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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

7 D.I.E. VIDEOS NOW on YouTube

7 D.I.E. YouTube Videos

Submitted on YouTube by,

Bob J. Mercier

Inventor/Author/Deer Behavior Expert/Instructor
Author of "DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING... To A Monster Whitetail Buck!"
Cell Phone: (262) 719-2743

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1687 
Eau Claire WI 54702

This is a new video posted 5-21-12. Bob tells you what D.I.E. is and what it does to change a deer hunter’s world. Mature whitetail bucks, monster bucks, swamp bucks, and challenging intruder bucks compete for dominance of a D.I.E. Hunter’s Stand Site. Watch this video if you want to be hunted by the king of any deer herd on your next hunt. It works in the rut, and right now there are over 1200 people who are looking forward to their first hunt with the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING hunting system in the fall of 2012. Check out my web site: www.dominanceiseverything.com to order a book online. Call Bob direct to order by phone or to have him send you an invoice so you can pay for your book(s) by mail. No one who owns a D.I.E. book has had anything bad to say about it. This is for real folks. Why not call Bob today?

Bob is with Jason Eiring of Sheboygan County Wisconsin. Jason is giving comments about his One-On-One with Bob that occurred in December 2011 while there was snow on the ground in Central Wisconsin. Bob caters to deer hunters who want to learn about their deer herd(s) on their hunting land. Call me if you have questions or if you want to reserve a date for your One-On-One. You become a V.I.P. if you hire Bob for a private lesson.

Video taken by Jerry Mercier (photographer) of Bob J. Mercier with his latest bow kill using his DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING system. This is the 8th largest racked buck Bob has seen while hunting with his amazing D.I.E. system. Bob refers to it as the biggest buck in his life. He is referring to its 17 non-typical points.

Bob J. Mercier filming himself from his tree stand on November 5 2009. He commented on the amazing hunt he had that day when he successfully harvested a monster 17 point non-typical buck with his bow at 10 yards at 9:30 am. That buck fought another buck 35 yards straight downwind of Bob’s D.I.E. Scrape, just one minute before Bob arrowed him. Bob grazed the shoulder of a different buck (a typical 10-pointer) that happened to be the king of the herd, just 2 ½ hours earlier that day. The dominant buck walked under him and only presented Bob with a spine shot. Bob overshot the buck’s back and only grazed the buck’s shoulder. He saw 3 monster bucks in two and a half hours on the third day of his last bow-D.I.E. hunt to date. This year Bob will be hunting with his bow again. He will post the photos when he harvests his next D.I.E. buck.

Bob in Dubuque Iowa with the first copy of his book on the day he picked them up from Quad/Graphics. This book took Bob 2 ½ years to complete, and from what customers are saying it was worth the wait. Many people say it is the best book they ever read. Help us spread the word. If you want to get something nice for a loved one, buy a D.I.E. book for them, and ask them to share it with you. You will not regret it. www.dominanceiseverything.com

This video was made on March 12 2012, filmed by Bob J. Mercier on his cell phone. Bob was with a new D.I.E. hunter on a One-On-One. It was raining that day, and the two guys dressed for any weather. Bob Schweitzer of Waukesha County Wisconsin found a shed antler after being in the woods only 10 minutes with Bob. It was an extraordinary day for both men.

This video was made on March 12 2012, filmed by Bob J. Mercier on his cell phone. Again with Bob Schweitzer of Waukesha County Wisconsin on the same One-On-One as a previous video where they found a shed antler together. This time they found the whole skeleton of a mature 8-pointer. It was less than 100 yards from where the shed antler was found and only 40 yards from the dominant buck’s bed. You never know what you will find when you walk among kings.