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Friday, January 4, 2013

Bill Haga got a 14-pt. D.I.E. buck

I am proud to announce that Bill Haga has broken the mold for D.I.E. Hunters. Bill was hunting land that one of his friends owned in WI this gun season. His friend was using my D.I.E. Scrape and the entire system and Bill decided he would not. He would only behave as a deer and make all deer that hear him, smell him, or look at him, believe he is a deer. Because D.I.E. hunters are sure to be scent-free and do not put any deer scent on our body, the buck that beds downwind of us has to come to find us in order to identify us as a deer. That is what Bill figured on when he went afield on opening day of the 2012 -WI gun deer season.

Bill told me he is 70 years old and he walked 400 yards in daylight on Day 1 of the 2012 WI gun deer hunt, just to get to his stand in daylight and to avoid bothering his friend's ultimate D.I.E. Set up a couple of hundred yards away. When he got there he settled into his stand and within a few minutes this 14-pointer rose from his bed over 100 yards away and started his mission to enter the area that Bill was situated in. Bill shot the buck at 50 yards with his rifle. Bill told me he knew he was invisible. Bill never had a buck with a rack like this one, ever walk close by like this one did. He said it was different to walk among deer in daylight and he will be using the D.I.E. system on his next hunt.

All in all there were 4 hunters on the land that Bill Haga # 27 in the world with D.I.E., hunted and each of them shot a dandy mature buck within a few hundred yards of the land owner's D.I.E. Scrape.

My D.I.E. System will bring the most dominant buck in the area at the time within 35 yards of the system's user if the hunter allows the buck to advance. In Bill Haga's case he shot the buck at 50 yards as he was in the open. Bill chose to shoot because he had a gun and could make a fatal shot. It is up to you to use my system as you choose. I would have shot the buck at the first moment I could have as well. In the case of gun hunters many of them shoot the buck outside 35 yards, but I am sure if they waited the buck would indeed come in.

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