecking order bucks, and challenging intruders.

Those who read my future book titles will be better off afterward. I am teaching the world to understand whitetail deer behavior, to read deer sign, and to understand the territories of kings.

I have other book titles which I have started as well, but I do not have a defined date in which I will have them published or distributed. I fully intend on having a professional publisher handle the distribution of my next book, to see how well that goes.

You can get excited with me now. I am writing again, and I intend on completing two to three books at least in rough draft, this year.

The third book has been much anticipated. It is titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING... THE BIG PICTURE!

It is all about the territories of kings, and how to see them. How to know where you are standing (at any moment) while you are within view of any type of whitetail deer sign. Where you is in one exact location that is inside the boundaries of one king. By teaching you to read deer sign, and to use my formulas, you can tell exactly where you are, where the deer are, and where all the other rooms of their house are.

More to  come. Including a 1, 2, and 3-day (option) class I will be offering on HOW TO HUNT DEER. It will not include my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Deer Hunting System. These classes are for kids and adults. People who want to know how to be successful at tagging a buck or a doe no matter where they chose to hunt deer, by using Bob J. Mercier's hunting tactics.

Starting this fall (2015) I will be hunting in multiple states, and I will be producing videos of my hunts for proof to those who wish to see it, that big bucks hunt me. I love getting close to big racked bucks in daylight, and I have a skill that no other person has. I am sharing it with you, my readers, fans, friends, and customers, for a small fee.

Please call me if you are interested in learning what I have to teach.

Private Lessons will likely not be offered in 2016. I am changing my offerings so I can reach my goals of publishing the books I wish to write. For those of you who do not like to read, there will be audio books offered as well.

If you prefer to be on my customer email list, so you get updates like this emailed directly to you, please call me and provide your name, address, and phone number as well as your email address. I do not solicit anyone, and I will not sell or give away any of your information.

Have a great summer.

Private Lessons are still offered in April and May 2015, and then after August 15, up until December 31, 2015. Call Bob J. Mercier at (262) 719-2743 to inquire about a Private Lesson, Get a Quote, and Ask Bob Questions pertaining to his offer to train you. Some people will not qualify for training. You must call me and allow me to talk to you before I will commit to training you.


Bob J. Mercier