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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shane Renard #8 and Daryl Burczyk #9 become Top-Ten D.I.E. Hunters

It is amazing how many D.I.E. Hunters there are now, and how successful they are on their first hunts. I have been busy shipping books for two weeks now and over 400 are in the hands of their owners. Two new D.I.E. hunters successfully harvested dominant bucks this week with D.I.E. and they became the #8 and #9 D.I.E. hunters to join the D.I.E. Hunter's Pecking Order.


Shane Renard of Green Bay Wisconsin
 Shot this dominant 11-pointer at 27 yards with his bow on 
Day 1 of his first D.I.E. hunt in 2011
He is #8 in the world to successfully harvest a buck with D.I.E.!

Here is Shane Renard's testimonial for his first hunt with D.I.E. in the 2011 WI archery season.
I was referred to the D.I.E. system by my friend who has attended earlier in the year. I attended a D.I.E. seminar in the summer 2010. I had no idea what to expect in the earlier stages of this seminar, but was open minded. I purchase the D.I.E. book and began reading.

I selected late November to try Bob's D.I.E. system out. I was very eager and positive in my efforts to have the D.I.E. system in my bag of tricks to harvesting a monster buck. I used this D.I.E. system to the exact "T" and had no doubt in my mind that I was going to see a brute. 

After the set up, much to my surprise this guy pushes a doe into my set up on Day #1 and he beds in front of me for 1.5 hours, patiently waiting for the right opportunity to capitalize with my new found tool. 

I am Shane Renard, and I'm #8 in the world to successfully use the D.I.E. system. 11Pt. 223lbs dressed. Harvested on Nov. 2nd, 2011; 5.5" thickness on the main beams. 15" inside spread.


Daryl Burczyk of Oxford Wisconsin
Shot this monster 10-pointer with his bow while on his first D.I.E. archery hunt in WI in 2011
He is #9 in the world to successfully harvest a D.I.E. BUCK

Both of these men used my system as directed and to their credit, the buck that they harvested was indeed the most dominant in the area. Not all D.I.E. bucks are the most dominant, but they are all mature. In order for the first buck that comes in to always be the most dominant, the D.I.E. hunter has to hunt with my system without altering it in any way. If the system is altered for any reason, the dominant buck will hold back, and non-dominant breeder bucks from other herds, and bucks out of the pecking order (such as intruder breeder bucks, monster bucks, and swamp bucks) will come in. If you see yearling bucks and does near your stand you are hunting to close to a core doe bedding area. Move away from there to succeed in meeting the king of the herd, and his competitors!

Purchase a copy of my book to learn my system. It is going to change the way you decide to deer hunt in your future. Whether you are a big buck hunter or not, you can learn what makes deer tick, just by reading my 416 page book. Chapter 21 is the Rundown, it details how to use the D.I.E. system in a nutshell for those of you who do not like to read long books. I can tell you I have heard nothing but good things from the people who are reading it. They love it! I am very proud to be the one to teach the world how deer think!

You can succeed with Dominance Is Everything anytime deer are mating. Here in Wisconsin, you can succeed in both gun and late bow seasons, every day that you can legally hunt to the end of the season. Why not purchase a copy of my book, come to a seminar, or hire me for a 1 on 1, so you can join the ranks of the D.I.E. Hunter's Pecking Order!

My book is written so all ages can read it and understand it. It is not about going deer hunting, it is about having deer hunt you! I am an expert at it. D.I.E. hunters see the deer herd from the deer's perspective!  Seeing the king of deer is what D.I.E. is all about, what you do once he is within 35 yards is up to you. I do not judge D.I.E. users on whether they kill the buck or not. I only want them to see him, and if they do what I teach them to do, then they surely will see him. That is what hunting with my system is all about.

Pick one up as a Christmas gift for someone you know will appreciate being hunted by kings!

Books ship within 5 business days of receipt of your payment (while they are in stock). Currently I have 2000 books in stock. Order today by calling toll free: 877-788-4621 Bob J. Mercier

This week on Outdoors Radio: Focus on Wisconsin whitetails : The Outdoor Wire

This week on Outdoors Radio: Focus on Wisconsin whitetails : The Outdoor Wire