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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The first 27 successful D.I.E. Hunters on earth!


The D.I.E. Hunter's Pecking Order

I wish to thank the first people who shot D.I.E. Bucks for providing me with proof that any person can get a mature buck by choosing to change the way they hunt deer. These twenty seven men set the standards for others who are new to the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING System. They proved to be worthy of training, and they made me proud for using it as directed, and for using their intelligence to think like a deer, when they thought a modification would work for them. D.I.E. Hunters never assume. We read the facts about deer, by reading deer sign like the deer that left it, and we trust in the facts. That is what sets us apart from deer hunters who hunt traditionally. There is nothing like being 'hunted' by a king!

I will be posting the photos of their bucks on this blog in the coming days.
Check back here to see the dandy bucks that 'hunted' these men.
These are the statistics of the first 27 harvested bucks taken by deer hunters who used Bob J. Mercier's tactics that make mature bucks approach the stand site of a D.I.E. Hunter. Note: The D.I.E. Scrape is only one of Bob's tactics, and hunting without a D.I.E. Scrape is an option for any D.I.E. Hunter, as long as they remain invisible to deer.

We are
 "Those who are hunted by kings!"

To join us. Go to www.DominanceIsEverything.com to buy a D.I.E. Book.

Your deer hunts will never be the same.
These men and thousands of other men and women will attest to that.

A Special Thanks from Bob,

I do appreciate seeing and hearing about the results of your D.I.E. Hunts, whether you used it as directed or modified the D.I.E. System, does not matter to me. If you are seeing more trophy racked bucks on your deer hunts because of what you learned from me, then I am happy for you.

I intended my efforts of writing and teaching others to walk among herds of deer unnoticed, to be rewarded with gratitude by those who have enjoyed using the D.I.E. System. I hoped they would tell all their friends about it! I found out after two years of selling my books and teaching private lessons, and group seminars that most people who learn to hunt like me love it, and they do not want anyone else to know what they are doing. So instead of telling everyone, they are keeping it a secret.

These men in the D.I.E. Hunter's Pecking Order were not selfish. They want you to know that my system really works. Not once in a while, but every time! We (D.I.E. Hunters everywhere) are on a mission to change deer hunting forever!


'Hunt' or be "The Hunted" - It's a Choice! 


It gives me great pride to know I have made a difference in the deer hunting world. Please send photos of the bucks you shot while using my tactics, and I will promote them on my website or my blogs for everyone to see. Please call me for Testimonial Submission or you can submit testimonials directly on my website by clicking here. All photographs must either be texted to (262) 719-2743 or emailed to bob@dominanceiseverything.com

Thank you,
Bob J. Mercier

5 D.I.E. Hunters are featured at the Feb 1st 2014 D.I.E. Training Classes in Green Bay WI

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I have invited 5 men who hunted with D.I.E. after I sold them a book, trained them in seminar, 
taught them in a private lesson, or guided their 2013 deer hunt with gun or bow in Wisconsin..
They are coming and they are bringing their D.I.E. Bucks!
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Help me welcome Bernie Miller - Hatley WI with his three D.I.E. Bucks. Two of which I have photos of. (below)

Bernie Miller and his first D.I.E. Buck which landed him with the rank of #5 in the  D.I.E. Hunter's Pecking Order
A 15-pointer that hunted Bernie Miller with D.I.E.

Bob Schneider of Chilton WI with a 10-point swamp buck that hunted him in 2012 with the D.I.E. System
Jerry Gardner with a mature 6-point King of the herd. Shot 10-27-13 in WI. Awesome and Rare!

Jerry Gardner of Green Bay WI - Attended the last D.I.E. Training Seminar I put on in Green Bay in 2013. He did what I taught him and the king hunted him. A six point king that stiff-legged his way towards the stand site of an invisible first-time D.I.E. Hunter! What could be better than this for anyone who owns a copy of my book?

This photo shows the huge body size of Jerry Gardner's 6-point D.I.E. King. He dressed out at over 220 pounds.

Mike Swan and Randy Buechel were both guided by me in 2013. They both met the king of the herd on the first day of their D.I.E. Hunt, but neither man was fortunate enough to kill the king. It happens to everyone, at one time or another, but that does not take away from the fact that they are successful D.I.E. Hunters, and I have the utmost respect for them for being willing to tell the public that my D.I.E. System really does change everything. It makes kings of herds hunt you, because of your change in behavior, and the will you must have to continue the hunt until the king presents himself to you. Awesome job! I cannot wait to see them tell their hunt stories to the attendees of these two training classes on February 1, 2014 in Green Bay WI.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Glen Sheetz reports getting an OHIO D.I.E. Buck in 2013!

The first person to report a D.I.E. Buck that was harvested in Ohio is Glen Sheetz. 

Congratulations Glen!

You are now "One who is hunted by kings!"
Massive 8-pointer taken by Glen Sheetz of Ohio using the D.I.E. System in 2013

"Bob walked with me on my land, pointed out everything about the way deer move and spend their time, their breeding area, all about rubs, and where to set up the D.I.E. System. It is like he has a supernatural knowledge of deer. He knows more about deer than anyone I know." 

Thanks Bob

Glen Sheetz, Ohio 2013

Monday, January 13, 2014

Paul Roden of Cedarburg WI shot a 8-Point king with D.I.E.

Paul Roden is one of the first people on earth to hunt with my D.I.E. System and in 2013 he was 'hunted by this 8-point king of the herd. Paul and I have taken numerous trips afield to his favorite hunting spots, so I could teach him what dominant bucks think. How they move from place to place and how to make the king of any deer herd hunt you. Paul is a devout user of the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Deer Hunting System, and I am as proud as an inventor can be that he has realized his dream and has taken a king while hunting with my tactics. The D.I.E. System is ours to share. I thank God for people like Paul Roden, who have a passion to learn all they can from deer. Congratulations Paul!

Read Paul's Testimonial (below)


What a thrill!!  55 years old and finally I get big bucks close in good daylight, using "Dominance Is Everything" I have finally got a nice buck with my bow. Okay... I wasn't Mr. Perfect Hunter before, but I felt there had to be a way to target big bucks.  Bob's D.I.E. System does what I wanted.

This year I set up on Tuesday then went to my stand Friday at 7:20. Did as instructed and at 4:30 I shot an 8 pointer, 18.5 inch spread, 186 pound dressed buck.  He pawed at the ground by the D.I.E. Scrape seconds before I drilled him at 18-20 yards.  He showed up looking like he had no fears at the scrape.

I have now completed 3 D.I.E hunts, and all have gone as Bob has predicted. Getting them close in daylight is no guarantee to getting a clean shot.

This year it all worked and by Friday at 4:30 pm on Day 1, I had my buck.

Bob's biggest help to me was his personal visit to my hunting land. He is a "Deer Whisperer".  His knowledge of deer is off the charts. I cringe when I read blogs that criticize what Bob teaches.  Until you have spent a day with Bob, don't judge.  He doesn't knock anyone else's methods, he just teaches what he knows. The DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Trophy Buck Hunting System has worked great for me.

Thanks Bob for a very interesting 2 years of hunting, the best two of my hunting career."

Best Wishes,
Paul Roden
Cedarburg- Keep them guesing !!!

Jerry Gardner of Green Bay WI - Harvested a Dominant 6-Pt. Buck with D.I.E. in 2013

Thanks to Jerry Gardner of Green Bay WI, D.I.E. System Users now have more knowledge about deer behavior. Jerry hunted with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING in 2013 for the first time in Northeast Wisconsin with his bow, and he was hunted by a 6- point monster bodied buck that weighed 220 pounds (dressed weight). Until Jerry called me to thank me for teaching my D.I.E. System to him, and then to let me know he was successful at harvesting a rare king, on his first attempt using it, I only had knowledge that kings of herds could be 7 pointers. I didn't ever think that a mature buck would grow a 6 point rack.

Based on the facts that Jerry has shared with me, regarding this mature buck's behavior as he approached Jerry's stand site, I am convinced that he did own territory and was truly the king of the herd on the day he was harvested.

Congratulations go out to Jerry Gardner for becoming 'One  who is hunted by kings!'

Welcome to my club Jerry!

Here is Jerry's Testimonial and photos of him and his rare buck. Enjoy,

Dear Bob,

     "I would like to thank you for writing Dominance Is Everything...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! I bought the book at the Green Bay Deer show; I also attended your seminar this past winter.
I hunt in Northern Iron County, Wisconsin on public land; I have been a traditional hunter (as you say) for the past 30 years with some success. I harvested a two and a half year old and a three and a half year old buck.

     As I was reading your book, things started to make a lot of sense! I was not only looking forward to trying your “Dominance Is Everything “ System I was also very excited!

     I had an area where I wanted to set up the D.I.E. System and I scouted it on October 24, 2013. I found a likely location, however there were very few deer tracks. On October 27, 2013 I made my way to my D.I.E. stand, and I arrived at 7:15 am. I sat all day without seeing any deer. (The D.I.E. Scrape was covered with pine needles and leaves).

     At 5:50 pm I saw a large bodied buck about seventy yards away. He rubbed on one tree, and then went to another tree where he rubbed and made a scrape, he then did a 180 degree flip. He proceeded to walk towards me, (I was facing the scrape). When he was behind a tree, I stood up and readied for a shot. The buck walked parallel to my stand; I shot at 15 yards striking the buck center, but high. (I was 25 feet up in the tree) I watched as the buck ran off, within seconds I saw the buck fall about 80 yards away, all was quiet.

     I waited 15 minutes before leaving the tree stand.  I found part of my arrow, but no blood. I decided to leave the deer lay over night. It was a long sleepless night, with lots of praying. I had made plans with a few friends to find my trophy in the morning. We arrived at the tree stand around 8:30 am October 28, 2013. We walked about 40 yards when my friend yelled “here he is and he’s a big one! The dominant buck was a 6-pointer with 4 inch bases a 15 inch inside spread, and heavy beams. The most impressive part was his weight; he weighed 220 lbs dressed out, and he had about one inch of fat on his hind quarters."

Thank you,
God Bless you & your wife

Sincerely, Jerry Gardner