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Friday, June 27, 2014

I attended "Deer School, and I wrote a book about it! Believers see trophy bucks on every hunt!

I studied at the school of: “The Great Outdoors”
Located on wild lands in the states of: WI, MO, MN, MI, AR & Canada
Field of Study: Whitetail Deer Behavior & How to be able to walk among them unnoticed, monster buck habits, and how to get close to them in daylight
What I achieved: Knowledge about deer behavior that no other human on earth posses. I can read all deer sign just as a deer does, I will tell you what it means to deer, and I will take you to them straight from the location of the sign.

Activities & Societies:
  • ·         Speaker at Sports Shows in U.S.A. Topics –DOMINANT BUCK HUNTING
  • ·         Teacher of the D.I.E. Trophy Buck Hunting System 1998-Now
  • ·         Teacher of how to read all buck rubs and find the most dominant buck in the herd
  • ·         Teacher of how to know where the boundaries of a deer herd are
  • ·         Teacher of how deer communicate, and how to make them hunt you
  • ·         Teacher of what deer can see, and how to be invisible to deer
  • ·         Teacher of how to read all types of deer sign
  • ·         Teacher of how to walk within 35 yards of deer in daylight.
  •            Wisconsin Trophy Buck Hunting Guide since 2013
  •         SCI International - Member

I have shared my tactics (DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System) with thousands of people since October 2010. In 1998, I invented this new method of getting close to deer (Monster Bucks and Dominant Bucks included). Since then I have sold over 2500 copies of my D.I.E. HUNTER’S handbook I titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING…To A Monster Whitetail Buck! ©2011

In an attempt to prove the discoveries I made are indeed facts, that no other person has ever discovered before me, I launched D.I.E. HUNTER TRAINING, teaching seminars across the country, and offering to personally take my customers into the territories of kings of deer herds, and teach them to see the “Deer World” from the perspective of deer. 

Most of my clients are do it yourselfers. They either own their own business or they are an influential person among their peers, including their own deer hunting party.
It takes a person who knows how to think outside the box, only a few minutes to see the reality that I have discovered about deer.

These people are willing to learn right from the get go, but once they learn it, they are not so willing to share their new knowledge with the rest of their hunting party, or with society as a whole. They believe in my tactics, from the start, and they feel as blessed as I do, to have such knowledge.

Having read my first book a person feels like they have a map to every deer herd, and they can go to the king or the pecking order bucks at anytime in daylight, and when they get there, the bucks will be there waiting, instead of fleeing the area. It feels that way (like a dream come true) only until you actually do it! Then it is reality for you. I believe I have discovered the most awesome facts about deer in human history. I wish to document the facts in a series of books for all to see, so my legacy will live forever, in the hearts and minds of people forever.

Most trophy buck hunters struggle to see the herd’s most dominant buck on every hunt. For a person using my tactics, it is quite the opposite. We expect to meet him, and we always will, unless another deer hunter interferes with us, or unless the person using it (not me) chooses to break one of the rules I set them to follow. Breaking the rules tells deer that you are a human, and no dominant buck will ever walk within 200 yards of a human if he knows you are a human.

On a hunt with my tactics, your behavior in the woods is what the biggest change is. It is not a silver bullet. It is you making a conscious decision not to tell any deer that you are a human, so they never know they are being hunted. Not only that, but you have to know what deer do so you can do what they expect you to do. Just going to your tree stand directly from your vehicle does not cut it.