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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The rut is just 2 weeks away! Hooray!

Believers in DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING are getting restless. They are new to hunting with the D.I.E. System and many of them are calling me to ask questions for support and to gain the confidence they need to have in the ability of the D.I.E. hunting system. I have been taking calls, reassuring my customers that they have to have faith in the power of the system, and that they have to prevent themselves from telling any deer they are human before Day 1 of their upcoming maiden hunt.

D.I.E. hunters do not scout prior to ten days from the time you want to be in the stand. That means not before October16 if you want to have 100% odds from the start.

The rut turns on between October 12 and 16 each year in WI, MN, MI, and IL. Do not scout for the rut before it has begun. If you do you will be noticed when you go back during the rut for a second visit. Deer watch people when people tell the deer they are coming back. I avoid going in and out of any property I am going to hunt with D.I.E., because I know the king is aware of all danger to his herd, and I will be a danger if I am just there to look around. You need a reason to go into the deer world, and once you have a reason, your mission there can be accomplished. D.I.E. Hunters will know what that means.

If you are gearing up for your next D.I.E. Hunt this fall, get out an purchase the lures needed to become two invisible deer. Without them you are just a flash in the pan. Wash all your clothes in scent-free soap, and be sure you are practicing with your weapon on a regular basis.

I am gearing up for a hunt to remember this October. I am making two changes to my normal regiment in hopes I can accomplish both goals and come out of the hunt with a monster buck to show for it.

The first thing I am doing different is I am being filmed on this hunt. I asked a friend (Mike Swan) and fellow D.I.E. Hunter to film me on my next hunt. No one to this day has ever provided me with video to prove the dominant buck will come in during daylight with two invisible hunters in his world. We have always hunted with D.I.E. alone, up until now. I am doing it so you can see what a D.I.E. Hunter sees when a king approaches his/her stand site (hunting the hunter).

I have never failed to see a king within 35 yards of my stand in daylight, while hunting with D.I.E. all day, when I was alone. This will be new to me, but if the king does come in, it will open the door for folks who like to sit together to do so with some instruction from me, on just how to accomplish it.

The second thing I am modifying on this hunt is the timeline. I am hunting one week earlier than anyone has hunted since I developed the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Trophy Buck Hunting System in 1998. I intend to prove that the herd bucks compete all rut long, and that anyone can meet a king at any time of the rut, as long as the D.I.E. Hunter uses my system 100% as directed.

If you have only wished you would see a mature buck on every hunt, and if you are willing to use a completely new system to accomplish the goal before you, then you should become a D.I.E. Hunter. I have never met a person who bought my book or read it entirely who hunted with it for up to 4 consecutive days waiting for a mature dominant buck to arrive, who ever failed to see a mature buck on that hunt. Some people set it up wrong and they fail to see the dominant buck because he has discovered they are humans, and he will not come to any human in daylight if he knows you are a human. Those folks can brush off their pride and go out and set it up right the second time. Then they will meet the king.

There are three rules to having success the first time with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING. They are:

  1. No Trail Cameras anywhere on the property.
  2. No other humans within 150 yards of you while you are hunting (200 yards is preferred)
  3. Follow all the rules per the book "DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck!" sold at www.dominanceiseverything.com

If you want to be hunted by kings, or if you want to be taught how to walk among deer unnoticed, I invite you to purchase and read my first book. There are more books to follow, and each of them will be about specific topics I am an expert at teaching. Look for them in 2014 and beyond.