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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Testimonial "Vince Lease" (One-On-One Private Lesson)

Vince Lease #22 in the world with D.I.E. with his first D.I.E. Buck !
A dandy 11-pointer. This man had a plan and he stuck to it!
I am proud of you Vince!

"With seeing a dozen or more different small bucks for each of the past few years and knowing full well there had to be bigger bucks in the area, I called Bob Mercier.  Actually within two hours of hearing of his way of locating and harvesting dominant bucks I gave him a call.  Two days later in early May, I had him come to my farm in Grant County for a one-on-one seminar.  With not having read his book prior to that day, I was awestruck as to his knowledge of deer behavior.  I have been bow hunting since 1967 and learned more that day than all those years of hunting.  Bob made real sense of all the deer behavior that I had witnessed in the woods all those years.

Bob, after lecturing me for five hours on the D.I.E. technique, took me to the woods to locate the dominant buck’s bed.  After looking at a map of the farm, locating three different rubs, and drawing lines on the farm map, he quickly and instinctively found his bed with escape tunnels along with the dominant buck’s tracks.  He told me where to set up and how to be hunted by him…the dominant buck.

I followed Bob’s D.I.E. setup as best I could and of course with a prevailing northwest wind in mind.  As with most activities in the outdoors… things didn’t go quite as planned.  The wind ended up being a south to southeast wind for the next several days and job responsibilities made it impossible to hunt each of the 4 consecutive days.  I was only able to hunt Day1, part of Day 3, and on Day 5 (which was modifying the system a bit).  With a S/SE wind I knew I would be outlined if he walked into the wind to the scrape.  So, I moved my stand 100 yards straight north of the scrape in hopes of catching him in a hallway between his bedroom and the D.I.E. scrape.  On Day 5, Wednesday, November 14, I saw him leaving his bedding area and he did slip by me on his way to the D.I.E. scrape.  I gave one grunt and he turned completely around and came right to me.  A real nice 11 pointer, double-lunged at 15 yards, and went only 35 yards after impact.

We also shot an old 14 pointer and a mature 8 pointer within 100 yards, and a huge 9 pointer with a 19.5 in. spread within 200 yards of that same scrape, during the rifle season.  Bob sure pointed me in the right direction as to where to hunt way back in May.

I’m looking forward to next year with hopes of getting better at perfecting the techniques and experiencing the results of D.I.E.'


Vince Lease
Fennimore, WI