Thursday, October 13, 2016


Book Owners,

Hello and what an awesome adventure you are going to have this season.

I am stoked about all the new sign I have been seeing in the woods.

I have heard from dozens of past customers who are planning for their next D.I.E. HUNT as if it was the night before Christmas. They never quite get over the memories of their first encounter with the king of the herd, and they love to call me to hash through all the set up details.

I have to remind them that they know what to do. Keep the human out of the hunt. Forget you are a human, and go in there as an invisible pair of deer. Never telling any deer whether the buck or the doe is leading, where they are going, and how soon they will get there, but certainly leaving a scent-trail, a sound-trail and allowing them to view your motion as you make your way to your stand site.

At least 1 in every 10 of you will see the king on the first day and he will come in during the first hour that you are in the stand. Testimonials I have gotten since I went public with this in 2010 show that is a fact.

Of 30 people that I have personally trained, 28 on average will meet a mature buck worthy of tagging, in less than two full days of hunting with a D.I.E. Scrape. Of those 28 D.I.E. HUNTERS, 5-10 of them will kill the first buck they see, and he will be king over 50 percent of the time. Of those 5 to 10 successful D.I.E. Hunters who harvest a D.I.E. BUCK, every one of them will tell me it was either the biggest or second-biggest racked buck they ever saw at close range in their life as a deer hunter. Of those 5-10 people at least 3 of them will account that the king was the buck that came in and that he was approaching their body location as soon as 8 minutes after their feet left the ground, or within the first hour they were in their stand. They will all tell me that the buck came within 35 yards, unless they shot him farther away than that, and another fact is that the king's rack will be perfect over 99% of the time. That means no-broken-antlers.

Well people, as you can see this sounds too good to be true, but I have proven to thousands of American Deer Hunters that these are the facts. We are those who are hunted by kings!

We do not hunt deer. The king of the herd hunts us!

We see only one buck on over 80% of our D.I.E. HUNTS and testimonials show he comes in quick when you set up where I taught you to in my book. Those who choose less than perfect sites to set up will fail some of the time. A dominant buck will not go where a human wants him to go, if he knows you are a human. I teach you to hunt where he is going or upwind and crosswind of his bed. We know he will come to find the invisible buck and doe that we tell him we are. He will come in to defend his right to breed under your tree stand, because DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck!

Very fitting it was for me to title my book this way, but for you who do not know what I am talking about. Buy my book and stop hoping for a shooter to come along. THE KING WILL HUNT YOU IF YOU PULL YOUR CAMERAS AND HUNT WITH DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING!

Visit my website to BUY MY COVETED BOOK for $38.40 per copy. You will have it in less than a week, and you too can be hunted by kings!

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God Bless You All,

Bob J. Mercier

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

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Thank You.

Bob J. Mercier 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Have a Sunday Free in March or April 2016? Book a Private Lesson with Bob J. Mercier

Bob is offering Private Lessons for anyone who wants to learn how to scout for the hunt of a lifetime on their own choice of hunting property in WI or Eastern MN and Northeastern IA, during the months of March and April 2016.

Bob's current schedule only allows him to work for you on Sundays currently. As of 3/11/16

Click on this link to get the details of what the cost is and how you go about hiring Bob, or call Bob anytime at (262)719-2743

Current Prices are Greatly Reduced from last year's pricing.

No matter how much you know about deer and deer hunting, there is much more that Bob can teach you, if you are willing to learn. We only live once so do not delay in hiring Bob to walk your land with you. He is 48 years old and in good health, but we never know what tomorrow will bring. God Bless all D.I.E. HUNTERS.

Bob J. Mercier