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Friday, December 20, 2013

Bob's 2nd WI Guided D.I.E. Hunt Testimonial for 2013!

"I believe that Bob’s DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Deer Hunting System is truly as great as he says it is. The King of the herd hunted me, for three consecutive days in the rut. November 23, 24, and 25 – the first three days of the 2013 Wisconsin gun deer season. The D.I.E. System brought him within sight in the afternoon on the first day and he came within 80 yards, just out of sight, during daylight each of the next two days, while I was in my stand.

In addition, the first morning two other mature bucks circled my stand just outside of 40 yards.
Multiple does came in each day and stayed just outside of 40 yards, sometimes for 15 to 20 minutes. Some does had their tails at 45º angles towards the sky, which Bob taught me to believe it means they are in heat. The does paced back and forth. There were no fawns present, only very large mature does.
None of these deer ever became aware of my presence, as a man.

Bob scouted our 240 acres with me, on two occasions in preparation for this hunt. He showed me the territories of three different dominant bucks. We chose to select this site 1/2 mile from the main road, because of logging and hunting pressure on the southern two 80 acre parcels.

Bob constructed first one then two of his D.I.E. Scrapes exactly as he directs us to do in his book. He then advised me, showing me how to make (2) modifications to the standard D.I.E. System Set-Up that users normally follow:

1.) I prefer to hunt from the ground, but Bob advised against it. Through considerable discussion, he agreed to set up the ground blind and guide me on how to do it the right way so I would not ‘get busted’ in the blind.

2.)    We decided that setting two D.I.E. Scrapes inside the pecking order breeding zone (not standard procedure) would get the dominant buck’s attention right away. Of course, with my first day in the stand being the opening day of gun deer season, we expected that the herd bucks would feel some hunting pressure on the properties bordering ours, so we thought it would be best to move into the breeding zone in this one instance, rather than hunt in a transition area. This way a first day encounter with a king would be most likely.

Other than these two alterations, I followed Bob’s instructions from his book in every detail by re-reading the sections on the Set-Up and Hunt Procedure each evening, so I had a plan for the coming day in the stand.

Mature bucks hunted me and the king kept on returning when I was there and when I was not. He owns the land that I walked in on, and the land I set up on, and he was patrolling it trying to find the intruder buck and doe, but instead he found out I was not an intruder buck on Day 3.

On Day 1, just north of my stand 60 yards, a mature buck crossed an opening then 30 minutes later another mature buck did the same thing. The does took this same path, as it was a breeding zone. An hour later, the king crossed the same area for a two-second sighting. He had his nose forward and his rack laid on his back. His body was twice the size of the previous two bucks.

When I walked out, exactly as Bob teaches in his book, I saw the king’s splayed toed tracks in each of my boot tracks I made while coming in. There were 6 inches of fresh snow, and his tracks in mine were clear to see. My stand was up on a hill and he followed me to the foot of the hill then circled away. He was hunting me and he pushed his track in mine with the dew points standing out. It is interesting how wide he spread his toes apart, at almost 45-degree angles.

On Day 2 of my hunt, the wind was coming from the opposite direction and many of the does, except for two older ones had left the area. When I came in on Day 3, I was shocked to see the king had trailed me all the way (1/2 mile), to where I was picked up the night before. He stood right where I got into the car. He patterned me! When I got to the base of the first hill, he was on top directly upwind waiting for me. All I heard was pounding then 5 wheeze whistles.

I continued on to my stand and he came in three hours later. He stood up on a hill, and walked back and forth dragging his hooves into the leaves beneath the snow. He pounded his hooves 60 yards away, just out of sight, directly upwind of the ground blind. He had a clear view to my D.I.E. Scrapes from there. He then whistled several times. He was there quite a while but I could not get sight of him because his stayed just over the hill.

So on the afternoon of Day 3 of my first D.I.E. hunt with a gun, I ended the hunt and went to investigate. His tracks on top the hill and on the other side told me he had been there several times in the three days. Although there was six inches of fresh snow on the ground, he kicked up the leaves and dirt in an area that was 80-yards long.

This king hunted me all three days because I followed the rules set by Bob J. Mercier for his Dominance Is Everything Deer Hunting System. I believe in the D.I.E. System and in Bob’s skills that I now have, which set us apart from all traditional deer hunters.

The things I learned changed my hunting life. I am 62 years old and grew up in a hunting tradition. Here are a few specific things I learned:

1)      Trust what Bob teaches. When I experienced the king of the herd, the words Bob spoke while training me, came alive and I started to fit them together into a puzzle, I could not see before.

2)      The king was looking for me, the doe, upwind of the D.I.E. Scrape and he was calling me to go to him. If I was in a tree, I would have had several shots each day upwind of the scrape. In the ground blind, I was hidden, but it restricted my view.

3)      Even when he busted me (he saw something walking like a deer that wasn’t a deer), and he alarmed-out wheeze whistling on the hill top, while I walked the ½ mile to my stand on Day 3, he still came looking for the doe, and intruder buck at the location of my D.I.E. Scrapes. I don’t believe he busted me as a human, but he busted me knowing I was not an intruder buck, or a doe.

4)      The king did not want to go straight up a hill to follow my tracks all the way in. Every time he turned and angled up the hill crosswind in thick cover.

There are many more points I learned from this guided D.I.E. hunt, but I would recommend having Bob teach you, and use my hunt as a basis for understanding why each of these things happened as they did. Next year, with a few modifications from Bob I will get a clear shot at this animal. The king reminded me of a moose, a majestic buck with a huge body and large rack. I am sure he was the king of his herd because he showed no fear, splayed his toes, and was intent on showing his dominance to every deer that walked through his territory."

Mike Swan – Green Bay WI
December 13, 2013