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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Bob J Mercier - Deer Expert is Teaching Guiding Secrets

Thursday, June 14, 2018

FAQs about the D.I.E. System for Deer Hunters

This Blog Post was reviewed and Updated by Bob J Mercier on July 1, 2018
  • What is in the D.I.E. Book? I teach you how to use my deer hunting tactics also known as the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System so you can get close to the biggest-racked bucks in the herd any day of the week, by going on foot, or by sitting in a tree stand and having them come within 35 yards of you. There are 30 Chapters and over 100 Illustrations, including photos and diagrams. I learned from observing over 360 deer in the wild for 6 years, how deer herds work. What all deer sign means to deer, and where the territories of kings start and end. I learned to role-play with deer, so I can get within 15 yards of most deer and I can get within 35 yards or less of any deer in daylight without it running away. Deer do not see what people see, they do not process information the same as humans do, and they do not care about the same issues as humans do. Deer have their own world. You have to understand it and I felt I could teach others to understand it best by writing this book.
  • Where did you get this knowledge? From 1991 to 1996 I studied 6 different deer herds in Southeast Wisconsin. The deer could not be legally hunted but they were not tame. I discovered that the king of each herd owned land. Each herd had one king, he was #1 in a pecking order, there were unranked bucks living inside the territory, also a group of does and fawns and there were yearling bucks that did not hold rank. I learned that yearling bucks do not hold rank. Rank is the order in which bucks have a right to breed inside their king's territory.  Each king had his own territory and the king behaved differently based on the conditions he was facing at the time. I learned from kings of herds how to think like them. They keep all other deer safe. Now I can convince any animal that I am not human, but I am a deer, and so can you. I followed the deer around 6-7 days a week for 3-7 hours a day for 16 months through two ruts. I then spent most of my time filming and getting as close on foot as I could to 8  point bucks and bigger in daylight. 
  • Is the meaning of buck rubs really so important? Yes, Absolutely. They are street signs and mailboxes to deer. You will soon realize that knowing what the DEER RULES are (by reading buck rubs like a deer), makes you a more knowledgeable hunter. Your hunts become more fun, because reading buck rubs allows you to role-play with the king and his herd. I learned there are 9 types of dominant buck rubs. I know what each one tells the deer that read it. I teach you to read rubs in my book.  No one else has ever written or taught the meaning of rubs and been accurate before. 
  • Are you still teaching? Yes, but only by request. THE NEXT SEMINAR IS FOR DEER HUNTERS EVERYWHERE WHO WISH TO SEE THE BEST BUCK COME CLOSE IN 1 DAYLIGHT PERIOD WHERE THEY HUNT DEER. SEMINAR IS SUNDAY July 22, 2018 in Pewaukee WI from NOON to 4 PM and cost is $60 per person. No book necessary. Click here for ticket reservation information.
  • How well do those who you teach do, during their first hunts? Very well indeed. I taught more than 2,000 people in classrooms between 2010 and 2017. Most of them have hunted with D.I.E. since then, and had success. I have heard from over 500 people who I had taught - with the book, in seminars, and in private lessons who have a success story of shooting the biggest or second-biggest racked buck of their lives on their first D.I.E. HUNT. It makes me proud that I wrote this book. I love hearing the success stories. 
  • Is the D.I.E. Book a handbook? Yes, I feel it is the best tool any deer hunter can have, other than their health and the ability to fatally kill what they shoot. I have seen 99% success from all first-time users who have followed the rules. I help you understand where the deer are, how to make the biggest bucks and mature does frequent your stand site, and how to move towards mature deer in daylight by moving like a deer from another herd would move, instead of moving like a human or a predator which deer can identify may be a threat to their lives. My book is awesome because I teach you how to read all 9 different types of dominant buck rubs. I tell you what they mean, and I teach you why the king made the rub right there.
  • In a nutshell please tell me what I will learn by reading your book? I show you how to identify the king of the deer herd by his hoof prints, his rubs, and his bedding choices. I also teach you how he behaves - which is different than all other deer. You learn many of the deer rules, and how to walk among deer unnoticed in daylight. You will learn how every deer herd is set up and how kings become kings, where they bed in relation to other deer, and how to know where you are inside the territory of kings when you are looking at many different types of deer sign. As a matter of fact I teach you how to leave buck sign and how to role-play with the king of the herd so he believes you are a big-racked buck that has come to his territory to breed. You do not check in with the pecking order so they come to look for you. When they cannot find you they send their king. He waits night and day for you, and at times he leaves, but he will always come in within 35 yards of you. He does this at least one time in daylight while you are there, when you follow the rules. If you are not patient, then use a decoy or learn to call him in. I use my mouth to talk to deer, by making deer sounds. You can learn from me or maybe you already have some of those skills.  I took this book to a new level when I included the D.I.E. Scrape System - with it you have the power to pull bucks from up to 5 miles away that are seeking mates. We have proof from D.I.E. Book Owners who can prove the buck they shot came over 3 miles in one night to get shot by an invisible deer (a book owner) who was sitting within 35 yards of a D.I.E. Scrape. There is no easier way to fill a buck tag than with my tactics. Ask anyone who has hunted with my tactics and they will tell you so. 
  • Why did you name your book DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck!? Because traditional deer hunters are all about themselves. They are all about their time off, their weapon, their stands, their trail cameras, their photos, videos, and their ability to brag about what they think they are going to see, but in the end rarely see while hunting. Deer hunting is not about the deer hunter. Deer Hunting is about the DEER. The buck or doe that a deer hunter wishes to fill his/her tag with that day. Where that buck or doe is when you get to the land you can hunt, and what will ever make that buck or doe wish to move to within 35 yards of you (a human) in daylight? I do not think that more than 1% of deer hunters know that. I know it, because I learned it from deer. Deer do not care about humans, they exist to meet another deer each day, not to walk within view of a human. I teach deer hunters that everything revolves around the safety of the herd, and the wind tells deer where to bed, but so does the king. The king runs the herd, and keeps them safe. I studied dominant bucks for 6 years to learn to think like them. They only wish for one thing...to survive the moment. Every moment! When a buck reaches the highest rank he is king. He owns the land we walk on. He marks it with rubs to tell all deer where his beds are, and with my formulas a human can think like a deer and analyze any buck rub to find the king's nearest bedding locations. The wind tells me which bed he will be using each day. I have formulas that take me to the live king two of every three consecutive days of the year. You can learn from me, but before we begin you must know that nothing is more important to a Whitetail King than being the most dominant. It gives him the earned right to breed. No other pecking order bucks have that. They must fight to earn that right. Deer Hunting for mature bucks is much easier when you do not tell deer you are a human and instead you call to their king using deer signs like rubs and scrapes, and you become invisible to deer using my tactics, and you wait patiently for the king to show up to DOMINATE and keep the right to breed inside his own territory. It is Awesome! I love teaching all of this to deer hunters across the world. READ MY BOOK AND BECOME A BELIEVER!
  • What is the D.I.E. System?  It is a set of tactics that Bob Mercier uses, that he learned from observing deer behavior, that when used as directed, provides humans with the ability to get close to the biggest-racked bucks in any deer herd. You are taught by me to be an invisible deer. To move to your tree stand but to never tell deer you are a human going to a tree stand, instead by changes in your behavior deer assume you are a buck or a doe, that is moving through their herd territory from one side to another. They do not know your intentions until your feet leave the ground as you climb up your tree stand. Deer assume that you are either bedding down or walking away from there. They send a representative to your stand site, because of the D.I.E. Scrape being there. They look for a deer, when they cannot find one, they go away and tell the pecking order bucks that they need a buck to investigate the whereabouts of your body (as a deer). Then the fun begins. If the king is without a mate he will be quick to show up. If he has a mate it may take one more day for you to meet him. You never know for sure when he will come, but if you are patient you will see that the king always comes within 35 yards of a D.I.E. HUNTER'S Tree Stand while we are there waiting for him. DO NOT QUIT BEFORE HE ARRIVES, or it is a HUMAN ERROR. THERE IS NO HUMAN ON A D.I.E. HUNT! Just a note here - You do not need to use the D.I.E. Scrape to be hunted by kings. You can do every thing but make a D.I.E. Scrape and the king will still search you out. Being a D.I.E. HUNTER is easy. You just use one or more of my tactics and you see that breeder bucks and mature does come in close every day no matter where you hunt deer. You choose your set up location according to the instructions in my book. Do not go to fawns, You know better once you read my book.
  • What is the D.I.E. Scrape? A mock-scrape that I (Bob J Mercier) invented (deer do not make scrapes like it), that makes the king of any deer herd, aware of the facts that a monster-racked buck from another herd, and a doe in heat are frequenting his territory with intentions to mate while they are there. The D.I.E. Scrape is unique, and it has power to draw all breeder bucks that come in contact with the scent of it, from over 500 yards away in all directions, in just a few hours, and a few miles away after it has been there for more than one day.
  • Why do I need a D.I.E. Scrape? D.I.E. HUNTERS do not need a D.I.E. Scrape to succeed at getting close to the king in the rut, but by using it, you can be sure that the king of the herd will come within 35 yards of you while you are there. If you want the biggest racked buck then you want to use the D.I.E. Scrape. All the options are in the book. 
  • When using the D.I.E. System 100% as directed what do I get to see? So far, since I invented it in October 1991, everyone who hunted using the D.I.E. Scrape and a portable tree stand, or a permanent stand that no deer ever busted a human out of, has seen the most dominant buck in the area at the time. Each buck that approaches within 35 yards of a D.I.E. System User (a.k.a. D.I.E. HUNTER) is the most dominant buck in the area at that moment in time. It does not mean he is the king of the deer herd. It may be the case that the king is away and a challenging intruder from another herd is coming in. You will know by his behavior if he is king. 
  • What makes the deer come within 35 yards of a D.I.E. Scrape System User? The fact that the D.I.E. HUNTER is not seen, smelled or heard by any deer, as being a human. The fact that you are invisible to deer, and the fact that kings of deer herds compete with bucks from other herds, and un-ranked monster bucks for the right to breed does in estrus even when they are inside his territory. The king has to come in to leave his sign so all deer know he owns the land you walk on. 
  • Why did you write a book instead of making videos? The D.I.E. Book was written so every person regardless of age or ability to see bucks while hunting, could see a deer herd from the perspective of the deer, instead of the perspective of the deer hunter. Each deer in a herd has a clear understanding of the rules that the king of the herd sets for all deer to follow. I spent thousands of hours and nearly a three decades now studying deer and learning the deer rules. Dominant bucks have to go within 35 yards of their own breeding scrapes (on the downwind side) to defend them from challenging bucks. When a buck walks, trots, or gallops within 35 yards of a breeding scrape he is saying to other bucks, "I am not afraid of you, I am here to find a mate (if the rut is on) and if you want me to leave then come over here and make me leave." Mature Bucks dominate over one another. It is a fact. Dominance Is Everything...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! is a fact too.
  • What is Bob J. Mercier famous for? Bob Mercier discovered the truth of what all deer sign means. Bob learned from deer what they think. He teaches people how to be invisible to deer. How to walk among deer in daylight, and how to use his tactics to find the king of any deer herd by reading the sign he leaves behind. Bob discovered that deer herds are the same all across the continent. They all have 3 core doe bedding areas (Bob discovered that fact) . Bob knows thousands of facts about deer that no one else is aware of as being facts. Bob defines every aspect of the behavior of deer so anyone can see where a deer was coming from and where it was going just by analyzing the sign it left behind, or by actually viewing a live moving deer. In this book he explained the basics of what every person who hunts big bucks should know before going afield in search of monster-racked bucks.I teach readers how to walk-like-a-deer so you can get as close as a few feet away from any deer in daylight. I am not quite famous yet, but with your testimonials maybe someday I will be. 
  • What is the 'Whitetail DEER WORLD"? The world whitetail deer live in, seen from the perspective of whitetail deer. People do not exist in the "DEER WORLD". In the deer world there are deer, trees, vegetation, the ground, sky, water, birds, reptiles, and four legged predators. There are not any two legged predators (humans). When a human enters the "DEER WORLD" Bob thinks that human should keep his or her humanity a secret from deer. Traditional deer hunters walk like humans, and try to stay downwind of deer. By your actions you tell deer that you are not a deer. In reality, in the deer world, all deer perceive a human as being a deer until our actions tell them different. I teach you how to behave as one of the smartest deer in the area, and for that reason real deer that hear you moving believe you are a deer from another herd, and they allow you to enter their territory to see what you will do next. I teach you how deer behave in their world so every action you make tells the real deer a story. They know how one another moves, and how long they will stay in one place. I know that too. I teach you to pretend you are a deer, but to never dress like one, and never to put any deer scent on your body or clothing. You should be 99% scent-free. I teach you how in my book.
  • What other things did Bob J. Mercier discover about deer and their sign? Bob is the first person to ever be able to read any bit of deer sign (a track, feces, a bed, browse, a trail, a buck rub, a water source, a congregation zone, a breeding zone) and see the whole deer herd in his mind. It is unbelievable until you see him do it. The second he sees any type of sign (no matter where it is) Bob shows you the entire deer herd (doe bedding areas, buck bedding areas, location of breeding scrapes, congregation zones, and territorial boundaries between kings) by drawing what he knows are the facts, on paper. So far Bob has done this over 300 times in the past 8 years in front of people he never met before, and he has never been wrong. NEVER. (Invite Bob on TV with your deer hunting show and he will do it live for broadcast television)
  • Attention Customers: Do you have any questions for Bob? If so please email them to Bob at mindfulofnaturellc@gmail.com Put FAQS in the subject line. Bob will review your questions and post the answer here.