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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jeff Fischer, Matt Nelson, & Vince Lease harvested D.I.E. Bucks with a bow!

As of November 14th 2012 there are 22 people in the world with harvested D.I.E. Bucks. These folks have been hunted by a mature buck that was in love, and believed they (the deer hunters) were going to be the buck's next mate.

#20 is Jeff Fischer of Sun Prairie WI - 10 pointer bow October 29 2012
#21 is Matt Nelson of Greenfield WI - 10 pointer bow November 2 2012
#22 is Vince Lease of Fennimore WI - 11 pointer bow November 14 2012

Photos and hunter testimonials are coming soon. 

Please call in your first D.I.E. Buck harvest, so we (you and I) can share your experience using my hunting tactics (D.I.E. Hunting System) for the first time, with the world. 

Not everyone meets a dominant buck on every D.I.E. hunt but the bucks these men have met up close, have all been either the biggest buck they ever shot or the second biggest. That is excellent news for all the people in the world that believe in DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING. You are bound to have a hunt of a lifetime on every hunt that you complete with D.I.E.

A complete hunt is one you go on, and do not quit before you meet a mature buck. D.I.E. Hunters are calling in with dead bucks to report and I am ranking them as one of the first men/women in the world to hunt with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING. To successfully harvest a mature buck with it, and to be willing to share their hunting experience with you. The point of calling in a D.I.E. buck is to get credit for your accomplishment. Not to brag. We are all about sharing our experiences with the world.

There will be hundred of thousands of D.I.E. hunters in the future. Most of which, will tell their family members and friends that reading the book "DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck!" has changed their deer hunting lives. The days of hoping for a monster buck or waiting to see a mature buck in bow range are over. The fact is... D.I.E. Hunters are hunted by mature bucks.


'Hunt' or be 'The Hunted' - It's a choice!

Harold Polster is #19 in the world with D.I.E.!

Harold Polster of Phillips Wisconsin harvested a 2 1/2 year old 8 pointer while bow hunting near Phillips Wisconsin on public land. Congratulations Harold, on a successful crammed D.I.E. Hunt!

Harold's Testimonial (below)

Just want to say thank you for sharing your D.I.E. hunting system with me.
My first D.I.E. hunt took place a week ago which produced a 3.5 year old intruder 8 pointer 20 yards upwind of me but never offered the right shot so I had to pass.  I talked to Bob after that hunt and told him I only had Saturday 11-10-12 to hunt.  Bob advised me to set up on Friday mid-day and "cram the system".  That's exactly what I did and at 8 am on Saturday an 8 pointer came in from downwind "on a string" towards my scrape.  This buck had his nose as high in the air as he could, scent checking the area.  I passed his test because Bob taught me how to become invisible to deer.  After a brief stand-off, this buck turned broadside at 15 yards.  I let the arrow fly through his "pump station".  He went about 75 yards and tipped over".
Harold Polster  Phillips, WI   11-10-12  "And I approve this message"