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Monday, January 28, 2013

My expertise is unmatched... Read this and believe me...It is tough not to!

Recently I was submitting some seminar topic ideas to a promoter of a Sports Show, and after letting him choose a couple of topics from this list of six, I am an expert at, I decided to share them with you (the public).

These are all topics I am writing about and will have either books or pamphlets written about in the future. I think every deer hunter should know how to scout for deer not for a tree stand, and know how deer think when you are not around. That way you can think like they will be when you are around, and you can make a choice. 

The Dominance Is Everything Deer Hunting System
'Hunt' of be 'The Hunted' - It's a choice!

2013 Seminar Topics for Sports Shows
  1. Dominance Is Everything - Hunting Dominant Bucks
  2. Dominance Is Everything - How Deer Communicate
  3. Dominance Is Everything - How to find the daytime haunts of monster bucks
  4. Dominance Is Everything  How to become invisible to deer, on foot, in a tree, and while moving
  5. Dominance Is Everything - How to approach bedded down deer in daylight to within 35 yards
  6. Dominance Is Everything - How to find a mature buck, on any parcel of land.
I have over 100 additional topics that I may teach in the future, many of which no one has ever taught about before me. I believe that anyone that reads my book or comes to a D.I.E. Seminar, will know more about whitetail deer behavior when they complete the book, or attend a seminar, than 99% of the world's population. 

I am also quite sure that each of clients who walked land with me on a One-On-One is skilled enough to be able to find the three core doe bedding areas within every dominant buck's herd (something I discovered and wrote about in my book). They know how to identify their location from looking at one shredded buck rub, one deer bed impression, or viewing one deer feeding on a field, no matter what time of the year they see those signs of deer. They have seen deer sign both fresh and old, and I have taught them to 'read it like a deer'. These folks who I call D.I.E. Hunters are good at thinking like a deer. They love it! 

The best part of learning the whole DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING concept of making bucks fight over you, is the fact that it has not failed to bring the king within 35 yards of its user. That means when you use D.I.E you have a date with the king of the herd. How awesome is that? I have learned from deer, that a human can mimic deer behavior, and be invisible to deer, at the same time. I am proud to share my tactics with anyone willing to learn. 

The progress that I myself and the other D.I.E. Book owners are making towards getting a complete understanding of whitetail deer behavior is huge. We share stories of our hunts with one another and the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Deer Hunting System is the common denominator in every story. It makes you invisible to deer, and then, it makes deer believe you are a pair of deer that have come from a mile or more away. They hunt you! The biggest - racked bucks in the herd do! They will not tolerate a challenging intruder in their midst. It is the easiest way to see a big buck in the rut, and to know if he isn't the king, that the king is still on his way!


You are not human when you hunt with D.I.E., because no deer will ever 'hunt' a human, therefore you could never tell a deer that you are human. Only you know you are. I teach you not to ever tell any animals in the woods, that way they have to guess what you are. Most deer are happy guessing, and they do not even care that you are there walking among the herd in daylight, but the king of the herd cares. He is the sole owner of his territory, and he will not allow any deer, buck or doe, to live (bed) with his herd members without checking in with him. You must believe that deer are smart, in order to believe in the D.I.E. System. All mature deer are smart. I believe it, and so do my readers, and those who have hunted with my tactics since 2001 (when I taught the first person). You see folks you are what the dominant buck and his competitors are brainwashed into believing you are, and that is a breeding pair of deer. 

No, we do not wear deer hides. We do not put any scent on our bodies or clothing. I never advise endangering yourself in any way. Every moment of a D.I.E. hunt has been scripted before you start into it. You are presenting the herd there with real-life situations, and you will offer them up to deer in a manner that they believe that the signs you leave are real. Made by real live deer-not a human. If they believe it who are you to burst their bubble. Remember by following the step-by-step instructions for making a D.I.E. Scrape and by hunting (going to and from it) in daylight as I teach, you are telling the deer that you are a real intruder buck or doe. The D.I.E. system works for everyone because I did my homework, before I decided to share it with anyone. 

I studied hundreds of deer in a 6 mile by 3.5 mile area for 6 years and in that time I learned from them what signs they leave while eating, drinking, walking, defecating, urinating, bedding for a short time, bedding for a long period, encountering other deer that are in no danger, encountering other deer that are fleeing danger, etc... 

I read deer sign, and I think like a deer so I know what the deer that left the sign, was thinking. In my book and at each of my seminars and One-On-Ones I teach you to see deer sign from their perspective, and to analyze it as I have for the past three decades in secrecy. It does not matter where the sign is on the land, or what the weather forecast is, when a D.I.E. hunter finds any deer sign they are trained by me to read it, to know what it means to other deer, and to know what to do because of your discovery of it.

You too can read the signs deer leave, but the secret is to 'read them like a deer', and to forget you are a hunter or a human (if not a hunter), it takes you out of the Traditional Deer Hunter viewpoint and into the D.I.E. Hunter mentality. Think of it as you have to be a deer when you are moving, a bush when standing still, and the wind blowing through the trees while walking on the edges of cover if you must. Deer are used to those things. They see them in everyday life. Every step of every day is a decision for a deer. Do I step there or don't I? It could mean their death if they do or if they don't! This is not about humans folks! It is not what you would do if you were them. It is what a dominant buck would think you are if you walked one way rather than another. You see he is the only enforcer of the deer laws. 


I Robert J. Mercier (Bob) invented the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Deer Hunting System, and until now I have held a low profile. Times are changing for all of us D.I.E. Hunters (we number over 2000), and it is time for the rest of America to see that this is for real, and it is for everyone. No one has failed to see it work just as I say it does. It brings the king of the herd to a hunter, in less than 4 consecutive days of the rut. You can use my 'walking like a deer' tactics to walk into deer bedding areas all year long and shoot a deer, or take its picture that way too. It is up to you to do what you want with the information I am providing to you in my book. 

I am taking my system nationwide this year. It is going to be in stores this fall. With the help of those who already own a copy of my book we are sending a message to every man, woman or child across America. If you want to learn about whitetail deer then get your hands on a copy of Bob J. Mercier's "DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck!" copyright 2011. You will not be disappointed!

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Paul Gretzinger of Pulaski WI is #16 in the world with D.I.E.

I am proud to announce that Paul Gretzinger of Shawano County WI has harvested a 10 pointer with a 17-inch inside spread, green scoring 148-inches and weighing 185 lbs (live weight).

Congratulations Paul!
Welcome to my world! 
Bob J. Mercier
Read Paul's own words (below)

"First thing I want to say is WOW! The D.I.E. system really works. The information that is in the book make sense and is easy to understand. Thank you Bob for putting a book like this together. I have used the D.I.E. System and on my first hunt with it I bagged the biggest buck of my life. I modified the system because I had not quite read the whole book. I use the information in the book to put up my stand in the best location for success. The day I hunted the area the first time I walked like a deer to my stand and walked within 15 yards of a monster buck and he never even knew I was there. He thought I was a doe walking by. When I got in my stand the buck was only 15 yard out he was making his way towards me. He was looking for the the doe(me walking like a deer). I took the shot and now I have a huge 10 point buck hanging on my wall. I could not have done this without the knowledge that I have gained from this book. Once again, thank you Bob you have changed the way I hunt, and the way I think about deer."

Paul Gretzinger Pulaski WI