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Monday, January 16, 2012

NINE 2012 DEER SHOWS in 9 wks!

I am hitting the road, starting a Two State Tour (Minnesota & Wisconsin) on January 27th, for 9 weeks. I will be working at deer shows from late January through the first day of April. I am hoping to meet thousands of deer hunters who have interest in being hunted by the king of deer with my Dominance Is Everything system. Many people are anxious to hear what I have to say, and I welcome them (and you) to attend a show or two that I am going to be at, to find out what me and my D.I.E. system are all about. My website www.dominanceiseverything.com has a calendar on the home page where these shows will be listed, along with others I will be attending in the future. I will also post my public group seminars on that calendar for anyone wishing to learn to hunt with D.I.E. to attend. If you have questions, I ask you to call me. I will take the time to talk to you. Thanks for your interest in DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING.

Here is a list of the upcoming shows I am contracted for:

1. The first show of the new year for me is the Blufflands Deer & Turkey Show and the Rochester Sports and Vacation Show in Rochester Minnesota. It runs Friday Jan. 27th, Sat Jan 28th, and Sun Jan. 29th at the Mayo Clinic Civic Center. Call 1-800-422-2199 for details. I am doing a public seminar at 12:30-1:25pm on Saturday Jan 28th. My topic is my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING SYSTEM, and how you have a choice to hunt traditionally or hunt with D.I.E. on all future whitetail hunts during the rut. I will show you what the dominant buck's daily life in the rut looks like, from his perspective, and how to enter into his territory without telling him you are there (as a human-his #1 enemy). I will have a booth and will have books available for purchase at the show. Price is $49.99 per copy (plus applicable MN sales tax).

2. I am attending the La Crosse BOAT, SPORTS, TRAVEL AND RV SHOW held in downtown La Crosse Wisconsin on February 9-12 2012. I will be there selling books, seminars, and private lessons. I do not have any public seminars at this show this year.

3. I am also attending the Duluth Boat, Sports, Travel and RV Show February 15 through Feb 19th in Duluth Minnesota. I will have a booth, and I will sell my book and seminars for book buyers. I will not be speaking at a public seminar at this event this year.

4. I am attending the Wisconsin DEER CLASSIC in Green Bay Wisconsin on February 24th-26 2012. I was a seminar speaker in 2011, therefore I will not be speaking there this year, but I will be there to visit with deer hunters, make new friends, and sell my books, seminars, and private lessons. If you want to meet me, or you are interested in my book and you want to save shipping and handling fees, attend a show and purchase a copy from me in person. I look forward to returning to this event.

5. I am proud to announce that I have been welcomed by the WISCONSIN BOWHUNTER'S ASSOCIATION to attend the annual convention in Steven's Point Wisconsin on March 3rd 2012, at the Holiday Inn and Convention Center in Steven's Point. I will be conducting a 45 minute to 1 hour seminar, and my topics will be "How to get into a deer herd without telling the dominant buck you are a human, how my D.I.E. system works, and how to understand deer from their perspective.

6. I will be a Seminar Speaker and I will be selling books, seminars, and private lessons at the 2012 Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel Sports Show at State Fair Park in Greenfield Wisconsin March 7 through March 11th 2012. I am excited to take the stage there two times. I am the first seminar speaker at the MAIN SEMINAR STAGE and the last seminar speaker there as well. If you can make it on Wednesday March 7th at 1pm, or Sunday March 11th, at 3:30pm I promise to make it worth your time by teaching you about dominant bucks and their habits. I will explain my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING system, and show you how to find the whole deer herd in your area just by viewing one doe feeding on a field, in the evening any day of the year. Knowing where the herd is, before stepping one foot in their core territory is key to being able to outsmart dominant bucks on every hunt. My D.I.E. system is going to change your world!

7. I am proud to announce that I am a Seminar Speaker and I will be selling books, seminars, and private D.I.E. lessons at the SCI-Wisconsin Chapter BIG GAME HUNTER'S GRAND BANQUET March 9th and 10th, 2012. I have a 1 hour seminar on Saturday March 10 3:30 to 4:30 in the Mardi Gras Room. What an honor it is for me to take this stage! I am going to focus my time on teaching how to get dominant bucks to hunt you, and how to see a dominant buck's herd from his perspective. Come to this show (open to the public) if you can! Conveniently located at the Wyndham Hotel on Howell Avenue in Milwaukee. Follow this link for show information: www.sciwi.org/calendar/banquets/index.shtml

8. I am proud to announce that I am a Seminar Speaker and I will be selling books, seminars, and private D.I.E. lessons at the DOUGLAS COUNTY FISH AND GAME LEAGUE SPORTS SHOW in Superior Wisconsin, March 23, 24 and 25th 2012. This event is structured around kids and young people. I want to be a part of events that get kids involved in hunting and fishing. I was a kid once and my Dad introduced me to every sport. He wanted me to be able to choose for myself what I wanted to do with my free time. As a person gets older time is not so free, and the sports you are commited to being involved with, become your passion. I hope to meet lots of kids and their families, at this show. God Bless everyone who introduces kids to the outdoors. There is no better cause in my opinion.

9. I am very thrilled to announce I am doing 4 seminars at the FIELD AND STREAM DEER & TURKEY EXPO in Madison Wisconsin March 30th through April 1st 2012, held at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison Wisconsin. Formerly known as the WI Deer & Turkey Expo. Find info at www.deerinfo.com Look for my booth in the middle of the main room, and stop by as many of my seminars as you can  make it to. I teach people to think like deer, and I am looking forward to those shows, and my opportunity to meet thousands of North American Hunters. My seminar topic is "Using dominance to set up the dominant buck you want... and get it." Basically that means changing what you are doing now (hunting dominant bucks) and learning what makes dominant bucks tick. Then role-playing with the herd's king using my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING system to make the king of any deer herd hunt you. I will teach you how to outsmart the king of any herd, so he doesn't know a human is in his midst. D.I.E. is a one of a kind system. See you there. Check out the following link to the seminar schedule of this event: www.deerinfo.com/WI_seminarschedule.asp

After these 9 shows I will be doing a few local seminars for book buyers in Madison WI, Milwaukee WI, La Crosse WI, Green Bay WI, and the Twin Cities MN. Then I will start my Midwest seminar tour heading to Mississippi, Arkansas, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee. I welcome you to stop by my booth to meet me and my lovely wife Michele. We love visiting with fellow hunters. I am sharing my D.I.E. system with the world, one hunter at a time.