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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Now there are 3 Arkansas D.I.E. hunters!


I held a personal seminar for three Arkansas hunters last night and now I have personally taught 353 hunters to hunt with Dominance Is Everything.

Bob J. Mercier

I am currently in Hot Springs Arkansas on a mission to teach the world to understand deer and to hunt with D.I.E.!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Steven Van Boxtel joins the D.I.E. Hunter's Pecking Order at #10

Congratulations to...

Steven Van Boxtel (of Seymour Wisconsin)

#10 in the world to succeed with D.I.E.!

Steven shot two 8-pointers from the same stand 

Steven was hunting in Upper Michigan in bow season on November 14th 2011 with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING. It was his first day in the stand and a mature 8-pointer showed up mid-day. Steven isn't sure if the buck was the most dominant or if he was an intruder buck but he had a nice rack and Steven decided to take him. He arrowed the 140-class 8-point buck at less than 15 yards. The buck has a 19" inside spread.

But that is not all...

Steven kept hunting his stand site with the same set up because deer season was still open and he had a gun deer tag that was good starting on Day 2 of his hunt. On Day 1 he was bow hunting with D.I.E. and on Day 2 he was gun hunting with D.I.E.

Two days after taking his first D.I.E. buck (Nov 16 2011) the Michigan gun deer season was open and Steven shot a second 8-pointer from the same stand during the same set up. He hunted three straight days and was successful at taking two D.I.E. BUCKS! Congratulations go out to Steven for a job well done!

He has earned the rank of #10 in the world with D.I.E. and he is now a member of the D.I.E. hunter's pecking order.

I will keep records on the first 20 hunters in each state where whitetail hunting is legal, and also in Canada. In Wisconsin I may keep records on more than 100. I am using the first 50-100 D.I.E. hunter testimonials in my next book titled "DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING... The Big Picture on Public Land!" That book will not be advertised for sale until it has been published. No more waiting lists folks.

Please call your D.I.E. hunt results in when you get a buck with D.I.E. so your accomplishment can be acknowledged! You are a D.I.E. hunter when you use the system as directed and a mature buck comes within 35 yards of you while you are on a D.I.E. hunt. I am looking for testimonials that my system works and that it worked for you the first time you used it as directed. Whether you got the buck or not isn't important to me. The fact that you saw him is!

Steven Van Boxtel is the second D.I.E. hunter to shoot a buck with a gun and a bow in the same season, and he is the first hunter to harvest a Michigan buck with D.I.E.! He also is the first to kill two bucks on one set up, and the third person to shoot one or more bucks from a permanent stand made out of plywood. I have yet to do that!

He used D.I.E. as directed! His testimonial will be here in a few days, and I will post it with the rest of the D.I.E. hunters testimonials when it arrives.

He also learned something he has shared with me and I am able to share with you. He stated a mature buck showed up within 35 yards of his stand on each of the first three days, but on Day 2 he didn't have a clean shot at the buck. The D.I.E. system is a magnet for breeding bucks and any buck that is willing to fight the herd's most dominant buck for the right to breed will show up on a D.I.E. hunt!

Congratulations to all the D.I.E. hunters who used the system this season. Whether you set it up right or not, you made an effort, and you will learn by any mistakes you make.

I got busted by a monster swamp buck on Day 1 and Day 2 of my WI gun hunt this year. I am only human, and I make mistakes. D.I.E. is not human, and it has never failed to this day.

Read the book and learn from your mistakes. You will become a successful D.I.E. hunter if you follow my instructions to a tee. Good Hunting to all of you. Stay Safe and enjoy nature. I will post more testimonials when they come in. The rut is on until January 8th for sure in WI, MI, and MN so why not buy a book and get out there to be hunted by kings?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shane Renard #8 and Daryl Burczyk #9 become Top-Ten D.I.E. Hunters

It is amazing how many D.I.E. Hunters there are now, and how successful they are on their first hunts. I have been busy shipping books for two weeks now and over 400 are in the hands of their owners. Two new D.I.E. hunters successfully harvested dominant bucks this week with D.I.E. and they became the #8 and #9 D.I.E. hunters to join the D.I.E. Hunter's Pecking Order.


Shane Renard of Green Bay Wisconsin
 Shot this dominant 11-pointer at 27 yards with his bow on 
Day 1 of his first D.I.E. hunt in 2011
He is #8 in the world to successfully harvest a buck with D.I.E.!

Here is Shane Renard's testimonial for his first hunt with D.I.E. in the 2011 WI archery season.
I was referred to the D.I.E. system by my friend who has attended earlier in the year. I attended a D.I.E. seminar in the summer 2010. I had no idea what to expect in the earlier stages of this seminar, but was open minded. I purchase the D.I.E. book and began reading.

I selected late November to try Bob's D.I.E. system out. I was very eager and positive in my efforts to have the D.I.E. system in my bag of tricks to harvesting a monster buck. I used this D.I.E. system to the exact "T" and had no doubt in my mind that I was going to see a brute. 

After the set up, much to my surprise this guy pushes a doe into my set up on Day #1 and he beds in front of me for 1.5 hours, patiently waiting for the right opportunity to capitalize with my new found tool. 

I am Shane Renard, and I'm #8 in the world to successfully use the D.I.E. system. 11Pt. 223lbs dressed. Harvested on Nov. 2nd, 2011; 5.5" thickness on the main beams. 15" inside spread.


Daryl Burczyk of Oxford Wisconsin
Shot this monster 10-pointer with his bow while on his first D.I.E. archery hunt in WI in 2011
He is #9 in the world to successfully harvest a D.I.E. BUCK

Both of these men used my system as directed and to their credit, the buck that they harvested was indeed the most dominant in the area. Not all D.I.E. bucks are the most dominant, but they are all mature. In order for the first buck that comes in to always be the most dominant, the D.I.E. hunter has to hunt with my system without altering it in any way. If the system is altered for any reason, the dominant buck will hold back, and non-dominant breeder bucks from other herds, and bucks out of the pecking order (such as intruder breeder bucks, monster bucks, and swamp bucks) will come in. If you see yearling bucks and does near your stand you are hunting to close to a core doe bedding area. Move away from there to succeed in meeting the king of the herd, and his competitors!

Purchase a copy of my book to learn my system. It is going to change the way you decide to deer hunt in your future. Whether you are a big buck hunter or not, you can learn what makes deer tick, just by reading my 416 page book. Chapter 21 is the Rundown, it details how to use the D.I.E. system in a nutshell for those of you who do not like to read long books. I can tell you I have heard nothing but good things from the people who are reading it. They love it! I am very proud to be the one to teach the world how deer think!

You can succeed with Dominance Is Everything anytime deer are mating. Here in Wisconsin, you can succeed in both gun and late bow seasons, every day that you can legally hunt to the end of the season. Why not purchase a copy of my book, come to a seminar, or hire me for a 1 on 1, so you can join the ranks of the D.I.E. Hunter's Pecking Order!

My book is written so all ages can read it and understand it. It is not about going deer hunting, it is about having deer hunt you! I am an expert at it. D.I.E. hunters see the deer herd from the deer's perspective!  Seeing the king of deer is what D.I.E. is all about, what you do once he is within 35 yards is up to you. I do not judge D.I.E. users on whether they kill the buck or not. I only want them to see him, and if they do what I teach them to do, then they surely will see him. That is what hunting with my system is all about.

Pick one up as a Christmas gift for someone you know will appreciate being hunted by kings!

Books ship within 5 business days of receipt of your payment (while they are in stock). Currently I have 2000 books in stock. Order today by calling toll free: 877-788-4621 Bob J. Mercier

This week on Outdoors Radio: Focus on Wisconsin whitetails : The Outdoor Wire

This week on Outdoors Radio: Focus on Wisconsin whitetails : The Outdoor Wire

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hey Everybody!

The wait is over! Books are in stock now!
I got home last night after a long 10 hour trip up to Ashland from Dubuque Iowa with 2800 copies of my book. These books are beautiful.

Call me when you get a buck with my system so I can rank you among the top D.I.E. hunters in the world. There are at least 7 people I know of who have set the system up already and who will see the king of the herd on their 4 day hunt. Check back here to see pictures of the kings and the intruder bucks that fall to D.I.E. hunters this rut!

Hunt safe and remember. Never walk like a deer in the dark. It is not safe. D.I.E. hunters only hunt in daylight.

Please allow 3-5 days for your new order to be responded to. I am a one man company. I will move the books out as soon as I can. I am the exclusive retail store for the books at this time.

Thanks, Bob

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thank you to Composure Graphics and Quad/Graphics!

I am proud to announce that my first book "DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING... To A Monster Whitetail Buck!" is being run on the presses next week in Dubuque Iowa at Quad/Graphics. Thanks to Composure Graphics of Nashotah Wisconsin for completing the layout and design on time as contracted. Hooray! The books are almost done!

Thank you Book Buyers

Thank you to all 700 book buyers who waited for the book to be published and to the newest 30 book buyers who just placed an order and are willing to wait for it. I appreciate your interest in being hunted by kings with D.I.E. (DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING) system.

Friday, September 30, 2011

I saw a grey wolf tonight in Ino Wisconsin

My wife Michele and I were driving around looking at deer in Ino Wisconsin and we noticed a wolf on a hay field. It was 7:12 p.m. The wolf was at least 100 pounds in our estimation and he was black and grey and had some brown on his shoulders. He stood broadside at 80 yards and then loped towards the woods. He/she was on the field for 3 minutes before feeling uneasy about us watching him/her. It was amazing for us to see that sight. I have seen 4 wolves in the wild in Wisconsin in my travels and all of them have been viewed through a car window. Michele had never seen one in the wild before. I was glad to see the wolf. We think we disrupted his dinner plans a bit.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Golden Eagles in northern Wisconsin... also Mountain Lions!

This is a report I am starting today about the wonders of nature that I get to experience as an admirer of nature's beauty. I travel 2000 or more miles a week now to and from my teaching jobs, and I drive the whole way. I have seen some really cool animals and birds in the last week while on the road, and also while afield with D.I.E. hunters in the woods, on fields and on the edges of swampy areas.

I saw a Golden Eagle for the first time~

Last week Michele (my wife) and I were traveling West on HWY 70 between Woodruff WI and Fifield WI and we saw a Golden Eagle standing on top of a whitetail deer carcass in the ditch.
The eagle was entirely one shade of light brown and his beak was black.

I had never seen one before, so I called my brother Jerry Mercier (he's a professional outdoor photographer) and asked him if Golden Eagles are in Wisconsin. Jerry googled Golden Eagles and read the details to me over the phone while we continued on our trip to Ashland Wisconsin where we now reside. Jerry told me that over 100 Golden Eagles fly through Wisconsin from December through March, and although few people know they are here, the ones that do get to see them feel lucky. I felt blessed.

Jerry Mercier has over 30,000 photographs of wild animals & scenery
Photos he personally shot in the Northwestern and Central United States
Jerry sells his photos for publication and use in articles, calendars, and greeting cards.

You can see many of Jerry Mercier's photos online at:  http://www.pbase.com/jmercier

Photo buyers or editors interested in licensing the use of any of Jerry’s images should email him at: mail2jerrym@gmail.com
Please let Jerry know you found out about him from Bob's blog.

I saw another Golden Eagle today~
Today I was coming home from a two-on-one private D.I.E. seminar in Calumet County Wisconsin, and I was on HWY 51 (3.5 miles South of Mercer Wisconsin) when I saw another Golden Eagle. It launched itself off a dead deer carcass and soared over my SUV. I had the moon-roof open because it was 67-degrees and the eagle was just 20 feet above my vehicle. It was great! Two Golden Eagles over 100 miles apart in less than a week. WOW!

I feel like God is watching over me when I am on the road. I say a prayer for my safety on my road trips and for the safety of my clients as we spend the day together enjoying all the splendor that God created. I ask God to show me some animals along my way, and allow me to share the same space with them. I am truly blessed to see the things I see while I live my life in the wild with nature.

Last week I was on my way back from Milwaukee, and I was on HWY 13 North of Park Falls Wisconsin when I thought I saw a Bobcat and one kit on the road in front of my car. They were in my headlights for 20 seconds or so and when I got 40 yards from them the kit disappeared in the tall grass with it's parent.

I am hoping to see a mountain lion and a wolf on a trip but so far I have not seen either one of them. Mountain lions frequent Wisconsin and no matter what the DNR says about sitings, I know they are here. I personally video taped the tracks of a mountain lion in the snow in Iron River Wisconsin some years back. I have the video yet. The tracks were more than 3 feet apart and the cat was walking. Every 6 steps or so the cat dragged its tail in the snow behind its tracks. I stood between its front and back foot print (which was bigger than my clenched fist), and I was wearing snow shoes that were 36 inches long. No bobcat can make those tracks. I used to trap animals and I know tracks. I never saw those before, but I researched them and verified they were made by a mountain lion. My father Dick Mercier and my friend Tom Earle were there with me to witness it. What a rare find! I will never forget that day because I asked my Dad, if he was afraid of mountain lions, and he gave me an answer I never expected him to come up with.

I said "Dad aren't you afraid that this cat that made these tracks is within a few hundred yards of us right now? The mountain lion is bigger than either of us and Tom too. That cat is probably hungry and that is why it is trailing deer in this area." We do not have a weapon to defend ourselves if the cat comes after us, so what should we do if we see the cat coming at us? Dad said "Son, I don't think a mountain lion would attack us, they are afraid of people, but I suppose anything is possible." We do not intend to track the cat, because we are not armed and we do not want any trouble. We should probably just stick together and stay vocal while we are in the area. So we did. We talked as we walked (we were searching for shed antlers in deep snow where deer were yarded up). Then Dad said something like this. Bob, if you see the cat let me know and I will meet you at the car! I stopped trailing my dad in my snowshoes and I asked him to stop and explain himself I wasn't sure I had heard him correctly. He was leading Tom and I into some tag alders at the time. He stopped and said "If I see the cat I will be running to the car!" I said "Dad you couldn't outrun a mountain lion!" He replied, by turning around and looking at me, he said "Son I don't have to outrun him, I only have to outrun you!" Tom Earle busted out laughing and he and Dad had great fun looking at me and ribbing me about the poor shape I was in. I weighed more than both of those guys and it was obvious if we were being chased by a big cat I would be the one to get caught first!

What a memory! I laugh when I tell the story, because it was funny, but dad was right. All a person has to do is be faster than his friends and he will be ok. LOL (laughing out loud)

All the walking I am doing now is sure to shed some pounds from my body. I look forward to the next time I encounter mountain lion tracks, and I hope I get to see the lion when I do.

That is all for now

Thanks to Dan Small (Journalist, Radio Show Host, and TV show Host) D.I.E. is featured in October 2011 WISCONSIN SPORSTMAN MAGAZINE!


I am proud to announce that I am featured in Wisconsin Sportsman magazine (the October 2011 Issue). The magazine is on magazine stand shelves now. Gas stations carry it too. It sells for $3.99 per copy.

Pick up a copy and read about my Dominance Is Everything system in detail, as it is viewed by a customer that already attended a D.I.E. seminar. I taught Dan Small how to hunt with my D.I.E. system on April 16th 2011 and he wrote this article about the system and the way D.I.E. hunters are hunting with it. He will be using it this year (to the best of my knowledge). Feel free to give me feedback on my facebook: Bob J. Mercier. Just go to http://www.facebook.com/ and put my name in the search bar.

D.I.E. has never failed to bring the most dominant buck in the herd within 35 yards of its user, granted the user used it as directed. The buck comes within 35 yards of you when you are in your stand during the rut, on a 1 to 4 consecutive day hunt from one tree stand location. Buy the book to learn to hunt with D.I.E., and attend a seminar to learn it from me directly. I also offer private consultation to the proper use of D.I.E, and I teach you to walk like a deer, talk like a deer, and read sign like a deer. I will show you what your herd is doing and why they do it, so you understand their movements throughout your hunting parcel. Call me to make an appointment 262-719-2743

I still have dates available to teach whitetail deer hunters and deer enthusiasts how to get close to the king of deer during the rut. I teach traditional hunters to become D.I.E. hunters in 4 to 6 hours in seminars across the state of Wisconsin. In October 2011 (when I have my book in my hand, I will start a USA tour, so people across the nation can learn to hunt with D.I.E. too.

On behalf of myself (Bob J. Mercier), my wife Michele L. Mercier, and the people who have assisted me in getting my book published, I wish to thank you for being patient while you wait for the completion of my first ever book "DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING... To A Monster Whitetail Buck!"

It will not be long now!
Thanks for reading my blog.

Keep him guessing with D.I.E.!

Monday, September 12, 2011

10-pt. with a 20" spread approached us on a One-On-One

I was teaching a veteran deer hunter on a Private Lesson yesterday in central Wisconsin. I was showing my client how to see the structure of the deer herd(s) that use his property. We were in a place that was in the middle of his land and we had stopped to look for a tree stand location and a place to set the D.I.E. system up, when my client knelt down and pointed downwind of us to a food plot he had. He said a dandy buck was entering it headed our way. I teach folk to behave like deer do, so real deer do not know you are there. That was the case here. It was a 10-pointer out of velvet with a 20" inside spread and he galloped out of the food plot and stopped running about 60 yards downwind and crosswind of us. He walked at a crosswind until he was straight downwind of us 35 yards away. At the time, I was demonstrating with my Montana Doe Decoy how to know if you are set up in a good place, so I had handed the decoy to my client. He thought like a deer and held it in front of his body as he knelt on the ground in the hardwood forest. I knelt down beside him and we watched the buck approach us, and stop. He just stood there looking at us and then looking to our left which is where we determined the dominant buck was living. We could hear another deer moving around in that area but neither one of us looked because the 10-pointer was chewing up leaves and standing broadside in front of us. He must have seen our doe but did not advance on her. I thought he was going to at any moment!
That buck was high stepping on the trail, and I know that the dominant buck never high steps when on a deer trail, so I am convinced that buck was a high ranking pecking order buck. I would guess he was 3 years old and was ranked 3 or 4 in the pecking order.

Keep him guessing with D.I.E.!

Call me if you want to hire me for a One on One. I am booking them now.
262-719-2743 Bob

Monday, July 25, 2011

SCI and Bob J. Mercier team up to teach hunters to hunt with D.I.E. in 2011!

Follow this link to meet Bob at SCI August 17th, 2011.

Contact SCI Wisconsin Chapter to become a member.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Seminars at the 2012 WI DEER & TURKEY EXPO

Bob J. Mercier announces he is doing 4 seminars at the...
Alliant Energy Center, 1919 Alliant Energy Center Way, Madison, WI 53713
Right click on the link.Then 'Open in New Window'http://www.deerinfo.com/wisconsinhome.asp

          Event Hours:
  • Friday, Mar. 30, 2012
    2:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Saturday, Mar. 31, 2012
    9:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Sunday, April 1, 2012
    9:00 am to 4:00 pm

~Bob will be doing 4 seminars at the WI DEER & TURKEY EXPO~
One seminar Friday, two seminars on Saturday, and one seminar on Sunday.

Bob will be teaching you...
What using Dominance Is Everything does for you.
How to see a deer herd from the perspective of deer.

Special thanks to:
Target Communications Corporation 
Glenn Helgeland
Judy Helgeland

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Live Video from my first seminar at SMOKEY'S MUSKIE SHOP in Pewaukee October 2010

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2010 D.I.E. Hunt Results

I started teaching D.I.E. Seminars to hunters and photographers across the Midwest in October 2010.

I received feedback from 26 people who used the D.I.E. System in 2010 in WI.  I am proud to say there hasn't been one customer that claimed that the system failed them.

Twenty two people had the buck come in close (within 35 yards). The other four people made a mistake in setting it up and by changing the system, it allowed the buck to bust them.

If you get busted, the dominant buck knows he is being hunted by a person. If you get busted you have a choice to make. Quit hunting from that location, and move your stand so the king will hunt you as an invisible doe and buck or stay there and see what the king's competitors look like. There is no telling if any bucks will come in after the king puts out a warning that a human is sitting near his core breeding scrape (your D.I.E. Scrape). All I can tell you is that challenging intruder bucks, monster bucks, and all bucks for that matter fight for the right to breed, and if the king has left the area you are likely to see one of them, in the coming day or two, if you decide to stay.

The only sure thing my system has is if you do not get busted, by the king. Then he will show up within 35 yards of you while you are in your stand on a D.I.E. hunt. I do not guarantee it. Those who have hunted with it swear by it.

Of the twenty two hunters that got it right the first time in 2010, four men succeeded at harvesting a mature buck with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING.

  • Mike Gregoire of Sheboygan Falls WI
  • Bernie Miller of Hatley WI
  • Andy  Rennicke of Ixonia WI
  • Doug Gregorie of Sheboygan Falls WI
Mike Gregoire (photo below) shot a 260 pound 10 point buck within 20 yards of his stand on November 06, 2010. He was bow hunting in Wisconsin on private land.  The buck was 6 1/2 years old, and it was believed to be the king of the herd. It was the heaviest buck Mike ever shot and it is tied with the oldest buck he ever shot.

Doug Gregoire (buck in leaves is his 2010 -WI gun deer) shot two bucks a 10 pointer in Pembine WI on opening day of 2010 WI gun season-shown below, and an 8 pointer (photo in snow) on December 27th, 2010 with his bow in the Sheboygan Falls area on private land.  Both bucks are the biggest of his life. Both bucks were beleived to be kings of the herds.

Bernie Miller of Hatley WI (2 photos below) shot a dandy 10 pointer with his gun on private land. Bernie shot this same buck earlier in the season with an arrow, and the buck lived on, after Bernie's shot hit the buck's shoulder blade. Bernie was hunting near a doe bedding area, and it was his first day in the stand. The buck was the 13 deer Bernie saw walk to the D.I.E. scrape, the others just sniffed the licking branch and moved on. This king, lowered his head as if to make a rub behind the scrape. The king is the only buck in his own territory that is allowed to rub trees bigger than 2 inches in diameter.

Andy Rennicke of Ixonia WI  (photo below) shot this dandy 8 point challenging intruder buck with his bow on public land on his first D.I.E. hunt. It is the biggest racked buck Andy has ever harvested.  The area was pressured by other deer hunters during Andy's hunt so he moved towards the bedded deer to get away from the hunters. Late in the afternoon on his third day this buck came looking for a doe to breed with. Andy represented the invisible doe in estrus. Way to stick with it, and congratulations goes out to Andy.

The photo below is of me and Tom Earle with the  bucks I have harvested with D.I.E as well as Tom Earle's D.I.E. bucks.

The photo above is Matt "Rhino" Rynearson's first bow buck with D.I.E. shot in 2008 in Minnesota on private land at less than 20 yards. Earlier on his first attempt he was busted by a 180-inch class monster 12 pointer at ten yards. He didn't pull his bow up in his stand and the buck made his way to Rhino's tree stand as soon as he got into it on Day 1.

I am proud of every deer hunter that used my D.I.E. system in 2010 whether you shot a buck or doe while on the hunt or not. Anyone who uses DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING is sure to meet a mature buck on every hunt where they do not get identified as a human or as a predator. I teach you in my book, how not to be busted with D.I.E. but some things we have no control over such as when someone else walks within sight of our stand and D.I.E. Set-Up. That can cause us to fail to meet a mature buck, no matter how good of a hunter we have become. Use the system how you want to, and learn from it. If you use it as I direct you to, then you can expect the same results I have gotten.

I am also proud of Tom Earle of  Palmyra WI, and Matt "Rhino" Rynearson WI Pro Staff Hunter from West Allis WI for becoming the first two people to succeed with my amazing system. Now we know of 7 D.I.E. hunters who were able to harvest a mature buck using my self-taught tactics, I call DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING.

Congratulations to all the hunters who hunt with D.I.E.  
These deer hunted the hunter!  
Believe it!

I want to hear from you if you hunted with D.I.E. Please help me spread the word to other hunters you know who want to meet the king of the herd or who want to be hunted by kings!  

Always keep him guessing with D.I.E.!

Bob J. Mercier- Inventor/Author/Instructor of D.I.E.