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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Five D.I.E. Bucks on display! It makes me proud!

I want to thank Jerry Gardner of De Pere Wisconsin and Bernie Miller of Hatley Wisconsin for sharing their D.I.E. Hunter Testimonials with the public. This photo was taken by a seminar attendee at my February 1 2014 D.I.E. Hunter Training Seminar held at the Country Inn & Suites in Green Bay WI. Thank you to that person and every other D.I.E. Hunter who is willing to help us get the word out that D.I.E. is a real easy way for deer hunters to have close encounters with majestic kings of herds and their competitors.

Bernie Miller (center) is one of the most talented D.I.E. Hunters on the planet. Bernie became the fifth person on the planet to harvest a mature buck while using Bob J. Mercier's tactics, which are included in his book. I taught him in 2010 in another customer's living room, when I put on a 3-4 hour training seminar. At the time, I did not have my book DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! Copyright 2011 published yet. Bernie was a good listener, and he took a few good notes. When Bernie first hunted with D.I.E., he was bow hunting in WI and the king busted him, when he got out of his stand. He was not supposed to leave the tree stand, but being a bit skeptical he broke a D.I.E. Hunter rule and the king stood up from his bed less than 20 yards away from his stand, and saw the man, instead of an invisible deer. Bernie’s first successful hunt came just a few days later win the 2010 WI gun deer season. He actually got a second chance to shoot the king of the herd on a different property than his first D.I.E. bow hunt. He had hit the 10 pointer that he bagged with his gun shown here (Upper Right Corner) a week before he met me. He was bow hunting and hit the buck in the shoulder blade. Bernie asked me in seminar if the king of the herd would come to a D.I.E. Scrape if he were injured from a broad head in his shoulder blade. I replied that he would come if he was still king, but if he was badly injured he would not show up. Bernie's testimonial says it all. He claimed his COMBO BUCK - One arrow and one bullet when he used my invention The DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING D.I.E. Scrape during the rut, on the same parcel. The king came to the D.I.E. Scrape on Day 1 of his first hunt there, a fine 10-pointer with a split brow tine (Upper Right Mount). He got him with a 7 mm magnum when the buck lowered his head to rub the tree behind his D.I.E. Scrape. Since then Bernie has taken the two other bucks shown here (Middle Mount and Lower Left Mount), while using a D.I.E. Scrape 100% as directed. He prides himself on his ability to walk among deer unnoticed, to enter the territory of kings, without any deer ever identifying him as a human. I wanted to feature Bernie Miller, because of his talent and his dedication to hunt with my D.I.E. System 100% as directed. Way to go Bernie!Bernie Miller also gave a video testimonial that can be seen on YouTube. Click Here to View it.

Jerry Gardner (Left) is pictured here with his first D.I.E. Buck (Top Left Mount), a 6-point Dominant D.I.E. Buck taken in 2013 in Northern Wisconsin. This 6-point buck is mature and he was a king. We are sure of it, because he dragged his legs and splayed his toes placing his dew points down as he made his way inside the invisible 35-yard (radius) bubble that exists around every D.I.E Hunter's D.I.E. Scrape. Only the king of the herd will drag his feet when he enters the invisible bubble. Congratulations go out to Jerry Gardner for his great accomplishment on his first hunt with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING in 2013. Jerry also attended a D.I.E. Training Seminar prior to hunting with D.I.E., and it goes to show you that my training practices produce solid results. Jerry Gardner also gave a video testimonial that can be seen on YouTube. Click Here to View it.

Bob J. Mercier- [ME] is pictured (right). The (Lower Right Mount) is my pride and joy. A 17-point monster un-ranked buck that fought another buck one minute before I shot him with my bow at 10 yards right in front of my D.I.E. Scrape in 2009. He officially scored 172 4/8" Pope & Young. It was the 3rd day of my D.I.E. Hunt. (They do not go longer than 4 days unless you modify the system). I had the king of the herd walk right under my stand two hours earlier, and I shot at him at only 8 feet away. It is a humbling story to tell, because I did not know at the time that my sights were off 9 inches. I aimed for his spine and hit him in the shoulder blade. The buck was a 180" class buck; he was a 10-pointer with 15" G2 and G3 antlers. I will post his photo (below). I have one scouting photo of the king. He trailed me in to my D.I.E. Scrape on November 5 2009 at 7 am. Two hours later, after he left the area, two bucks raced in and stopped just outside the invisible bubble around my D.I.E Scrape. I heard grunting from each buck, and then antlers tickling, then more grunting, and finally three long buck growls. They were the voice of this 17-point non-typical buck. He was telling the other buck (a monster swamp buck with a black coat of hair) to step aside as he goes inside the bubble to breed with the doe, they both thought was there to mate. That was I! I pretend to be a doe that is ready to breed, and because I learned to do what real deer do, they believe I am a deer and never think about me being a human. The 10 pt. king rested his shoulder on the belt-on tree steps I installed the day before. People do not understand whitetail dominant buck behavior as well as I do. I know what deer think, and I can share space with any deer on the planet. When the 17 pointer let out the 2nd of his 3 buck growls his competitor surrendered and exited the area, running wide around the invisible 35 yard bubble, and heading at a dead run straight into the NW wind. Then the 17 pointer charged the D.I.E. Scrape. I stopped him in his tracks with a single buck grunt made from my mouth. He put his feet on the ground instantly and my arrow flew true into his ribs. He went 80 yards and died. I found him in the swamp he lived in. Now that buck adorns the cover of my book, and he is the buck on the logo for the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Deer Hunting System. 

The facts are that all you need to do is buy my book, read it, and believe in it no matter what your friends who know nothing about it say!

I am changing the way deer hunters hunt deer, one hunter at a time.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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