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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I read dominant buck sign and take clients to the king's bed - sometimes he is in it! Here is a true story.

  •     Customers often ask if I have ever taken Private Lesson Clients to the bed of the king of the herd and found him there in his bed, and the answer is yes I have. 

  • It happened a few years back while I was working for a man and a woman in Northern Wisconsin. Consulting them on the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System, and the best places to set up for a quick encounter with the king of a herd. The rut was on, and we were on a mission to scout for the easiest ambush locations, I could find for a client named Randy to set up a D.I.E. Scrape. He had high hopes and rightfully so. 

  • I set him up in a great place and he saw 3 shooter bucks in 3 days of hunting, with the king of the herd being one of the first two bucks to approach the D.I.E. Scrape. The king offered Randy shot opportunities at 15 yards and 11 yards, but Randy froze up and failed to grunt to stop the buck at 15 yards, or to grunt as he neared the D.I.E. Scrape. So the buck got to the scrape and then swung his head back around and Randy was convinced the buck was looking him right in the eyes. He shot at the standing buck and he says the arrow missed its mark because the buck wheeled around and took off right when he fired the arrow. I believe him, because lots of deer hunters, who are first time D.I.E. HUNTERS make the same mistake that Randy did on their first D.I.E. HUNT. He already had some trophy racked bucks on the wall of his cabin, but he wasn't expecting such an awesome encounter with the king of the herd as such close range, just the way I had predicted it would happen for him.
  • He was excited and the adrenaline in his blood, kept him from calming down to make a killing shot at the first opportunity that a D.I.E. HUNTER gets. You should always take the first shot opportunity you have, because sometimes you do not get a second chance. I (Bob J. Mercier) as Randy's Personal Trainer in being a D.I.E. HUNTER can only wait so long for a client like Randy, with big-buck killing experience to call and give testimony. The thing is many of my clients intend on giving testimony, but when they do kill their first D.I.E. Buck they do not want anyone to know that they made the buck come to them at the stand site I taught them to choose, just because they believed in a New Way to hunt deer. They do not want anyone to know how easy it is to have this happen on every hunt, because many deer hunters compete for bragging rights, and anyone who has gotten the chance to brag, surely hates giving up those rights. THE FACT IS FOLKS - DEER HUNTING IS AS EASY AS YOU MAKE IT, AND WITH MY TACTICS - IN MY BOOK, YOU CANNOT FAIL TO SEE THE KING WITHIN 35 YARDS OF YOU IN LESS THAN 4 DAYS. IF I SET YOU UP AND YOU FOLLOW THE RULES THAT KING COULD COME ON DAY ONE.

  •      I know Randy was successful at using my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System from the start. Did he ever kill a D.I.E. Buck? I do not know. I know he hunts with my tactics and he loves it. I know I walked up to a king with him and his girlfriend while on a private lesson and I documented that encounter so I would not ever forget it. 
  • Here it is for you to learn by.

  •      Three or four years ago during the Whitetail Deer rut in NorthCentral Wisconsin while on my first Guided-Scout and Guided-Set-Up with the Dominance Is Everything® Deer Hunting System, I (Bob J. Mercier) was able to get two clients and myself within 33 yards of a bedded down king of the herd. 
  • Sounds Crazy I know! But it is true!

  •      First you should know that it is nearly impossible for a human to share space (get within 35 yards of) with a mature deer, unless he or she is invisible to that deer. In my book and at the start of every private lesson I go over the means in which a human has to bathe and dress, and cleanse their clothing prior to going afield, so no deer can see a human, smell a human or hear a human making human sounds. I call it being invisible to deer. After I teach them to be invisible to deer, I teach them to walk-like-a-deer and how to communicate with deer, so the real deer will be persuaded by your actions and reactions to believe you are a deer, or more than one deer at a time.

  •      It is important to me that I teach my clients (those who hire me for private lessons or guided hunts) how deer from the territory of the king behave when they are in their own territory, and how that behavior changes when they leave their home territory and enter the territory of another king of another herd. We are pretending to be deer. On this day there were three of us, and we had to pretend I was a mature doe and they were both fawns of mine. I led them into the deer world as a family group of deer, that is until we see the first sign of deer. Then I read the sign, and inform my clients to the whereabouts of the king of the herd. I have a map in my book in which I pinpoint most of the bedding areas of the deer in every herd (I discovered those facts).

  •      When three people know they are people but no deer are aware of it, it is my job as your mentor, to be sure we tell all deer through our decision making process, our eventual movements, our sign leaving capabilities, and the sounds that we make both voluntary and involuntary, that we are not people, we are in fact real deer. I call it being invisible to deer. Then the deer that sense our presence want to know if we are bucks or does, how old we are, why are we here, and where do we intend to go. They (deer that encounter us), do not care what we will be doing once we get where we are going, that is except when we linger more than 8 minutes in any one place. Then they believe we are looking for a place to bed down. 

  •      We had to tell the herd (all deer we encounter in the 1st king's territory) that we were a family group of a doe and her fawns, so they would not send off vocal alarms throughout the territory of their king.  I have discovered the territory boundaries of kings of whitetail deer herds, and I teach others to know these facts, but they are not written in any books as of today (June 17, 2017). When we entered the woods we were less than 100 yards from the bedded down king, and we were on his upwind side. We were invisible to him as deer and as humans. So we had the advantage. 

  •      When I walk land with clients I train them how to do things the deer way. I only show them one way to deal with a situation, and they have faith that every time they encounter that deer sign they should behave the same way I taught them, and it will work every time to persuade all deer that hear us coming, to believe we are deer. 

  •      The direction the wind comes from and the current weather conditions change sometimes by the minute but the rules deer live by in the Whitetail Deer World do not! 

  •      I can take any deer hunter who has read my book, and is committed to using my tactics as directed, and trust them to be a devout D.I.E. HUNTER. We together can walk within 35 yards of every king in any herd during every daylight period, in less than 3 hours time, if the buck is laying in his bed. He is there two out of every three days unless it has rained for more than two consecutive days. 

  •      If the king is on his hooves I can walk up to him alone, but with clients I prefer to use another method, which I invented in 1998, it's my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System with a D.I.E. Scrape. Using a D.I.E. Scrape makes the king into the hunter and the human into the hunted. The tables turn because you are telling the king that you are not just passing through, instead you wish to stay a while, that you are for sure a buck, and that you might have a hot doe with you. That is a challenge to his dominance, and that will bring the king to your D.I.E. Scrape everyday until he meets a mate, or until you stop coming back to it, and with my D.I.E. System you are planning to come back for as long as it takes up to 4 consecutive days.

  •      Approaching bedded deer is easier than approaching those that are standing up. Bedded bucks and does are not afraid of anything while they are bedded. If they become fearful, they'll stand up.
Long story I know, but there is no better place for me to tell it than here on my blog.

  • Here is what happened the day we walked up to a bedded king in Northern WI.

  • Randy B., a Wisconsin deer hunter with a good amount of successful hunts as a traditional deer hunter bought my D.I.E. Book and read it cover-to-cover. He then called me and requested me to train him, or guide him for the king of the herd, to come to him in daylight. He hired me to provide him with a GUIDED D.I.E. HUNTER SET - UP. At the time, Randy had a girlfriend named Tonya and she accompanied us, although she had not been hunting long before if ever. I was excited to train them together, because I knew Tonya was as prepared as anyone has to be. She washed her body and clothing scent-free and dressed in good camouflage, and was interested in learning what I was going to be teaching Randy, so he invited her along. I often train groups of 2 to 5 deer hunters on the same private property parcel. 

  •      This was going to be an 8 hour day - starting out with going over the D.I.E. Book in their cabin, and then heading to the wild whitetail country - Randy's private property to scout, and set-up a D.I.E. HUNT-for a crammed hunt, where Randy would sit in the stand the very next day. I arrived just before sunrise, and they welcomed me into Randy's cabin. I asked if they read my book, and they replied with: "most of it" Right then and there I decided they needed more classroom training because taking a D.I.E. HUNTER to the woods knowing what to expect is much easier than taking a stranger to my tactics in the woods and trying to teach them all about reading deer sign, making a D.I.E. Scrape, showing them how to pick a tree for a stand, how high and why, and then teaching them how deer choose their travel paths, would be a big waste of time. I needed them to know that we will be invisible to all deer if they understand why, before we get out there.

  •      I trained my newest clients for 5 hours at their kitchen table. I needed them to know what deer sign we were going to see and what it all meant to real deer, before we encountered it.  I want my Private Lesson or Guided Hunt Clients to be part of the training. I am not just showing you deer sign, I am training you how to identify deer sign (the sign of a mature buck, the king, his pecking order, does, fawns of both sexes, and predators including human sign) by viewing it with your own two eyes. I do that so you can train your loved ones and those who learn it will be better deer hunters for the rest of their lives.

  •      I informed Randy and Tonya that our job as D.I.E. HUNTERS is to read dominant buck sign like a deer that has business with the king of the herd. That means we need to think like a doe-in-heat or doe-in-estrus, and as either a challenging intruder buck from another herd, or an unranked buck living inside this king's territory. We (D.I.E. HUNTERS) cannot represent a human or more than one human that has business with the king. In that case the king will flee, and we will be dealing with the same outcome that most deer hunters who have never read my book have to deal with. The fact that humans are the number one threat to the survival of the king of every deer herd. 

  •      The king of the herd knows what humans smell like, look like, and how they behave, so he would leave the area in a flash, if we were to tell him (through our behavior) that his #1 enemy was hunting him. Those who have read my book or whom I have trained are not deer hunters we are D.I.E. HUNTERS. We are invisible humans, and invisible deer. We walk like deer, we are dressed like brush, and we are scent-free. There is nothing more to do than learn how to role-play with deer and I have that covered in the 30 chapters of my book. 

  •      The first step in finding the king is to locate any one of the signs he leaves behind to tell all mature deer where he is, whether he is safe or in danger, and that he is still his herd's king. Knowing that the wind was from the Southwest at the time we were ready to head out to scout for the king, I knew the king would be in the far Northeast corner of his territory,  and we had a 66% chance that he would be there if we were to find the sign in the woods that the king's Northeastern territorial boundary was on Randy's land.   

  •      One easy way to know where you are in a dominant buck’s territory, is to analyze the first buck rub on a tree that you encounter. I know the king owns all trees when he is king, so I teach all D.I.E. HUNTERS to find a rub and know that the king owns it. I shared my formula for reading shredded rubs like-a-deer in my book DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! ©2011 by Bob J. Mercier CLICK HERE TO BUY THE D.I.E. BOOK NOW

  •      Kings of deer herds have habits. Every king of a herd rubs trees in the same places that the last king did. They make rubs inside their own territory,  in order to tell the other deer that live there, how to find him any day or night. 

  • I know how to read every buck rub like-a-deer, so finding a rub was our first task. 

  •      Dominant bucks rub trees 15  to 20 yards inside the outside edge of cover on the downwind side of doe trails that are exiting the cover. That is a fact I discovered. I can stand hundreds of yards away from any woodlot that has deer sign in it, and I can tell a person where the dominant buck will enter the woods and I will be accurate within 15 yards every time. I believe God has allowed me to learn from deer how to process information like they are taught to do.

  •      I stood outside the cabin and pointed at the corner of the nearest woodlot, and I informed told my clients where the king will have an entrance trail into the woods within 30 yards of the corner of the woodlot. I also asked Randy to not tell me ahead of time what is there, if he did know. I led them to that spot, we crossed a plowed field on the way.

  •      We found the trail right away, his tracks were fresh and he was headed into the woods from the field, the same way we had entered. From there I told them to help me by following me at a deer pace, as we do move forward on the king's trail doing what the king does when he is there. It is as simple as choosing to walk like a deer on his trail in the direction he traveled, and at the same pace he moves at. You do not want to spread out and walk next to each other, only young and dumb deer do that, and so do predators. You have to walk single file and space yourselves apart 4 to 7 yards or so. 

  •      We followed the king’s trail into the woods 15 yards to a small buck rub on a sapling that was less than 3/4″ around. I read the sapling rub, using the formula I published on pg. 104 of my book, and I pointed out two possible bedding sites for the king. That shredded rub told me (thinking like a deer) that the king of the herd was bedded in front of me NE or NW of this sapling rub approximately 55 yards away. He would be in lowland (wet ground) or thick brush that would hide his antlers when he was laying on the ground. We looked at both locations from a deer height (33" to 44" off the ground). The two spots were only 75 yards apart so we chose one and went to it walking like a doe (Bob), a fawn (Randy) and a another fawn (Tonya). After going forward about 10 yards I could smell the scent of a buck in the rut, it was the king’s musky gland scent leaving his nearby body, while he laid in his bed within hearing distance, still unknowing to us. 

  •      I said aloud but in a soft voice “the king is near us now”. I lead my clients (Randy and Tonya) another ten yards towards the brushy location, one deer step at a time, using my left hand held near along my left side, below my waist, to provide commands to them with sign language. Back at the cabin, I had instructed them to know what I see, and what they must do, by reading my sign language, so they could react to my actions without me having to turn around to direct them, or without having to say any words, so we do not get busted. We were dressed in camouflage from head to toe, we each carried a compass, a powder bottle and our own snacks. I had a black plastic clipboard, paper and a pen. 

  • I stuffed the clipboard under the outer shell of my jacket before I started circling downwind of the cover we expected the king to be in, so no deer could see it. 

  •     I only moved five more yards, and I had just called to my fawns (Randy and Tonya) to catch up to me, and as I looked ahead into the cover I saw the buck, there he was, in his bed, the king of the herd. As soon as I saw his body position (butt toward us, and belly off to the left, his head was further to the left and his back was away from us, it reassured me that we were at a crosswind but certainly downwind of his body. The wind hits every healthy bedded deer in their back before their belly. It was confirmation enough that he could not get our scent from where we stood. If any of us was sweating, it was not apparent, and it would be impossible for him to sense it from his position upwind of us. 

  •      His head was turned to his left and it appeared as if his nose was pointing right at me. I crouched down immediately, and called Randy and Tonya to my location to join me. I told them "There he is!”  "He is bedded down right there. His butt is towards us, and his spine is to the South, he is looking right at us but he doesn’t see any humans or threats, isn’t this awesome?” The buck was an 8 or 10 pointer with a white colored rack and high pitch-fork-type tines. 

  •      I told Randy that he could go back to the house and get his bow and the buck would still be here when he comes back, and then he could shoot this buck face-to-face while standing on the ground, if he wanted to. The buck had a Pope and Young qualifying rack, and it would be a rare opportunity for him, if he were to do it. Randy replied, "no, it is ok. I saw this buck last night and I did not want him, because I know there are 
  • wider racked bucks on my land." I then told Randy that we could see how wide a king’s rack is based on smooth buck rubs, and I know how to read them so I can guess the inside spread within one inch. I have done it over 600 times in the past 6 years and I have never been wrong. I believe God gives me these skills that no man has ever had before me. 

  •      I was content with the lesson learned but I felt I should prove we are invisible to deer, even when they are staring right at us, if we are wearing full camouflage, and we are not allowing our silhouette to be seen from the point of view of the deer that is watching us. I then said "after we observe this buck for a few minutes, so you can see that he is looking right at us and he does not see any people looking back, then we can move on. I will take you to the signs of the neighboring king and we will see how wide his rack is once we find a smooth rub." Randy was stoked! He was hyper like a kid seeing a big-buck for the first time. I was excited too, and so was Tonya. We went back to staring at the king while he stared back at us. We were 33 yards from the king of the herd and he did not see any humans or any threats. We were downwind and crosswind of the buck, but we came in from upwind of him and he never identified us as a threat by our scent or sounds of our feet. We were talking softly and he was not afraid of us, because we were invisible humans. 

  •      Randy believed me that we were invisible to deer - when he saw the king bedded that close and he witnessed the way I took them to his bed and told them ahead that we have 66% odds that he will be there, in his bed and 100% odds that I can get within 35 yards of him in daylight, and you can too, but you have to believe you are invisible to deer and you must do exactly what I teach, nothing more and nothing less.

  •      Tonya had never been this close to a king before. She kept on asking me: "Why is he just laying there?" Randy answered, “Because we are invisible” "Why doesn’t he leave?" Tonya asked, and Randy answered again “Because he doesn’t see us” Tonya said "How could he not see us?" That's a really good question so I (Bob J. Mercier) replied, “Because deer cannot see depth. I taught you that in your cabin a few hours ago and you said then that you understood it. Now you can see the truth. We are wearing tree limb and leaf camouflage patterns, we are crouched down now and there are tree limbs and leaves all the way around us except between us and the king. We are in tall yellow grass, and he cannot see us, because we (humans) are not here." Randy said “Yes we are not here, just trees and brush are here."  "We are what we wear” That was so true. Then Tonya asked me “How did you know he was here?”

  • I replied "I read the shredded rub like the king who made it." "Those shredded tree rubs are territorial and they tell me where the king of the herd is bedded depending on which way the wind is coming from. I have my own formula which I have only shared with a few dozen people, that takes you from any shredded tree rub to the bed of the king without failure. That is what I did here.”

  •      Tonya then asked “How did you know where he would be?” I answered “The rubbed tree told me”. Then we all laughed under our breath. We had to talk softly with the buck staring at us. We stayed there for 4 minutes talking among ourselves most of the time. Then Tonya asked “How come he does not smell us?” I answered “because the wind is carrying our scent NW of here and he is bedded upwind of us Southeast of us, he can only smell the scent of what the wind carries to him, and of what we emit, and since we are scent-free and not perspiring we are not emitting any human scent.” 

  •      Then the best question I had been asked yet was asked by Randy and Tonya at the same time, they asked “why doesn’t he run away because we are talking?” I am glad they asked that question because up until then I had never told anyone that I knew this to be the fact- "Deer cannot determine a human voice as a threat. They do not know human voices (one from another). They do not fear the voice of a human, they do fear the sound of a human body as it approaches towards their body at ranges closer than 50 feet. If you whisper and do not move towards them while talking or whispering, then they will not fear your voice." 

  •      I believe deer do not know our  human voice is attached to our human body. They often hear human voices and amplified radio noise whenever they are near a roadway, and they are not afraid to go near roadways. Noise doesn’t kill deer only approaching objects do. Those were all good questions for a person who never witnessed these amazing things before. I personally have been as close a 8 feet away from 8 kings of deer herds in my past, and this time it was 33 yards and we stayed there to “SHARE SPACE WITH THE KING” and to bask in the enjoyment we were getting of accomplishing a feat that very few people in our lifetime have ever been able to do. 

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I wrote 30 chapters in the D.I.E. Book for all those who do not know where the king of the herd is in relation to their hunting spot, before they get there, and what would make the king come within 35 yards of you in daylight while you were their intending to take his life. I have the system and it does not fail.