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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Read the Preface to Bob J Mercier's book titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING... To A Monster Whitetail Buck! ©2011

This Preface was copyrighted on October 26, 2011 when I published my book and it should not be used in any articles or in any manner without my advance permission in writing.

Thank you in advance for your interest in hunting with D.I.E. and for the compassion everyone who has read my book has showed towards me. You are the reason I wrote this book, and your kids should be taught all you can teach them about deer.

Share my book with everyone you know, and someday the people you share it with will thank you for doing so, as many of my readers have called or written to me thanking me for sharing my ingenious D.I.E. (DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING®) system.

Here is the PREFACE (word-for-word) from Bob J Mercier's book titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! ©2011



     In November 1998, I invented a whitetail buck hunting system that I named "DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING®" of D.I.E. for short. It makes the most dominant buck, monster intruder bucks, and swamp bucks hunt for its user for one to four consecutive days during the rut. If you use it as directed, the most dominant buck will walk or trot to within 35 yards of your stand during daylight hours. You should not see yearling bucks, fawns, or any pecking order bucks from that herd within 35 yards of your stand. The dominant buck keeps them all away. He commands the area. He is there waiting for you each morning and if you are quiet he will advance on your stand site. He hunts you down because the D.I.E. system brainwashes him to believe that you are a breeding pair of deer, and that you are mating in his front yard. The dominant buck fights off any intruder bucks that attempt to advance on your stand site, because being dominant of his herd is all that matters to him. He feels it is safe to come in, because I teach you to behave as a deer would, and to forget you are a human. You will have options when you hunt with D.I.E., you can "walk like a deer", "talk like a deer", and "leave a scent trail like a deer" or you can opt not to do any of those things. The dominant buck will be hunting you. All you have to do is show up with your gun, your bow, or a hand-held camera and you will be able to take the memories of your first D.I.E. hunt home with you. You have never hunted like this before!

     I hunted with D.I.E. on eleven hunts and each time the dominant buck hunted me. It is uncanny to see a majestic (often monster-racked) buck walking into a D.I.E. set up thinking he owns the place, when you (a D.I.E. hunter) are sitting 10 to 18 feet off the ground observing his every move, and he never knows you are there. No deer can find a D.I.E. hunter, because we are invisible to deer. Most people that hunt mature bucks have only dreamt of having hunts like that, but I have learned to expect them. The D.I.E. system changes people's lives, when they learn how to use it and implement it where they hunt during the rut. When a mature buck shows up within 35 yards of your stand while you are using the D.I.E. system, then the system has succeeded. So far, D.I.E. has never failed to bring the dominant buck to every D.I.E. hunter who used it as directed.

     I learned many of my tactics for getting close to whitetail deer when I filmed them in the wild for a 16-month period from 1991 to 1993. I learned what makes mature bucks tick. I know what the rut is, when it turns on and off and how and when bucks meet up with does to breed. I know what a hunter has to do to get a dominant buck or a monster buck to walk right up to them during daylight. They have to hunt with D.I.E. and refrain from telling any deer in the area that a human is there. You have to convince them you are not a human, or they will never show up.

     In this book, I am showing you what I know about the whitetail deer herd structure, the rut, the pecking order,the way bucks communicate with one another and how they communicate with does. I explain how deer live, and what makes them move from point A to point B. Where they go when a hunter jumps them from their bed, and how to avoid pressuring deer where you hunt. I explain the entire herd to you from the deer's perspective. In order to outsmart a dominant buck you have to know what he is thinking.

     Deer live very structured lives, and a human can predict the movements of the entire herd if that person, knows how to do it. I am just the man to teach you. I can tell where the entire herd is on your hunting property just by observing one doe eating on a food source in early evening, or by analyzing any fresh buck rub, made on a two inch or larger diameter tree. I will teach you how to do it in this book.

     I wanted to write this book, and offer it to you for two reasons. The first reason is because, I promised God if he would allow me to learn how to get within 35 of a mature buck on every hunt I would share it with the world. I am doing that by writing this book and conducting seminars. The second reason is even more personal. It is because we only live once! Deer hunters everywhere give it their all every season, and many of them are still coming up empty handed in the monster buck category. I invented something special, a system that anyone in the world can use to change the outcome of his or her next deer hunt, and all a person has to do in order to succeed with it, is to have faith in it, and to use it as directed. What can be easier than that? This is my gift to you. Be safe and considerate of others while hunting.

     Always keep him guessing with D.I.E.!

©2011 by Robert (Bob) J. Mercier

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