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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Testimonial from Al Draeger 1-30-12


I received a VOICE MAIL from Al Draeger of Watertown Wisconsin on January 30, 2012
 “Ah yes this is Al Draeger in regards to your book. I am just calling to tell you that I feel your book is just unbelievable, and um, I am quite proud of you. You did a hell of a job!

 I’ve been studying the book. I didn’t quite get it in time enough to get all the, info out of it, before hunting season, but I did have some surprises when I was out hunting. I walked right up to one waiting for me. He was lying right there for me when I walked in, on the third day, and ah, he got a little nervous.  I don’t know if he? Something wasn’t quite right, but I had a couple other situations that might have gotten me busted.
But, just letting you know that I am very happy with the book and I feel you did a good job. It was well worth waiting for. This is Al Draeger calling you from Watertown. Thank you, Bye”.

I (Bob J. Mercier) called Al back to thank him for his testimonial and the first words from his mouth were “I want you to know that this is the best book I ever read, and I believe it will be the best book I’ll ever read for the rest of my life.”

Remarks from BOB J. MERCIER after receiving Al’s Draeger phone call

Who is Al Draeger you might ask?

Al Draeger is the proud owner of book #38/1000. He placed his order for my book on December 15, 2009, and at the time I wasn’t sure how many chapters the book would have, how many pages it would be, or when exactly I would finish writing it. Al called in, after reading an article in the ‘Watertown Daily Times’ newspaper, written by Dick Ellis (Editor of ‘On Wisconsin Outdoors’) about my D.I.E. system and my 2009 D.I.E. bow hunt. Al asked to have his name placed on my D.I.E. Book Waiting List at that time. He said he would wait for the book, because he wanted to become a D.I.E. hunter.

Al asked me if my system would work for a person who could not sit in a tree stand all day. I told Al that it will work for anyone who doesn’t break the “Never Do Rules”. I then offered to go to his home to teach it to him in person. I was confident my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING system would work for anyone, no matter what, as long as they used it as directed. It turns out that I was right, and Al is now a D.I.E. hunter!

 I went to Al’s home on October 25th 2010 and taught Al and one of his friends how to use my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING system, the way I have used it. Al reported seeing a monster 10+ point buck  just 22 feet away from his stand on Day 3 of his 2011 hunt. He believes in the D.I.E. system and he is excited about how easy it is, to use.

Congratulations go to Al Draeger of Watertown Wisconsin. 

Al Draeger has become “One who is hunted by kings! 

It doesn't matter if you shoot the dominant buck or not on a D.I.E. hunt, as long as you see him inside 35 yards. The system succeeded in bringing him to you, and you should know that you did use it as directed and you were hunted by the king of the herd with 
the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING hunting system. 

Once the buck arrives, it is up to you to choose to make the shot or just take the bucks photo. My D.I.E. system brings the buck within 35 yards of you anytime the rut is on. 

Success is a wonderful thing and once you are successful using D.I.E. you are a D.I.E. Hunter!

Al, Thanks for signing up and patiently waiting for the book! Your success with the D.I.E. system is an accomplishment that you should be proud of. You allowed me to change the way you went hunting deer. You in fact became the hunted and now you will be hunted by kings for the rest of your life! You are one of the first 35 people on earth, to use my D.I.E. system successfully, and give me feedback on it, and I am proud of you!

Always keep him guessing with D.I.E.!
Bob J. Mercier

Always hunt with the D.I.E. System as directed

Hunt as I do and expect the results I have gotten (100%)

My D.I.E. system is as real to the deer that encounter it, as real gets! The only part of the equation that is different when I use D.I.E. or when you use it, is the manner in which you decide to use it. If you follow my methodical instructions, there will not be any difference, in the behavior of the buck that hunts you from the behavior of the bucks that have hunted me. The only thing that is different is the actual deer, the size of their head gear, and the terrain. You will be hunting the exact same way I do, and you should expect the exact same results. So far, those who have hunted as I directed, have reported 100% success on every D.I.E. hunt. There are currently 10 people who successfully harvested a mature whitetail buck with my system. See their testimonials on my blog at dominanceiseverything.blogspot.com

The D.I.E. system succeeds when a mature buck walks, trots, or runs into your hunting area, within 35 yards of you, while you are in your tree stand, during daylight, inside a four consecutive day period of the rut. That buck could be the herd’s most dominant buck, a monster-racked (non-ranking buck) that lives in the herd’s territory but doesn’t rank in the pecking order (such as a swamp buck), or a challenging intruder buck from another herd, whether he is ranking in his own herd or not doesn’t matter. The fact is, that no ranked bucks from the dominant buck’s herd (the herd that lives on the land you set it up on) will come within 35 yards of you while you hunt with D.I.E., no yearling bucks will come in, nor will any buck or doe fawns. You will only see mature deer within 35 yards of you, granted you set it up the way I teach you to. Only one mature buck at a time will enter the 35 yard bubbles around your D.I.E. scrape. In my experience (12 times hunting with it now), the most dominant buck is always the first buck to arrive. If I miss him or he gets past me, then I may see a monster intruder buck or a roaming pecking order buck from another herd. The highest scoring rack has always been on the head of the first buck to enter within 35 yards of me, and so far only one of the 17 bucks harvested by D.I.E. hunters has had a broken antler. Otherwise they have all been perfect racks.
To be a successful D.I.E. hunter all you need to do is use it as directed.

D.I.E. hunter success is determined by whether or not you see a mature buck within 35 yards of you while you are in your stand. If you do, then you succeeded. I do not judge a hunter by how many kills or mounts he/she has. I do not judge hunters by their kills, I appreciate hunter who are ethical, who have a passion to hunt deer, and to get close to them, and who treat deer with respect. Everyone can use D.I.E. successfully the first time. Whether you choose to kill the buck or not doesn’t matter to me. You are a successful D.I.E. hunter if you succeed in seeing him inside 35 yards on your hunts. The system brings you the success all you need to do is adapt to it, instead of trying to adapt it to your style of hunting.  This is an entirely different way of hunting mature whitetail bucks. Mature does can be taken this way too.

 I have sold over 1000 books now, and I taught nearly 400 of those customers in person, either in a classroom, or in the wilderness. I am proud of the fact that there is not a single one of them who has claimed my system did not work for them when they used it 100% as directed. That is the proof! I am not trying to brag about it, I am merely confident that anyone who is willing to open their mind to new ideas will be able to meet the king of any deer herd face-to-face while hunting with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING during the rut.  

Ask anyone who has used it, what they feel as the king of the herd, or one of his competitors approaches their stand, not knowing a human is in his presence, and they will tell you in their own words that the feeling they get cannot be described, but that they cannot wait to feel it again!
I am not saying that you will never fail (get busted) because you will. Everyone gets busted eventually. I am merely saying that so far the D.I.E. system has been flawless, and I believe it will continue producing trophy whitetail bucks for D.I.E. hunters for eternity. 

Modifying the D.I.E. system will hurt the D.I.E. hunter. So I recommend you use it as directed and learn to succeed with it, before you try something new, and fail right out of the gate. The reason I wrote a book is to make the information I have learned from deer about deer herds available to you, so you will make the conscious decision to never tell a deer you are a human. Deer do not ask if a human is there, so do not tell them anything! 

When a person can think about the dominant buck, from a deer’s perspective, they can predict what the dominant buck will do when he encounters a D.I.E. set up. All dominant bucks react to it, in the same manner, and because successful D.I.E. hunters repeatedly set it up, the same way, no matter where they hunt whitetails, they can trust that the king of deer is hunting them, each and every time they go hunting with it. 

Using D.I.E. is easy, inexpensive, and fun

D.I.E. Hunters are invisible to deer

Knowing what deer think will change the way you go about getting into the woods to hunt them. In my book I teach you how to behave as a pair of deer so no deer will ever know which one you are, a buck, or a doe. When a person can brainwash deer into believing they are one of them, anything is possible, and I achieved that status in 1992 while I was filming whitetails in the wild in Franklin Wisconsin. I am invisible to deer when I am in their world, and I believe that 99% of all traditional deer hunters are not.

Using D.I.E. is easy & inexpensive. No big expenses, just the basics & some particular lures.

I am not hiding anything from the public. I put it all out there right up front so you can succeed and you know how easy it is to use my D.I.E. hunting system. Aside from purchasing my book you need to follow all the rules. You need to spend about $40 per buck back tag, on lure and supplies for each of your D.I.E. hunts. You need to wear full camouflage, including a facemask and gloves, and you need to have 4 consecutive days to hunt all day in the stand in order to always have a 100% chance of seeing the king of the herd on a D.I.E. hunt. 

Having less than 4 days to hunt can still bring you the king… but not 100% of the time.

If you have only 1 day, to hunt from your stand, then your odds of meeting the king of the herd are only 10%. If you have only 2 days, then your odds of meeting the king of the herd are 50%. If you have only 3 days, then your odds of meeting the king of the herd are 90%, and if you have 4 consecutive days to hunt with D.I.E. then your odds of meeting the king of the herd are 100%. I want to say to you that you are going to love my system. There is nothing in the world more exciting to a D.I.E. hunter than being hunted by a king! 

No one has ever failed to see the king of the herd within 35 yards of them when using it as directed and they had all four days to hunt from the start. Of the 40+ successful D.I.E. hunters, only one other gentleman and I needed the Day 4. The dominant buck is on a mission to meet his next mate, and he will not hesitate to meet her right in front of your stand during daylight when you use D.I.E. as directed. He will come in when he knows it is safe. You need to be invisible in order for that time to come. Read the book and you will see how easy it is.