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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Who is BOB J MERCIER- Does He Really Know more about deer than anyone?

            Bob J. Mercier – is known as a whitetail deer behavioral specialist. He teaches others to see the DEER WORLD for what it really is – to the deer that live in it.

Bob is the first person on earth to discover the true meaning of all whitetail deer sign, and normal behavioral traits. Bob is not a biologist and has not been trained in any school or university. He learned it all from walking among deer since 1991 when he mastered his own methods. Bob has named his methods for getting close to any deer in daylight while hunting or not, the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System.

To Bob there is no easier means for any human to get within 35 yards or less of any deer. Bob teaches those who hire him to train them. He is author of the much hoarded book titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! ©2011 by Bob J. Mercier

In 1991, Bob started studying whitetail deer in Southeast Wisconsin in an area where they could not be hunted. For 6 years Bob hiked into the wood, fields, creek beds, swamps, and up and down hills following live deer, or just following their tracks and other signs, they left, on their last trip through the area. Bob was astonished to learn that deer do not see people. People say, “Hey deer, over here, here I am.” Bob learned from deer that nearly every belief deer hunters have for why deer do what they do is an assumption. We all know that when you assume you are wrong most of the time.

            Bob was seeking the truth about deer. He had been a WI deer hunter since 1979, but until Bob learned about deer, from spending time with deer, all Bob knew was what others had told him. Knowing what deer think was his mission, along with seeing what deer see, and sensing danger to deer immediately when it enters the area, and until it leaves the herd territory, just as real deer do.

            By March of 1993, Bob had learned what deer think. Since then he learned what all deer sign means, and he learned how to walk within 35 yards or less of any deer in daylight. He learned what deer are saying to one another when they move in certain ways, and what they are saying to other deer when they stand still or remain in a bedded down position. He even learned that humans can be invisible to deer, and once they accomplish that, they can walk among deer unnoticed. Bob wrote a book to share his new methods of getting close to deer in daylight, with you. Anyone who reads the book and then uses the knowledge when going into the DEER WORLD can see the fact is deer allow you to walk among them because they think you are a live deer.

            In 1998, Bob used his first-hand knowledge of how dominant bucks dominate over all other bucks inside their territory during the rut, and before and after it, to his advantage. He devised a NEW WAY TO HUNT DEER. He named it the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System. People who know of it refer to it as the D.I.E. System. The advantages of using the D.I.E. System are many. The king of every deer herd hunts the invisible human believing you are a buck and a doe from over a mile away. He cannot find you; because you are invisible so he comes in real close to investigate the sounds you make, and the scents you used, to set the stage – so to speak. This buck believes you are a king from another herd. He has to get rid of you in less than 4 days or he will have an uprising of pecking order bucks that he will have to deal with for some time. He also believes you are a ‘hot doe’, and he seeks you out looking for a doe on the ground, not a man/woman in a tree. This is thought of by some book owners who have used the D.I.E. System as the easiest way to see the biggest-racked buck(s) that walk the land they hunt, while they are hunting. The results people get when they use the D.I.E. System is the king of the herd patrols your stand site during daylight, entering 95% of the time from downwind headed upwind to a mock-scrape you made (called a D.I.E. Scrape). You have choices to make. All you have to do is follow the rules that deer live by. Bob teaches you how to do it.

            In 2010, Bob started teaching deer hunters how to make kings of herds hunt them. Bob’s D.I.E. System brings one buck at a time to an invisible bubble around your stand (where you are). The bucks enter from downwind if they are from that herd, and from upwind if they are just roaming through and do not reside there. The invisible bubble has a 35-yard radius around your stand. The D.I.E. Scrape is inside that bubble. Bob learned that all deer have a 35-yard radius bubble around their body and it is there all day, every day. Human’s have nothing to do with it. Until Bob discovered it as a fact, no one knew its significance.

            Now in 2016, more than 3200 book owners know how to be D.I.E. HUNTERS. They have received training (the D.I.E. BOOK) so they know what to do to pretend they are a king from another herd, with a mate. D.I.E. HUNTERS role-play with deer, by allowing the deer to see us move, hear our feet hit the ground, and see us hesitate and stop to read real deer sign that we encounter along the way to our stand. We choose the stand site based on understanding where the king will be that day, in his own herd territory. Bob knows and he teaches us to see it in his book. We must know where we are in a herd, in order to be successful 99% of the time. If we are not upwind of the king how is he going to find us? These thoughts are human thoughts that must be processed through before choosing where to set-up for a D.I.E. HUNT.

            The D.I.E. System has to be taught to you. A person cannot understand it fully without reading the book, but hundreds of people have learned it directly from Bob by attending one of his group seminars, or having Bob go to their hunting land and teach them on a private lesson.

The most important things to remember about Bob J. Mercier are:

1.)    He knows what he is talking about, and no one else knows it but those he has taught.
2.)    He is willing to share his knowledge to help you become a better deer hunter.
3.)    He loves teaching large groups of people, anywhere in the U.S.A. –
4.)    He prides himself by what God has allowed him to see, learn, and teach.
5.)    He has 100% faith that his tactics work for whitetail deer anywhere deer live.
6.)    He can teach you to walk within 35 yards or less of any deer in daylight.
7.)    Big bucks live by the same rules trained D.I.E. HUNTERS who had private lessons live by.
8.)    In the DEER WORLD – Bob and his D.I.E. HUNTERS are invisible deer, and invisible humans.
9.)    Bob finds joy in helping people get close to deer in daylight, on foot or from a platform.
10.)          Bob discovered what deer herds look like, and what all sign left by deer means.
11.)          Bob discovered what head – bobs, foot-stomping, high-stepping, stiff-legging, ear-rolling, tail-twitching, bedding positions, and order in which deer line up when walking means.
12.)          Bob has discovered the wind is 2” wide. Trees have eight sides to a deer, rubs can be made on 1 – 8 sides of a tree, and buck rubs are all owned by the king of the herd or the king of the swamp. The king of a swamp does not own the herd, but he does own some of the swamp. Deer think we are deer until we tell them different. There are no humans in the DEER WORLD, but with these tactics, you can be an invisible human, and an invisible deer.
13.)          There is more Bob is learning from his encounters with deer, and you can bet he will be willing to share it with you.

            Bob chose to self-publish this book because no one in the history of writing books has ever stated that the facts about deer, that Bob J Mercier states are facts, really are facts. There are more than 400 facts about deer that Bob J Mercier identifies as facts that no one has ever heard of before. In this case, he could not get a critic to review the book, or easily find a publisher to print and distribute it. The book is titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING…To A Monster Whitetail Buck! ©2011 Bob J. Mercier. There are more than 3200 people who now own a copy. Reading Bob’s Book changes the lives of deer hunters forever.

DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® is a registered trademark of Robert (Bob) Joseph Mercier