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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Buy my book, do everything I say you should do, nothing more, and nothing less, and expect to be hunted by kings!

For the price of a "HOW TO BOOK" you can be hunted by kings! Every time you hunt deer for the rest of your life! Here are the statistics of some of the people who bought my book and hunted with the D.I.E. System without ever picking up the phone to call, or hiring me to personally train them. You can do it, if you are willing to do what I do, without asking why. The why is in the book, so is the how, the when, and the where. All you need to do is believe in it, and go for it.

Some people get it right the first time just by reading and comprehending Bob's first book titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! © 2011. They call and tell Bob of their amazing first time experience with the KING OF THE HERD HUNTING THEM, ON LAND THEY CHOSE, WHEN THEY FOLLOWED BOB J. MERCIER'S RULES TO SETTING UP AND HUNTING WITH HIS D.I.E. SYSTEM.

Here are some photos of people who never came to seminar but who did what Bob advised them to do (in the pages of his book) These men saw and harvested the best buck of their hunting life on their very first hunt using Bob J. Mercier's DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System. You can too.
Tom Gustafson - IL shot this 13-point buck, older than 3 years of age, less than 35 yards with his bow, on Day 1 of his 2nd  hunt with my D.I.E. System in 2012. He is the 16th man in the world to harvest a D.I.E. BUCK. Tom had a monster 160" class buck approach him on his first D.I.E. Hunt, but he didn't get that buck. He set it up again as directed and this buck came in on the first morning of his next hunt.

Tim Hartley - WI shot this 12-point buck, older than 5 years of age, at 25 yards with his bow, on Day 2 of his first hunt with my D.I.E. System in 2012. He is the 25th man in the world to harvest a D.I.E. BUCK.

Matt Nelson - WI shot this 10-point Monster Dominant Buck, older than 3 years of age, at 5 yards with his bow while standing on the ground, on Day 1 of his first hunt with my D.I.E. System in 2012. He is the 20th man in the world to harvest a D.I.E. BUCK. I do not advise D.I.E. Hunters to hunt from the ground. Matt modified my hunt instructions but the king still came to him and in less than one hour on the first day.

Taylor Galecki - WI Shot this 8-pointer with his gun at 50 yards as the buck made his way towards Taylor. He was taught by his best friend's dad, whom I taught while on a private lesson on the land Taylor hunted later that year. Taylor shot the king of the herd on Day 2 of his first D.I.E. Hunt, and he earned the rank of 24th man in the world to harvest a D.I.E. Buck.

Bill Haga - WI, read the D.I.E. book, and on the first day of WI gun deer season he walked like a deer (as I instruct in my book) to his tree stand and when he got there the king of the herd was bedded nearby. He could not make his own D.I.E. Scrape on the property because his nephew Vince Lease was hunting over one on the same property, and they did not want to pull the king from one scrape to another, as I had directed in my book. This Monster 14-pointer was startled by some people as they drove up to the other side of the parcel and got out of their cars. The buck rose from his bed and walked right towards Bill, knowing full well that the deer he just heard come in (Bill Haga - Invisible D.I.E. HUNTER) would assure him (the monster buck) that he is safe there. Bill shot the buck at 50 yards with his gun. Awesome hunt for a first-time hunter, who modified his first hunt, but met a monster, because he did what a deer would do, rather than what a deer hunter would do. Bill is #26 in the world with D.I.E.

Paul Gretzinger - WI shot this 10-point king at less than 15 yards with his bow on Day 1 of his first D.I.E. Hunt. He modified  the hunt, but still succeeded at harvesting the best buck of his life! Paul is #15 in the world with D.I.E.!

David Stoelb - WI shot this 11-Point Monster Buck on his first hunt in 2012 in WI with his bow. The buck came right to him in less than 20 minutes on Day 5 of his hunt. There is not normally a Day 5 but David confirms he was busted by this buck at 35 yards on Day 1 of the same hunt. He hunted 3 more days and no buck would enter the invisible 35 yard bubble around the D.I.E. Scrape, so he removed his tree stand and re-installed it on the other side of the same D.I.E. Scrape. The next morning the same king came right in as soon as he got there. David Stoelb is #27 in the world with D.I.E.

These results are typical. 

If you do what I do you will be hunted by kings!

Deer Hunters who learn to follow Bob J. Mercier's instructions become 'the hunted', while the king of the herd hunts them. The herd king believes they are a buck and a doe that have entered his territory in order to establish the right to breed there. Most traditional deer hunters do not know what deer think, so they cannot figure out what this all means, that is why Bob wrote a book.. Sharing what he has discovered about deer behavior that no one has ever discovered before him, changes the way deer hunters hunt, and the way deer hunters think, forever.

Because Bob is an expert at explaining all whitetail deer behavior and he discovered the true meaning of over 400 whitetail deer behavioral traits, any person who is willing to follow Bob's tactics 100% will be able to walk among deer unnoticed (as a human). D.I.E. HUNTERS are allowed into all deer herd territories, whereas humans (traditional deer hunters) are not.

If you want to see the best - racked buck in less than 4 days on any parcel of land, at any time, then I wish to tell you there is only one way to accomplish that goal buy Bob J. Mercier's book DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! read it and learn to move through the territory of kings of herds 'like a deer'. Learn how to construct Bob J. Mercier's D.I.E. Scrape and install one on your hunting parcel within 35 yards of a tree stand that you installed the same day as the D.I.E. Scrape. Read the chapters about dominant buck behavior and intruder buck behavior and take on the role of an intruder buck, but be full aware of how to change hats and represent a doe, or a yearling buck at any time. Then read the chapters that explain how the deer herd will behave when they discover your scrape, and decide to become 'the hunted' ahead of time. I mean do not get out of your car at the wood edge without leaving your human brain in the car. You must be a deer when you enter the woods. Not a human. 

So what if you spook a deer or two while walking in. All deer get spooked when a buck from another herd is nearby. Just re-read the D.I.E. Book. It has all the answers to your questions. Become one deer and move through the forest believing your body, and your mind represent a breeding pair of deer. Do what they do, (what I teach you to do), and all deer will allow you to walk right by them to your D.I.E. Scrape. Once there settle in, and pull your weapon up, if you have one. The biggest racked - buck in the area will be coming to you soon. I mean he is on his way now, but he may be distracted by real does in heat or estrus, or by a challenger, or by a human (other than you). Give him time. DO NOT CALL TO HIM. If you stay quiet you stay invisible to all deer. 

Realize that the king of the herd will come to you as soon as he is sure there is not any danger lurking in the 35 yard area (radius) all around your scrape. Some people will see the area's most dominant buck after 8 minutes passes. He will enter the 35 yard invisible bubble, making his way to the D.I.E. Scrape or your tree stand.

That is because dominant bucks have an 8 minute rule, and all mature deer know it, but not all juveniles do! Do not gauge your knowledge base of deer behavior by what any deer less than two years of age, does. Young and dumb deer do not keep the herd safe, and a buck has to be 2 years old in order to hold rank, or to become capable of saving the lives of every member of his herd. For that reason adult deer do not care whether or not juvenile deer listen to them, when faced with a crisis. When faced with imminent danger adult deer send out a warning and then the take care of themselves, leaving the young and dumb (fawns and yearling bucks) behind.

My D.I.E. System attracts mature breeding deer, and makes them comfortable breeding in the area you set the D.I.E. Scrape. If you do not follow the rules, and you fail it is only because you did not follow the rules. No matter what you do, if you set the D.I.E. Scrape up properly, then 72 hours or less the king of the herd owns it. He will come within 35 yards of it during legal shooting hours as long as he does not experience danger, human, or otherwise there, and as long as no trail cameras are in his kingdom. 

I do not owe anyone any explanations about trail camera use, but for those who do not follow my instructions (in my book) regarding trail cameras on properties you are using the D.I.E. System, you are the reason for the Dominant buck's refusal to commit suicide at the D.I.E. Scrape in daylight. He knows when a trail camera is in his territory that a human is there, and he will only visit the D.I.E. Scrape in total darkness to avoid getting shot by a legal deer hunter. Rather than pressure a monster buck into coming in at night to avoid the human (a person who did not follow my rules), I advise you to pull all trail cameras because I have never used any. There are no instructions for using trail cameras on a D.I.E. Hunt except put them in your garage in a box. Then the king of the herd will come to your D.I.E. Scrape in daylight, because you (when you are there) represent a pair of breeding deer, not a man and a trail camera. The king will only do what I teach you if you set the stage the way I have trained thousands of deer hunters before you. If you fail, to see any deer it is because the king knows human(s) are interfering with his breeding process, and he has to inform his pecking order and all the deer in his territory to stay away from you, until you leave. 

Don't like the rules of not using trail cameras? Then I cannot help you, nor do I want to help you. I only want to help deer hunters or people who want to get close to deer in daylight. Using trail cameras deters from a person's ability to accomplish those goals. I have never used a trail camera so I do not give you any advice on how to use them, I only want you to succeed at meeting a king face-to-face on your first D.I.E. HUNT, so I tell you to do what I do. Nothing more and nothing less. I never use trail cameras, so you must not as well. It is that simple. 

For those who want to see a monster buck on every hunt. A buck scoring over 140" but more often 160"- Over 200" then let me teach you my tactic. I call it DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING®, but in order to succeed with it you have to leave the human, in you, at home, and never place any trail cameras in the territory of the king of the herd. Trail cameras are toys. The D.I.E. System is the best tool a deer hunter can have.

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