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Friday, April 6, 2012

April 28th PEWAUKEE WI, D.I.E. Seminar & Shed Antler Seminar in one!

If you live in Southern WISCONSIN and want to attend a D.I.E. seminar in 2012, then do not wait, now is the time. Bob has taught Wisconsinites for over a year now and he is planning to move to another state this summer. Now is the time to learn from him in person. You can read the book and learn it well enough too, but 80% of the 1200 book buyers have requested a D.I.E. seminar after reading the book, because they love the book and want to see how Bob does it! You can reach Bob anytime on his cell: 262-719-2743

Follow Up Update from Bob

Eighteen people attended this seminar which ran longer than it was billed. We went nearly 10 hours. Folks that invest the money to learn to hunt with D.I.E. never want to leave a D.I.E. seminar. Tom Earle put on an awesome Shed Antler Seminar, and I did my best to teach the folks how easy monster buck hunting is for a D.I.E. hunter. We never know which buck will be first to arrive, but we know he will be mature, and if he is the king, he will not be behaving as a subordinate buck or like an intruder, he will posture and he will let us know he is the king of the land we are hunting on. Dominance Is Everything, to all bucks!

Thank you to the 18 people who made that day a special one for me and for Tom.

There are now 18 more D.I.E hunters in the world!

Bob J. Mercier

Monday, April 2, 2012

Photo of me in my booth in Madison April 1st

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Field & Stream Deer & Turkey Show is AMAZING!

Michele and I are in booth 919 at the WI Deer & Turkey Expo, now known as the Field & Stream Deer & Turkey Expo in Madison Wisconsin at the Alliant Energy Center on Hwy 12/18 and Rimrock road. TODAY IS SUNDAY APRIL 1, 2012 and that is no April fools joke!

We have met tens of thousands of dedicated deer hunters many of which have stopped by our booth to discuss their hunting issues with us. We have seen more than 100 customers and clients who have already purchased a copy of my book, and have read it. Dozens of them have used D.I.E. as directed and have seen a mature buck hunt them on their first hunt in 2011, but for some reason they missed the shot or never took one.

One other fellow did take the shot and did harvest a D.I.E. buck and he reported his buck to me on Friday. His name is Steve Dalebroux from Madison WI. Steve has become the 13th D.I.E. hunter on earth to successfully harvest a buck with my system.

We have sold more than 50 books in two days and have been able to land many opportunities for me to speak at upcoming deer shows and other sporting events.
We have been on the road for more than 9 weeks now at 8 deer shows and we love it!

I am doing one more seminar at 11 am today for up to 250 people in seminar room C.
Yesterday I had a full house and people were standing in the back, at both of my seminars. On Friday we had about 70 people attend. I wish to thank those folks that did attend one of my seminars for coming to it.
I have made each seminar different and fun for all who want to learn what deer think, and the attendees made it fun for me to interact with them. Thank you.

The #1 D.I.E. Hunter

Bob J. Mercier