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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Matt Nelson got a 10-pt at 5 yds with D.I.E.!

Matt Nelson #21 in the D.I.E. Hunter's Pecking Order - hunted with my tactics, but he did not use a D.I.E. Scrape and he still had the most exhilarating bow hunt of his life! I spoke with Matt for a few minutes yesterday, and he was pumped up about using D.I.E. Hunting tactics along with the knowledge he already had as a WI bow hunter, to bag a trophy 10 point whitetail buck in Marshfield WI on November 2 2012.

The dominant buck approached Matt while he waited on the ground. He said he could hear the buck stiff-legged walking toward him for 100 yards. Matt shot the buck face-to-face at 5 yards with his bow! That is a first for any D.I.E. Hunter! WOW!

This 10-point typical buck's rack green scored at 143 3/8". It has 4" diameter mass on the main beams from the base of the rack to the G4 antlers. An 18" inside spread, and estimate age of 4-1/2 to 5-1/2 years old.

This hunter was in the woods before light, (something I do not recommend) and he walked-like-a-deer getting there. He couldn't find his trail markers so he waited near some cover he had a hunch the dominant buck would be skirting on his way to the doe bedding area from his own bed. The buck was harvested at 7 am, and Matt feels it was the easiest hunt of his life because he read my book, and used what he learned to imitate the actions of a doe in estrus, and a buck from another herd. That is what DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING is all about.

I am learning from hunters like Matt Nelson, who choose to modify their first hunt, to incorporate some of the skills they already had, that there are many ways to get a king, as long as you never tell him you are a human. Matt was 'hunted' by the king of the herd, and to my knowledge he is the first person on earth to use my system in a modified manner, and was still able to harvest the king of the herd. Matt's testimonial is on its way! Check back to see it here.

If you harvested a mature buck while using my tactics I want to hear from you. I cannot share your story if you do not come forward and tell it to me.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Testimonial "Vince Lease" (One-On-One Private Lesson)

Vince Lease #22 in the world with D.I.E. with his first D.I.E. Buck !
A dandy 11-pointer. This man had a plan and he stuck to it!
I am proud of you Vince!

"With seeing a dozen or more different small bucks for each of the past few years and knowing full well there had to be bigger bucks in the area, I called Bob Mercier.  Actually within two hours of hearing of his way of locating and harvesting dominant bucks I gave him a call.  Two days later in early May, I had him come to my farm in Grant County for a one-on-one seminar.  With not having read his book prior to that day, I was awestruck as to his knowledge of deer behavior.  I have been bow hunting since 1967 and learned more that day than all those years of hunting.  Bob made real sense of all the deer behavior that I had witnessed in the woods all those years.

Bob, after lecturing me for five hours on the D.I.E. technique, took me to the woods to locate the dominant buck’s bed.  After looking at a map of the farm, locating three different rubs, and drawing lines on the farm map, he quickly and instinctively found his bed with escape tunnels along with the dominant buck’s tracks.  He told me where to set up and how to be hunted by him…the dominant buck.

I followed Bob’s D.I.E. setup as best I could and of course with a prevailing northwest wind in mind.  As with most activities in the outdoors… things didn’t go quite as planned.  The wind ended up being a south to southeast wind for the next several days and job responsibilities made it impossible to hunt each of the 4 consecutive days.  I was only able to hunt Day1, part of Day 3, and on Day 5 (which was modifying the system a bit).  With a S/SE wind I knew I would be outlined if he walked into the wind to the scrape.  So, I moved my stand 100 yards straight north of the scrape in hopes of catching him in a hallway between his bedroom and the D.I.E. scrape.  On Day 5, Wednesday, November 14, I saw him leaving his bedding area and he did slip by me on his way to the D.I.E. scrape.  I gave one grunt and he turned completely around and came right to me.  A real nice 11 pointer, double-lunged at 15 yards, and went only 35 yards after impact.

We also shot an old 14 pointer and a mature 8 pointer within 100 yards, and a huge 9 pointer with a 19.5 in. spread within 200 yards of that same scrape, during the rifle season.  Bob sure pointed me in the right direction as to where to hunt way back in May.

I’m looking forward to next year with hopes of getting better at perfecting the techniques and experiencing the results of D.I.E.'


Vince Lease
Fennimore, WI

Friday, November 30, 2012

Tim Hartley got a 12-pt. at 25 yds. with D.I.E.!

Congratulations to Tim Hartley of Cedarburg WI for successfully harvesting a mature buck with 
DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING while bow hunting in Wisconsin on private land.  
He got a nice 12-pointer at 25 yards, and he is another believer in the D.I.E. Hunting System.

Here is Tim's testimonial received by Bob on Nov 29, 2012

“Hi Bob......just wanted to let you know that my brother Tony talked me into reading your book, and I'm really glad that he did!  I hunted on my land in Clark County, Wisconsin, and used the D.I.E. system.  I must admit that as I read the book, I was a bit skeptical.  I think we've ALL read books before that made claims that didn't seem to pan out, but that was certainly NOT the case with yours.  I was able to take this 12 point buck with a bow this season, and had him coming within 25 yards of my stand...uh, just like your system said he would! (Who would've thought that would ever happen? 

I've been hunting for many years, and have never seen a system as predictable as yours!  I had missed a larger bodied buck a day earlier that was heading right toward the D.I.E. scrape. He also had a nice rack, but not quite as nice as this one.  I can only blame buck fever for having missed him, but I was grateful when this big fellow came along.  I'm guessing this guy was an intruder buck.  Needless to say, I intend to hunt with the D.I.E. system next year and from now on.  

You've got a believer on your hands with me....

Tim Hartley” 

Photograph of Tim Hartley of Cedarburg WI, with his first D.I.E. Buck.
A 12 -pointer taken at 25 yards with his bow in Wisconsin 2012
He is ranked #26 in the D.I.E. Hunter's Pecking Order
Congratulations Tim!

Taylor Galecki #25 was hunted by a 8 pt. buck

Congratulations go out to Taylor Galecki of WI for successfully harvesting a mature buck with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING. He did not own a copy of my book but he learned from someone who did, and it changed the outcome of his 2012 gun hunt. D.I.E. Hunters are invisible to deer and Taylor experienced it first-hand. Deer think you are a breeding pair of deer and they seek you out. It is fun, and easy to learn. Below I have written a few comments and then I have posted Taylor's testimonial, and buck photo.

This testimonial came through a One-On-One customer of mine Doug Dedering who is a D.I.E. Hunter. Doug taught his son Leo, and his son’s friend Taylor Galecki (who shot a mature buck and then wrote this testimonial) using the tactics that D.I.E. Hunters use to get to their stands (walking among deer). The two young men, both shot bucks, in the 2012 WI gun season using tactics they learned from Doug, who learned it from me, Bob J. Mercier. Taylor shot a mature buck that thought he was a buck or a doe, therefore I deemed Taylor’s 2 ½ year old buck a D.I.E. Buck, and he indeed earned a rank in the D.I.E. Hunter’s Pecking order. Taylor Galecki is now the #25 in the world with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING. Here is his testimonial:

“Ok first things first I'll start off by saying that ‘deer walking’ in my opinion works great! I got to witness first-hand a deer following Leo.  (Leo is my friend who hunts the same land as I do.) It thought Leo was another deer. I had just got up in my stand at 6:10 A.M. and Leo was leaving to walk to his stand. No more than 1 minute later there was a little doe walking down the trail that me and Leo had just walked down. It was following everything Leo was doing. Every time that Leo stopped, the deer stopped and when Leo would start walking, it would walk. The deer walked right up to my stand and it could not find Leo anywhere. It then turned around and walked down the trail a little ways from where it had come from and bedded down.

Now for the Buck Story...      

We had hunted all day, opening day and saw a lot of deer activity as well as heard some grunts. We saw three different bucks between Leo and me. One buck in particular was a buck that we both saw. 3:15 P.M. and was about 200 yards out on a ridge. There was a tree line in front of me and the deer. It was acting as if it had been following a ‘hot doe’. Then when it got straight out from me at 200 yards, it stopped at the top of the ridge and just waited, looking around for 1 minute. It then turned around and ran 600 yards away out of sight. That was not the last time I would see that nice buck. The next morning, it was a pretty cold very calm morning. You could hear everything that was walking, hundreds of yards away. I saw a doe early, the one that was following Leo, at 6:10 A.M. and did not shoot it. At roughly 7:15, I saw something coming from the top of the ridge. I saw its breath before I saw the deer. It turned out to be the nice 8 pointer that I saw the night before. It was walking very slowly and walking right on the other side of the tree line that was about 70 yards from me. When the deer got straight out from me again, it stopped, turned right at me and started to walk through the tree line. It got half-way through the tree line when my stand made a very small squeak. The buck was now more alert than ever and stopped for what seemed like 10 minutes, trying to out wait anything that just made that noise. The buck finally started walking right at me again, meanwhile I had my gun up and he was in the cross hairs. I was just waiting for him to turn broadside so I could make a good shot. He was now about 50-60 yards away from me and turned broadside. He had a little bit of a quartering towards me going on. I put the cross hairs right on him again and squeezed off a shot. The deer walked a few steps then jumped over a little brush pile, walked a few more yards and then I heard nothing. I got down finding I put a perfect shot on him, I hit his heart. He died no more than 10 yards from where he had been shot. Best hunting story I’ve ever had and first buck in my life! Thanks for the great advice! It paid off this year!”

~Taylor Galecki 
Taylor Galecki of WI with his first buck a dandy 8-point D.I.E. Buck!
Taylor is ranked #25 in the world with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING.
Congratulations Taylor!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

D.I.E. Hunter Testimonial - Anthony Lee

This is a testimonial of Anthony Lee of Germantown WI - He hunted with D.I.E., had it work and believes in it. So should you!

“Dominance Is Everything has been the best investment I have ever made for deer hunting! I've read many articles and books throughout my years of hunting, and yet, none has ever offered anything that is comparable to the information presented by Bob Mercier in his book and at his seminar. Bob basically tells you the secret ingredients to the secret recipe that would allow you to encounter the biggest buck of your lifetime!”

“About two years ago, I ordered Bob's book, and attended one of his seminars. I was very pleased with the new knowledge that I acquired at the seminar, and I decided to give the system a try.”
“I went out in the beginning of November to do my hunt. Two days went by, and I did not see anything. I grew impatient, and I gave Bob a call. He gave me some tips and encouraged me to be patient, for I still had two more days to hunt. On the third day, I did everything Bob had told me from the previous night, and within an hour, the biggest buck of my lifetime showed up! He was a 10 pointer with thick tall tines, all about the same length, and from my guess he was at least a 160-class…a very mature buck indeed. However, during that hour, I had fallen asleep. I woke up, to him moving into my scrape. His presence caught me by surprise, and the buck fever kicked in hyper drive. He stood not even 20 yards away, but I was trembling from excitement so much that I shot over his back. He jumped away increasing his distance from me, but he continued to look towards the scrape. I could not bring myself together to attempt another shot at him, and eventually, I watched him slowly walk away from the scrape, heading back towards the neighbor's property. That was the biggest buck I have ever encountered!”

“Dominance Is Everything is an excellent system.  I've learned more than just a system. I've learned to become a more complete hunter, and best of all, I've learned to become invisible to deer by becoming a deer myself.”
“Thanks Bob!”

Anthony Lee
Germantown WI

Anthony Lee and Bob at Boxhorn Sportsmans Club in Muskego in October  2010 at a D.I.E. Seminar

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tom Earle #2 got his 4th D.I.E. buck

Tom Earle called me today to let me know he shot a dandy 140-150 inch class 10 pointer this season, using the scrape exactly as directed in my book and at my seminars. Tom's comments were:

 "Bob it gets easier every time I set up a D.I.E. Scrape. I know what to expect and the system always brings in a nice buck. I mean it is so good, an experienced D.I.E. Hunter can rely on it happening."

"I have the whole system down real good now. I got a dandy buck, you would be proud of him."

When Tom's photos get here I will post them on this blog along with the statistics of his experience of being hunted by a buck.

Tom Earle is now the only person on earth with 4 mature bucks to his credit, all taken while using DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING.

Way to go Tom!

Here is a photo of Tom's first 3 D.I.E. bucks FYI:

Bob Schneider of Chilton WI is #24 in the world with D.I.E.!

Congratulations go out to Bob Schneider of Chilton WI. Bob has hunted numerous times with the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING SYSTEM since 2011. Bob had a head cold in 2011 and had to quit during his first hunt, but he did not want to leave the area, so he sat in his car and watched his tree stand and D.I.E. Scrape with binoculars. He saw a heavy racked monster buck approach it, within 10 yards of where he should have been sitting, on his fourth day. He called me to share his story, and I agreed not to write about it, until he was successful at harvesting a mature buck with the system.

Bob and I have spent the better part of three days together since then, and I knew this day was going to be coming this season. The day Bob called to say he shot a D.I.E. Buck! He doesn't like to write stories so he gave me the details of his hunt and I will share them with you here.

Bob modified the system a bit, and he still had success. Here are the facts.

Read Bob Schneider's own words (below)

"I had to walk over 400 yards across a field to get to my tree stand so I modified the time that I needed to start and I left my vehicle in the dark. I took my time getting to my stand, walking like a deer the whole way. I got there in the dark, and all was quiet until 7 am when I heard a deer splashing its hooves in the water off to the East of me in the swamp. I was hunting in the middle of a swamp (another modification to the system).

I heard, ploosh, ploosh, ploosh, ploosh. I didn't know it then but it was a buck making his way across the swamp to check me out. Then all was quiet. I watched the sun come up, and the frost burn off around me, and at 8 o'clock (I checked my watch), I heard ploosh, ploosh, ploosh, ploosh, as the same deer, took 5 or 6 steps towards me again. I think the buck was standing there 40-50 yards away in standing water for that whole hour, but at that time I didn't know that it was a buck. I thought the first deer I heard at 7 am had passed through. Now I know different. He was hunting me!

My first reaction when I heard his second set of steps in the water was to think "Holy crap... he is close!"

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a 10 point buck. He had approached silently to within 30 feet of me. I did not use the D.I.E. Scrape in this area. I chose the spot because I knew a big buck lived (bedded) downwind of my stand in that area, and he would surely come to me as a invisible deer. I did drag in the doe lure that you recommended. I shot the buck immediately and now I have a D.I.E. Buck to report. He is 3 to 4 years old with a 16" inside spread and he has nice mass. His face is really gray."

"Earlier in November I set up a D.I.E. Scrape and hunted over it. I saw 5 mature bucks from that tree stand in the 4 consecutive days I hunted. I passed on all of them, because I knew there were bigger racked bucks in the area. On the last (4th) day I saw two really nice 8 pointers and a 10 pointer. The 8 pointers were both shooters in any one's book, but I wanted to wait for the king. The 10 pointer was the biggest of the three bucks and all of them came in during the last 45 minutes of daylight on Day 4. Each one came alone, but there was not a dull moment to be in my stand. I believe in the power of the D.I.E. Scrape, but I had more time to hunt so I passed on those buck that day. I was invisible. They never saw me."

Bob Schneider #24 D.I.E. Hunter from Chilton WI

For those of you who don't know, Bob Schneider owns Gravity Park Race Track in Chilton WI. He and I met when he signed up to come to seminar in Madison WI in 2011. I enjoy spending time with him, and I know that you will too, if you ever get a chance to meet him. He is a true gentleman, who is all about having fun, while working his racetrack and while being hunted by kings!

Congratulations Bob! You finally did it!

You are now #24 in the world with D.I.E.!

Written by Bob J. Mercier

On November 26 2012 Bob scouted and found a spot for a D.I.E. Scrape on an upcoming WI late season bow hunt. He expects to be hunted by a king and his competitors. I will post the results of his hunt when he completes it We are both sure he will meet a dandy buck on that hunt.

Tim Hunt of Sheboygan WI is #23 in the world with D.I.E.!

Congratulations go out to Tim Hunt of Sheboygan WI for successfully harvesting a dandy 8 point buck with his gun and the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Hunting System, on the opening day of the 2012 WI gun deer season.

Tim's testimonial (is below):

"Hi Bob,
I just wanted to let you know your system worked, it's great. John Holden and I took your class a couple years ago. Last year I set up your system, but it was not right. I just got home from being on the road and did not have the time to do it correctly. Needlessly to say I didn't see anything!  This year I had the time and did it by your book, step-by-step, boy did it pay off!
This big guy would only come out late at night. I know this  because I have his photo on my trail cam. There where also a smaller 8 point, a 7 point, a 6 point, and 5 point. This bigger 8 point took over the area, no he is not a huge deer, but still very nice.
After doing your setup on Thursday, and not going back to it, I did not even get a chance to put up the last scent when at 7:20 am opening day he came in to check out the scrape. He stopped just long enough on the other side of the scrape for me to get off a 34 yard shot. The conditions were just perfect that morning, a little foggy, winds were in my favor.
After going down to get my deer, I checked out the scrape and the rub. He indeed took it over! The signs where there.
I'm also sending a few pictures of my deer and the set up I used. Hope you enjoy!"

Thank you very much,
Timothy Hunt
Sheboygan, WI

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jeff Fischer, Matt Nelson, & Vince Lease harvested D.I.E. Bucks with a bow!

As of November 14th 2012 there are 22 people in the world with harvested D.I.E. Bucks. These folks have been hunted by a mature buck that was in love, and believed they (the deer hunters) were going to be the buck's next mate.

#20 is Jeff Fischer of Sun Prairie WI - 10 pointer bow October 29 2012
#21 is Matt Nelson of Greenfield WI - 10 pointer bow November 2 2012
#22 is Vince Lease of Fennimore WI - 11 pointer bow November 14 2012

Photos and hunter testimonials are coming soon. 

Please call in your first D.I.E. Buck harvest, so we (you and I) can share your experience using my hunting tactics (D.I.E. Hunting System) for the first time, with the world. 

Not everyone meets a dominant buck on every D.I.E. hunt but the bucks these men have met up close, have all been either the biggest buck they ever shot or the second biggest. That is excellent news for all the people in the world that believe in DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING. You are bound to have a hunt of a lifetime on every hunt that you complete with D.I.E.

A complete hunt is one you go on, and do not quit before you meet a mature buck. D.I.E. Hunters are calling in with dead bucks to report and I am ranking them as one of the first men/women in the world to hunt with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING. To successfully harvest a mature buck with it, and to be willing to share their hunting experience with you. The point of calling in a D.I.E. buck is to get credit for your accomplishment. Not to brag. We are all about sharing our experiences with the world.

There will be hundred of thousands of D.I.E. hunters in the future. Most of which, will tell their family members and friends that reading the book "DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck!" has changed their deer hunting lives. The days of hoping for a monster buck or waiting to see a mature buck in bow range are over. The fact is... D.I.E. Hunters are hunted by mature bucks.


'Hunt' or be 'The Hunted' - It's a choice!

Harold Polster is #19 in the world with D.I.E.!

Harold Polster of Phillips Wisconsin harvested a 2 1/2 year old 8 pointer while bow hunting near Phillips Wisconsin on public land. Congratulations Harold, on a successful crammed D.I.E. Hunt!

Harold's Testimonial (below)

Just want to say thank you for sharing your D.I.E. hunting system with me.
My first D.I.E. hunt took place a week ago which produced a 3.5 year old intruder 8 pointer 20 yards upwind of me but never offered the right shot so I had to pass.  I talked to Bob after that hunt and told him I only had Saturday 11-10-12 to hunt.  Bob advised me to set up on Friday mid-day and "cram the system".  That's exactly what I did and at 8 am on Saturday an 8 pointer came in from downwind "on a string" towards my scrape.  This buck had his nose as high in the air as he could, scent checking the area.  I passed his test because Bob taught me how to become invisible to deer.  After a brief stand-off, this buck turned broadside at 15 yards.  I let the arrow fly through his "pump station".  He went about 75 yards and tipped over".
Harold Polster  Phillips, WI   11-10-12  "And I approve this message"

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brian Porter of WI bagged an AWESOME D.I.E. Buck with his bow

Brian Porter is a One-On-One client who has become #18 in the world with D.I.E. by bagging this awesome 13 point buck with a 16" inside spread on Day 1 of his D.I.E. hunt, shortly after 11 am. Brian's testimonial is in. From the story Brian tells, it sounds as if the buck was the king of the herd. Way to go Brian!

Tom Gustafson of IL bagged a Monster D.I.E. Buck

Congratulations go out to Tom Gustafson of Illinois. I do not have the details of his D.I.E. Hunt yet, but I do have the photo he sent and his first quote sent to me with the photo. I want to share it with you now.

"Hey Bob,
Just shot my best archery buck- thanks."

Tom Gustafson #17 in the world with D.I.E. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Nick Swain gives his hunt 2012 D.I.E. Hunt Testimonial

"Bob you really have an amazing system, that brings results! Everything you taught at your seminar and everything that I read in your book is REAL! I have been out on my first D.I.E. hunt, by day 1 when I went to swap out the lures I could tell that the buck took over the scrape and rub. Then today on day 3 of my hunt I walked in to my stand and as I was watching the woods to my left because I heard a noise, I did not notice the buck directly under my stand... needless to say I was busted, by the big buck. Yes it sucks to be busted, but it has been an awesome hunting experience! That buck was 20 yards watching the rub and scrape that I made... that's really incredible! I can't wait until I get another 4 days off to do another D.I.E. hunt so I can get a chance at the king of the herd. Thank you very much for sharing your way of hunting with not only me, but with the world as well!"

Nick Swain

I congratulate Nick for using the D.I.E. System as directed. The king hunted him, and he not only experienced it, but he is willing to share his hunt experience with me and with others, even though he got busted this time. I am aware of two other hunters who had 10-pointers bust them this past week and neither of them were willing to share the story due to the fear that their friends would laugh at them for not getting the buck. I applaud Nick and I know he will be hunted by another king on his next hunt.

I also applaud the other men. 

If you had a D.I.E. Hunt, share your story with me and I will share it on my blog. 
Thanks, Bob J. Mercier

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jerry Denboer of WI became #15 in the world with D.I.E.!

Jerry Denboer is a D.I.E. V.I.P. He and I spent a day earlier this year scouting the land he hunts in Wisconsin. I was thrilled to see the photo of the MONSTER 8 point buck that Jerry shot with his bow on his first WI D.I.E. Hunt in October 2012.

Jerry will be sending me a testimonial in the coming days and I will share it here and on my website under Photos and Testimonials.

Way to go Jerry!

You harvested the first 2012 WI Archery Buck and now you are #14 in the world with D.I.E.!

Welcome to my world!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Chad Moder #11 in the World with D.I.E. (Testimonial)

Chad Moder became #11 in the world with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING in WI Gun Deer Season 2011. I am proud to post the photos of Chad's first D.I.E. Buck along with his Testimonial on the blog and on the website. Please congratulate Chad on a job well done, when you see him. Way to go Chad!

"I had recently finished reading Bob’s book just prior to the opening of the 2011 Gun deer season.  Like many hunters in WI, I hunt on public land in the northern part of the state.  Unfortunately, because deer camp is three and a half hours away, I was forced to “cram” the system with minor modifications.  I set up my DIE system on Friday around mid morning.  Opening day came and went with little action.  The weather forecast for Sunday called for snow and wind in the afternoon.  I headed out to my stand Sunday morning with my drag line in tow.  The morning was quiet, and before long the snow and wind started to blow.  As I tried to shield my face from the blowing snow, I caught a glimpse of movement about 60 yards away.  The buck walked right up to my trail where I had drug my drag line.  The buck turned and paralleled my trail heading straight for my DIE setup.  At 10 yards I pulled the trigger harvesting a nice 8 pointer.  It was 3:00 in the afternoon in the midst of a snow storm, and I had just taken my 2nd biggest deer ever.

Thank you, Bob, for sharing your knowledge of Whitetails with the rest of us.

Chad Moder
Appleton, WI

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The king hunted me on Day 2 and Day 3!

I saw a 140-150 class 8 pointer at 20 yards on Day 1 of my hunt. No shot, and he was not the king, so I passed on attempting one. The king came in when I rattled him on Day 2 at 1 pm, but he held up 45 yards away. He could see my scrape and no doe near it, so he refused to come closer. He was stiff-legged walking, and I thought I was going to meet him that day. Later on I called out of my stand to a person I thought was trespassing (but wasn't). That told the Dominant Buck that a human was in his territory. I forgot about the ramifications of speaking out of my tree stand until it was too late. 

The next day (Day 3) I placed a Montana Doe decoy at the scrape and it was visited by a 5 point yearling buck 2 minutes after I settled into my stand in the morning. An adult doe came to it later on around 1 pm and I saw 3 other does in my view outside 35 yards that day. The wind was swirling and the Dominant Buck was on the move. He had to stay downwind of my set-up in order to keep tabs on the action of other deer there. I could hear him pacing back and forth and grunting to the invisible doe (me), for the last twenty minutes of the day on Day 3. He was telling the doe to stick around, that he was coming to her, but that he would wait for total darkness before advancing to her location. I know he was holding out because I yelled out of my tree stand at the person I thought was trespassing the day before. That cost me my encounter with the king of the herd. He put a warning out at the end of Day 2 that a human was in their midst (because I let him hear my human voice while he was hunting the doe) and for that reason all I saw the next day was does, fawns, and yearling bucks.

 In my book I tell you that the dominant buck keeps all fawns and yearling bucks away from your scrape when he is dominating it. If you see does and fawns within 35 yards of you I believe you are too close to doe bedding areas. They walk around in doe bedding areas all day long. Does in heat or estrus can come in on a normal hunt, but not fawns, or yearling bucks.

You are not busted until you see the tail of the king up and flagging or until you know he has identified you as a human because of you making a mistake while in his territory. There is no need to quit if you get busted unless it is Day 4. If it is Day 1, 2, or 3, just follow my advice in my book and move your stand and scrape accordingly. The dominant buck will hunt the invisible doe the next morning and he will forget the human again. Stick with it, even if you get busted intruders and monster bucks still will come in.

I hunted Day 4 (October 21) until 11 am, expecting the king to rush in in the morning, so I pretended I was an intruder buck and I told him to show up and fight, but he did not. You see his life is more important to him than risking it for a fight he may lose. That dominant buck hunted me on Day 2 and Day 3, and he knew his life was in danger on Day 2, so he never committed to coming to the scrape in daylight, but the D.I.E. DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING System did its job. I saw a 3.5 year old 200+ pound 8 pointer the first evening within 20 yards of my stand. Chalk one up for the king on my first attempt this fall with a bow in WI. I will go after him again from another stand on the same property, and next time I will not break any of my own rules. I learned a lot about this king on this hunt. I know now what I am up against. He earned the right to live another couple of weeks.

I know of three other D.I.E. Hunters who got busted this weekend and of one man who did not fail. Doug Gregoire of Sheboygan Falls WI shot his third D.I.E. Buck with a bow. He is a monster! See my blog at dominanceiseverything.blogspot.com for the photo and check back here for updates from other D.I.E. Hunters.

D.I.E. is still your best bet for a meeting with the king of any herd on your terms. Buy a book or come to a seminar and get a book at the door with the purchase of a seminar ticket. Next D.I.E. Hunter Training is this Saturday October 27 in Hayward WI at the Flat Creek Inn & Suites. Walk-Ins are welcome. If you have a book bring it. Doors open at 8 am. Seminar hours 9 am to 4 pm with a 45 min lunch break. Cost is $50 per person (bring your D.I.E. book) or $100 per person (includes a D.I.E. book). You must pay cash or credit at the door. Call 262-719-2748

Friday, October 19, 2012

To my tree stand I go.

Until next time, when I have a story to tell. I expect there will be more D.I.E. Hunter's telling stories in the next 4 days along with me. Check back to my blog to see the photos of our 2012 D.I.E. Bucks!

Order a book and become a D.I.E. Hunter. Only you are able to make the decision.

"Hunt" or be "The Hunted" - It's a choice!

Invented in 1998 by Bob J. Mercier



Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Whitetail Rut is On!

D.I.E. Hunters...

Believe me, the whitetail Rut is on right now. Go out and be hunted by kings.

Today is October 18, 2012

I am speaking for people who hunt in WI, MI, IL, MN, IA.

I do not know the rut in other areas. If deer are mating the rut is on.

Prepare for your first D.I.E. hunt

It is imperative that you are as scent-free as possible when you go deer hunting, whether you use my D.I.E. Hunting System or not. I achieve it by washing my body in scent-free body wash and shampoo made by one of two companies: Atsko or Hunter's Specialties

I also wash all my camouflage clothes in scent-free and UV-brightener-free laundry detergent, made by Atsko or Hunter's Specialties. I have tested these products and I believe in them.

If you want exact names of the detergent pick up a copy of my NEW BOOK "DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck!" copyright 2011 available online at www.dominanceiseverything.com

I can only wear one jacket or pair of pants per day while on a hunt, because I do not get out of my stand until late in the day (at a predetermined time-see D.I.E. book), so I do not need more than 4 changes of clothes on any D.I.E. Hunt, but some folks only own one camouflage outfit. I recommend that you have two or more suits of camouflage. I cannot wash wet or muddy hunting clothes while on my hunt, because we do not have running water where I hunt. I plan ahead by taking four camouflage coats, a camouflage rain coat, two pairs of camouflage bib overalls, and two pairs of camouflage jeans. I have 4 face masks, 6 pairs of gloves, 6 knit hats and 2 camouflage baseball hats. All my towels, washcloths, and undergarments are also washed in scent-free laundry detergent. I dry them in a dryer without any fabric softeners.

Blaze orange camouflage is the same to deer as brown, black, or green camouflage. So one of my suits is indeed blaze orange camouflage. I will wear it in the rain, or in bad weather.

I just wanted to let you know that washing all your hunting clothes is absolutely necessary to be 100% successful in taking a dominant buck or one of his competitors. I have 6 loads of camouflage to wash today. Then I put it in a cardboard box and take it to my hunting land. Plastic smells like plastic, but NEW cardboard smells like the woods. It is made out of trees, and pulp.

I am anxious to be hunted by a king tomorrow!

It is 7 am on Thursday October 18, 2012 and in my world there is a lot of excitement. I am preparing for my next D.I.E. Hunt of a lifetime. Today is Day 2 of my waiting period. Friday October 19 2012 is the first day of my 1 to 4 consecutive day hunt for the king. Actually he is hunting me!

For those of you who are not familiar with how the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Trophy Buck Hunting System works, you should know that people who use D.I.E. are not people in the eyes, ears, noses, or minds, of deer. We are invisible people. That means no deer can smell us, see us, hear us, or think about us, because we leave no sign of humans, we do not smell like humans, we do not make any human sounds and we do not behave as humans do when we are in the deer world.

I invented the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING System in 1998, and at the time I could only imagine what it would be like to have thousands of people believing in my tactics, and hunting with it as directed. Today I am proud to say the time has come for Americans to be hunted by deer, by the thousands!

I have sold more than 1500 books and the folks who own the books have shared it with many other interested readers. I have been blessed to have customers who love reading what I have written, for them to be able to analyze and think about. The facts I state in my book, are facts I uncovered while personally walking among deer herds, and then I turned into human words so I could teach humans to think like a deer.

A perfect hunt with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING consists of 4 to 7 consecutive days that you plan ahead of time, and then when the time comes you stick to the original plan if it is at all possible. Changes will affect the outcome of your hunt, so making last minute changes is discouraged.

I scouted this year on October 11th 2012 with a fellow D.I.E. Hunter who is on his maiden hunt this season. His name is Mike Swan. Mike is hunting the same 1 to 4 day period as I am. Today is a waiting day for us. That means we do not go to the land, we do not drive by, walk it, or even tell others where we are hunting. We want the deer herd that lives there to discover our D.I.E. Scrape on their own. The dominant buck walks his territory boundaries once every three days, all year long, and when it rains he makes a special trip to go out and lay down his scent trail. It rained here in Ashland overnight, and although I am hunting with my bow south of here a hundred miles or so, I hope it rained on my tree stand as well. That would mean my human scent is gone, otherwise it will take until 4 pm today for all the human scent to disappear from my stand site, and D.I.E. Scrape.

I set my D.I.E. Scrape up with the help of my good friend Mike Swan, and then we went to his land and set his stand and D.I.E. Scrape up. I spent my first day of waiting out in the woods with a new customer. I got excited for him because he is being hunted by two kings! So am I, and so is Mike Swan!

How is all this possible? Buy my book and find out. I will share what I know with you, and believe me I tell you all I can about dominant buck behavior in 416 pages of my book. You will not be wondering what I left out, because I give you more information than I needed to. You get the "Big Picture", and you'll understand what deer think when you are done reading the book.

I am happy that my sharing this ingenious system has changed so many people's lives for the better. We should be hearing from each of the D.I.E. Hunters who are successful this year. I am ranking all the D.I.E. Hunters who successfully harvest a mature buck with my system. Right now there are 14 people in the world with a D.I.E. Buck. You can be one of the first 100 people to get a mature buck with my system.

Today I will shoot my bow until I am dead on at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, & 40 yards. I shot last week for the first time in three years. I know most people shoot once a week or more, but I cannot get that much time away from work. This business of teaching people to be invisible to deer, is a year-round job.

I will not be able to film my hunt this time, but I will film my buck when I get him, and I will film the view I have from my stand when I get into it tomorrow morning for the first time. The last time I was in my stand with my bow the monster 17 pointer was standing 10 yards away, and I shot him.

This is a very rewarding hunt for me. If anyone knows of a taxidermist who mounts full body deer, please email me with his or her name and phone number. This may be a buck to remember. We will see.

Remember to set up 100% as I teach you in the book, then wait at home, for two days. Then become the pair of invisible deer and walk into the deer world the way a deer would. They will welcome you, and once you get settled into your tree stand, get your weapon in the stand and arm it. The buck may be on his way. You will meet him up close and personal as long as he does not know you are there as a human.

Hunt safe and always be considerate of others when hunting.

God Bless You.

Bob J. Mercier

P.S. I will update my hunt progress when the hunt is over. I will give a day-by-day account. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My D.I.E. Scrape is Set-Up now!

Hello Fellow D.I.E. Hunters, and folks who are just wondering what the heck DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING is all about. I (BOB J. MERCIER) just got back from setting up my first D.I.E. Scrape on a bow hunt in WI in 3 years. I spent the last two seasons teaching customers how to be hunted by kings. I felt obligated to teach instead of hunting on my own, due to the fact that I did not have my book published at this time last year. There were hundreds of want-a-be D.I.E. Hunters asking me to teach seminars last fall, so they would know what to do to make the kings of herds hunt them.

I will be hunting on October 19 as my first day in the stand. All my shot opportunities will be at less than 35 yards and with my D.I.E. Scrape just 10 yards away from my tree stand, the buck will not know what hit him. I am stoked for this hunt. I know the king is coming, and he is big!

I also set up a client and friend today (Mike Swan). Mike and I worked on both our set ups and we both have monster bucks downwind of our set-ups. The only if in my system is "IF WE CAN HIT HIM FATALLY WHEN HE ARRIVES". The fact of the matter is these monsters will be at very close range and nerves are the only thing standing in our way. I am saying prayers as well as practicing with my bow all day on Wednesday, before my big debut with this monster buck. I cannot wait!

The rut is on!

Just the pre-rut, but I believe the dominant buck is with a mate at this time. My Dominance Is Everything system has never failed to bring the king within 35 yards of a person who used it 100% as I directed them to.

Mike Swan was going to film my hunt this fall but his time is better spent in his own stand being hunted by two monster bucks at one time. I hope he gets his trophy buck on his very first hunt, so he can share it with you and the rest of society. He is a monster from what I can tell of his tree rubs.

I do not have internet coverage where I hunt, so I cannot do a live hunt report each day. I will however document the hunt daily and write about it on this blog as soon as it is complete. That will be on or before October 22, 2012.

I will be available to set hunters in their stands as of October 23 2012. Call me if you want a One-On-One or if you want to attend my next group D.I.E. Seminar in Hayward WI on Saturday October 27, 2012 from 9 am to 4 pm. Call me at 262-719-2743 or 877-788-4621 for more details or look it up on my website at www.dominanceiseverything.com

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I am setting up my D.I.E. Scrape today!

It is the earliest D.I.E. Hunt I have ever gone on, and I am extremely excited to say the least. I have seen rutting behavior in 6 WI herd in the past 4 weeks and I believe the rut is on!

My cousin Alan Mercier beat me to the punch today when he set up his first D.I.E. Scrape. He and I both expect to meet the king of the herd this weekend. He hunts a totally different county than I do, so I do not have to worry about us pulling the same buck back and forth.

My good friend Mike Swan is setting up today as well, and I am assisting him on his land so he can be assured he is getting the best set up that he can. I look at his land and the dominant buck's herd there, as if I was going to be hunted by the king. That allows me to give my clients the best advice I can.

If you want to hunt with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING this year, NOW IS THE TIME!

Used from October 16 to January 13 without failure ever since it was invented in 1998.

Call me to order a book, or go online to order automatically.

Thank you for your interest.

P.S. I will be video taping my set up and the buck I shoot after the shot has been made. I will share that video on my website once my hunt is over. Look for updates here on my blog. Thanks,

Bob J. Mercier

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The rut is just 2 weeks away! Hooray!

Believers in DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING are getting restless. They are new to hunting with the D.I.E. System and many of them are calling me to ask questions for support and to gain the confidence they need to have in the ability of the D.I.E. hunting system. I have been taking calls, reassuring my customers that they have to have faith in the power of the system, and that they have to prevent themselves from telling any deer they are human before Day 1 of their upcoming maiden hunt.

D.I.E. hunters do not scout prior to ten days from the time you want to be in the stand. That means not before October16 if you want to have 100% odds from the start.

The rut turns on between October 12 and 16 each year in WI, MN, MI, and IL. Do not scout for the rut before it has begun. If you do you will be noticed when you go back during the rut for a second visit. Deer watch people when people tell the deer they are coming back. I avoid going in and out of any property I am going to hunt with D.I.E., because I know the king is aware of all danger to his herd, and I will be a danger if I am just there to look around. You need a reason to go into the deer world, and once you have a reason, your mission there can be accomplished. D.I.E. Hunters will know what that means.

If you are gearing up for your next D.I.E. Hunt this fall, get out an purchase the lures needed to become two invisible deer. Without them you are just a flash in the pan. Wash all your clothes in scent-free soap, and be sure you are practicing with your weapon on a regular basis.

I am gearing up for a hunt to remember this October. I am making two changes to my normal regiment in hopes I can accomplish both goals and come out of the hunt with a monster buck to show for it.

The first thing I am doing different is I am being filmed on this hunt. I asked a friend (Mike Swan) and fellow D.I.E. Hunter to film me on my next hunt. No one to this day has ever provided me with video to prove the dominant buck will come in during daylight with two invisible hunters in his world. We have always hunted with D.I.E. alone, up until now. I am doing it so you can see what a D.I.E. Hunter sees when a king approaches his/her stand site (hunting the hunter).

I have never failed to see a king within 35 yards of my stand in daylight, while hunting with D.I.E. all day, when I was alone. This will be new to me, but if the king does come in, it will open the door for folks who like to sit together to do so with some instruction from me, on just how to accomplish it.

The second thing I am modifying on this hunt is the timeline. I am hunting one week earlier than anyone has hunted since I developed the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Trophy Buck Hunting System in 1998. I intend to prove that the herd bucks compete all rut long, and that anyone can meet a king at any time of the rut, as long as the D.I.E. Hunter uses my system 100% as directed.

If you have only wished you would see a mature buck on every hunt, and if you are willing to use a completely new system to accomplish the goal before you, then you should become a D.I.E. Hunter. I have never met a person who bought my book or read it entirely who hunted with it for up to 4 consecutive days waiting for a mature dominant buck to arrive, who ever failed to see a mature buck on that hunt. Some people set it up wrong and they fail to see the dominant buck because he has discovered they are humans, and he will not come to any human in daylight if he knows you are a human. Those folks can brush off their pride and go out and set it up right the second time. Then they will meet the king.

There are three rules to having success the first time with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING. They are:

  1. No Trail Cameras anywhere on the property.
  2. No other humans within 150 yards of you while you are hunting (200 yards is preferred)
  3. Follow all the rules per the book "DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck!" sold at www.dominanceiseverything.com

If you want to be hunted by kings, or if you want to be taught how to walk among deer unnoticed, I invite you to purchase and read my first book. There are more books to follow, and each of them will be about specific topics I am an expert at teaching. Look for them in 2014 and beyond.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Check out the Oct/Nov BADGER SPORTSMAN Magazine!

I am featured in the current issue of BADGER SPORTSMAN Magazine, and in it you can read an article I wrote especially for deer hunters who want to see a mature buck on every hunt.


I am interested in writing other articles about deer behavior and how I think people should behave around deer, so no deer ever know a human is hunting them.

Read the story by purchasing a copy at a news stand.

My brother Jerry Mercier provided the COVER PHOTO, for my story. If you would like to see more of Jerry's photos check them out at Jerry Mercier's Wildlife and Nature Photos

If you like Jerry's photos or you want to comment on the cover photo of BADGER SPORTSMAN you can send him email comments through www.pbase.com

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

7 D.I.E. VIDEOS NOW on YouTube

7 D.I.E. YouTube Videos

Submitted on YouTube by,

Bob J. Mercier

Inventor/Author/Deer Behavior Expert/Instructor
Author of "DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING... To A Monster Whitetail Buck!"
Cell Phone: (262) 719-2743

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1687 
Eau Claire WI 54702

This is a new video posted 5-21-12. Bob tells you what D.I.E. is and what it does to change a deer hunter’s world. Mature whitetail bucks, monster bucks, swamp bucks, and challenging intruder bucks compete for dominance of a D.I.E. Hunter’s Stand Site. Watch this video if you want to be hunted by the king of any deer herd on your next hunt. It works in the rut, and right now there are over 1200 people who are looking forward to their first hunt with the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING hunting system in the fall of 2012. Check out my web site: www.dominanceiseverything.com to order a book online. Call Bob direct to order by phone or to have him send you an invoice so you can pay for your book(s) by mail. No one who owns a D.I.E. book has had anything bad to say about it. This is for real folks. Why not call Bob today?

Bob is with Jason Eiring of Sheboygan County Wisconsin. Jason is giving comments about his One-On-One with Bob that occurred in December 2011 while there was snow on the ground in Central Wisconsin. Bob caters to deer hunters who want to learn about their deer herd(s) on their hunting land. Call me if you have questions or if you want to reserve a date for your One-On-One. You become a V.I.P. if you hire Bob for a private lesson.

Video taken by Jerry Mercier (photographer) of Bob J. Mercier with his latest bow kill using his DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING system. This is the 8th largest racked buck Bob has seen while hunting with his amazing D.I.E. system. Bob refers to it as the biggest buck in his life. He is referring to its 17 non-typical points.

Bob J. Mercier filming himself from his tree stand on November 5 2009. He commented on the amazing hunt he had that day when he successfully harvested a monster 17 point non-typical buck with his bow at 10 yards at 9:30 am. That buck fought another buck 35 yards straight downwind of Bob’s D.I.E. Scrape, just one minute before Bob arrowed him. Bob grazed the shoulder of a different buck (a typical 10-pointer) that happened to be the king of the herd, just 2 ½ hours earlier that day. The dominant buck walked under him and only presented Bob with a spine shot. Bob overshot the buck’s back and only grazed the buck’s shoulder. He saw 3 monster bucks in two and a half hours on the third day of his last bow-D.I.E. hunt to date. This year Bob will be hunting with his bow again. He will post the photos when he harvests his next D.I.E. buck.

Bob in Dubuque Iowa with the first copy of his book on the day he picked them up from Quad/Graphics. This book took Bob 2 ½ years to complete, and from what customers are saying it was worth the wait. Many people say it is the best book they ever read. Help us spread the word. If you want to get something nice for a loved one, buy a D.I.E. book for them, and ask them to share it with you. You will not regret it. www.dominanceiseverything.com

This video was made on March 12 2012, filmed by Bob J. Mercier on his cell phone. Bob was with a new D.I.E. hunter on a One-On-One. It was raining that day, and the two guys dressed for any weather. Bob Schweitzer of Waukesha County Wisconsin found a shed antler after being in the woods only 10 minutes with Bob. It was an extraordinary day for both men.

This video was made on March 12 2012, filmed by Bob J. Mercier on his cell phone. Again with Bob Schweitzer of Waukesha County Wisconsin on the same One-On-One as a previous video where they found a shed antler together. This time they found the whole skeleton of a mature 8-pointer. It was less than 100 yards from where the shed antler was found and only 40 yards from the dominant buck’s bed. You never know what you will find when you walk among kings.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Read the Preface to Bob J Mercier's book titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING... To A Monster Whitetail Buck! ©2011

This Preface was copyrighted on October 26, 2011 when I published my book and it should not be used in any articles or in any manner without my advance permission in writing.

Thank you in advance for your interest in hunting with D.I.E. and for the compassion everyone who has read my book has showed towards me. You are the reason I wrote this book, and your kids should be taught all you can teach them about deer.

Share my book with everyone you know, and someday the people you share it with will thank you for doing so, as many of my readers have called or written to me thanking me for sharing my ingenious D.I.E. (DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING®) system.

Here is the PREFACE (word-for-word) from Bob J Mercier's book titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! ©2011



     In November 1998, I invented a whitetail buck hunting system that I named "DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING®" of D.I.E. for short. It makes the most dominant buck, monster intruder bucks, and swamp bucks hunt for its user for one to four consecutive days during the rut. If you use it as directed, the most dominant buck will walk or trot to within 35 yards of your stand during daylight hours. You should not see yearling bucks, fawns, or any pecking order bucks from that herd within 35 yards of your stand. The dominant buck keeps them all away. He commands the area. He is there waiting for you each morning and if you are quiet he will advance on your stand site. He hunts you down because the D.I.E. system brainwashes him to believe that you are a breeding pair of deer, and that you are mating in his front yard. The dominant buck fights off any intruder bucks that attempt to advance on your stand site, because being dominant of his herd is all that matters to him. He feels it is safe to come in, because I teach you to behave as a deer would, and to forget you are a human. You will have options when you hunt with D.I.E., you can "walk like a deer", "talk like a deer", and "leave a scent trail like a deer" or you can opt not to do any of those things. The dominant buck will be hunting you. All you have to do is show up with your gun, your bow, or a hand-held camera and you will be able to take the memories of your first D.I.E. hunt home with you. You have never hunted like this before!

     I hunted with D.I.E. on eleven hunts and each time the dominant buck hunted me. It is uncanny to see a majestic (often monster-racked) buck walking into a D.I.E. set up thinking he owns the place, when you (a D.I.E. hunter) are sitting 10 to 18 feet off the ground observing his every move, and he never knows you are there. No deer can find a D.I.E. hunter, because we are invisible to deer. Most people that hunt mature bucks have only dreamt of having hunts like that, but I have learned to expect them. The D.I.E. system changes people's lives, when they learn how to use it and implement it where they hunt during the rut. When a mature buck shows up within 35 yards of your stand while you are using the D.I.E. system, then the system has succeeded. So far, D.I.E. has never failed to bring the dominant buck to every D.I.E. hunter who used it as directed.

     I learned many of my tactics for getting close to whitetail deer when I filmed them in the wild for a 16-month period from 1991 to 1993. I learned what makes mature bucks tick. I know what the rut is, when it turns on and off and how and when bucks meet up with does to breed. I know what a hunter has to do to get a dominant buck or a monster buck to walk right up to them during daylight. They have to hunt with D.I.E. and refrain from telling any deer in the area that a human is there. You have to convince them you are not a human, or they will never show up.

     In this book, I am showing you what I know about the whitetail deer herd structure, the rut, the pecking order,the way bucks communicate with one another and how they communicate with does. I explain how deer live, and what makes them move from point A to point B. Where they go when a hunter jumps them from their bed, and how to avoid pressuring deer where you hunt. I explain the entire herd to you from the deer's perspective. In order to outsmart a dominant buck you have to know what he is thinking.

     Deer live very structured lives, and a human can predict the movements of the entire herd if that person, knows how to do it. I am just the man to teach you. I can tell where the entire herd is on your hunting property just by observing one doe eating on a food source in early evening, or by analyzing any fresh buck rub, made on a two inch or larger diameter tree. I will teach you how to do it in this book.

     I wanted to write this book, and offer it to you for two reasons. The first reason is because, I promised God if he would allow me to learn how to get within 35 of a mature buck on every hunt I would share it with the world. I am doing that by writing this book and conducting seminars. The second reason is even more personal. It is because we only live once! Deer hunters everywhere give it their all every season, and many of them are still coming up empty handed in the monster buck category. I invented something special, a system that anyone in the world can use to change the outcome of his or her next deer hunt, and all a person has to do in order to succeed with it, is to have faith in it, and to use it as directed. What can be easier than that? This is my gift to you. Be safe and considerate of others while hunting.

     Always keep him guessing with D.I.E.!

©2011 by Robert (Bob) J. Mercier

Books are available at www.DominanceIsEverything.com/buy-book

Friday, April 6, 2012

April 28th PEWAUKEE WI, D.I.E. Seminar & Shed Antler Seminar in one!

If you live in Southern WISCONSIN and want to attend a D.I.E. seminar in 2012, then do not wait, now is the time. Bob has taught Wisconsinites for over a year now and he is planning to move to another state this summer. Now is the time to learn from him in person. You can read the book and learn it well enough too, but 80% of the 1200 book buyers have requested a D.I.E. seminar after reading the book, because they love the book and want to see how Bob does it! You can reach Bob anytime on his cell: 262-719-2743

Follow Up Update from Bob

Eighteen people attended this seminar which ran longer than it was billed. We went nearly 10 hours. Folks that invest the money to learn to hunt with D.I.E. never want to leave a D.I.E. seminar. Tom Earle put on an awesome Shed Antler Seminar, and I did my best to teach the folks how easy monster buck hunting is for a D.I.E. hunter. We never know which buck will be first to arrive, but we know he will be mature, and if he is the king, he will not be behaving as a subordinate buck or like an intruder, he will posture and he will let us know he is the king of the land we are hunting on. Dominance Is Everything, to all bucks!

Thank you to the 18 people who made that day a special one for me and for Tom.

There are now 18 more D.I.E hunters in the world!

Bob J. Mercier

Monday, April 2, 2012

Photo of me in my booth in Madison April 1st

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Field & Stream Deer & Turkey Show is AMAZING!

Michele and I are in booth 919 at the WI Deer & Turkey Expo, now known as the Field & Stream Deer & Turkey Expo in Madison Wisconsin at the Alliant Energy Center on Hwy 12/18 and Rimrock road. TODAY IS SUNDAY APRIL 1, 2012 and that is no April fools joke!

We have met tens of thousands of dedicated deer hunters many of which have stopped by our booth to discuss their hunting issues with us. We have seen more than 100 customers and clients who have already purchased a copy of my book, and have read it. Dozens of them have used D.I.E. as directed and have seen a mature buck hunt them on their first hunt in 2011, but for some reason they missed the shot or never took one.

One other fellow did take the shot and did harvest a D.I.E. buck and he reported his buck to me on Friday. His name is Steve Dalebroux from Madison WI. Steve has become the 13th D.I.E. hunter on earth to successfully harvest a buck with my system.

We have sold more than 50 books in two days and have been able to land many opportunities for me to speak at upcoming deer shows and other sporting events.
We have been on the road for more than 9 weeks now at 8 deer shows and we love it!

I am doing one more seminar at 11 am today for up to 250 people in seminar room C.
Yesterday I had a full house and people were standing in the back, at both of my seminars. On Friday we had about 70 people attend. I wish to thank those folks that did attend one of my seminars for coming to it.
I have made each seminar different and fun for all who want to learn what deer think, and the attendees made it fun for me to interact with them. Thank you.

The #1 D.I.E. Hunter

Bob J. Mercier

Friday, March 2, 2012

There are now 13 hunters in the D.I.E. Hunter's Pecking Order

Over the weekend I met up with Chad Moder of Appleton WI. He has successfully harvested a D.I.E. buck, and he reported it to me at the Green Bay Deer Classic Show.  Chad is 11th in the world with D.I.E.!

I also met up with Duane Armitage of Neenah WI. Duane shot a mature 8 point buck with my system, and he has become 12th in the world with D.I.E.!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Testimonial from Al Draeger 1-30-12


I received a VOICE MAIL from Al Draeger of Watertown Wisconsin on January 30, 2012
 “Ah yes this is Al Draeger in regards to your book. I am just calling to tell you that I feel your book is just unbelievable, and um, I am quite proud of you. You did a hell of a job!

 I’ve been studying the book. I didn’t quite get it in time enough to get all the, info out of it, before hunting season, but I did have some surprises when I was out hunting. I walked right up to one waiting for me. He was lying right there for me when I walked in, on the third day, and ah, he got a little nervous.  I don’t know if he? Something wasn’t quite right, but I had a couple other situations that might have gotten me busted.
But, just letting you know that I am very happy with the book and I feel you did a good job. It was well worth waiting for. This is Al Draeger calling you from Watertown. Thank you, Bye”.

I (Bob J. Mercier) called Al back to thank him for his testimonial and the first words from his mouth were “I want you to know that this is the best book I ever read, and I believe it will be the best book I’ll ever read for the rest of my life.”

Remarks from BOB J. MERCIER after receiving Al’s Draeger phone call

Who is Al Draeger you might ask?

Al Draeger is the proud owner of book #38/1000. He placed his order for my book on December 15, 2009, and at the time I wasn’t sure how many chapters the book would have, how many pages it would be, or when exactly I would finish writing it. Al called in, after reading an article in the ‘Watertown Daily Times’ newspaper, written by Dick Ellis (Editor of ‘On Wisconsin Outdoors’) about my D.I.E. system and my 2009 D.I.E. bow hunt. Al asked to have his name placed on my D.I.E. Book Waiting List at that time. He said he would wait for the book, because he wanted to become a D.I.E. hunter.

Al asked me if my system would work for a person who could not sit in a tree stand all day. I told Al that it will work for anyone who doesn’t break the “Never Do Rules”. I then offered to go to his home to teach it to him in person. I was confident my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING system would work for anyone, no matter what, as long as they used it as directed. It turns out that I was right, and Al is now a D.I.E. hunter!

 I went to Al’s home on October 25th 2010 and taught Al and one of his friends how to use my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING system, the way I have used it. Al reported seeing a monster 10+ point buck  just 22 feet away from his stand on Day 3 of his 2011 hunt. He believes in the D.I.E. system and he is excited about how easy it is, to use.

Congratulations go to Al Draeger of Watertown Wisconsin. 

Al Draeger has become “One who is hunted by kings! 

It doesn't matter if you shoot the dominant buck or not on a D.I.E. hunt, as long as you see him inside 35 yards. The system succeeded in bringing him to you, and you should know that you did use it as directed and you were hunted by the king of the herd with 
the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING hunting system. 

Once the buck arrives, it is up to you to choose to make the shot or just take the bucks photo. My D.I.E. system brings the buck within 35 yards of you anytime the rut is on. 

Success is a wonderful thing and once you are successful using D.I.E. you are a D.I.E. Hunter!

Al, Thanks for signing up and patiently waiting for the book! Your success with the D.I.E. system is an accomplishment that you should be proud of. You allowed me to change the way you went hunting deer. You in fact became the hunted and now you will be hunted by kings for the rest of your life! You are one of the first 35 people on earth, to use my D.I.E. system successfully, and give me feedback on it, and I am proud of you!

Always keep him guessing with D.I.E.!
Bob J. Mercier