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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Libraries across America are stocking my book now. Order Today while D.I.E. Books are in Stock!

Attention Library Staff Members and People who go to libraries to read,

Librarians who wish to order copies of DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! copyright 2011 written, published, and distributed by Bob J. Mercier are now welcome to place an order. Up until July 9th 2014 that option was not available. I kept the book out of libraries. Now that over 2500 people own a copy and I have heard back from over 500 people who have hunted successfully with my tactics, I know it is time for it to be put on the shelves of libraries across the country.

As of today July 10 2014, I am on a mission to offer my book to everyone who wants to learn what deer think.

The decision to sell to libraries has been well received.

Librarians across the country are now ordering copies of my book.


Now anyone can read my book and you do not have to own a copy to do so. Just call your local library and ask them to purchase a copy for their location. They can contact me and I will send a book to them promptly. You then can check it out, and learn without spending any money, until you make the decision to hunt with my tactics or not. I hope you take advantage of the rights you now have to read my book for free. Nothing beats owning a copy though.

All you need to do is call them and request my book, and then give them my website address www.DominanceIsEverything.com  or my phone number (262) 719-2743 or even my email bob@dominanceiseverything.com  who do not want to buy it before you review a copy. Call your local library and ask them if they have a copy of my book. If not ask them to purchase one or more so you and your friends can read it and learn more about deer behavior and hunting big bucks than you ever imagined. 

Read the Testimonials from people who have read my book, some who I have trained on their hunting land, and others who I have never met. These people are my friends. They are D.I.E. HUNTERS, and they are proud to tell you that what I have to say about deer is TRUE FACT. You can learn from me if you are willing to listen, or able to read. I am trying to reach every deer hunter on earth. I am managing to do so at a very slow pace right now, but I will not give up. It is not the money that I get for my book that drives me to share my knowledge of deer behavior with you. It is the passion I have to help every single person who hunts deer, to see the way the deer live, and the way I have hunted for 16 years with my own tactics, and have yet to fail to meet the king of the herd within 35 yards of me no matter what deer season I am hunting during.

Just so you are aware, I want to mention how book orders are normally placed and how we handle the order to get the book(s) to our customers as soon as possible.

I personally package and ship, each book, as well as make the sale, and process the paperwork (invoices and paid receipts). Please contact me directly by phone or email to order copies of my first book titled: DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck!

Preview the book online by clicking on the following two links:

Read the Preface by clicking here you can also order directly from the page, and see the ISBN information as well as credit page of the book
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Books sell for $49.99 per copy

Wisconsin customers must pay 5.5% WI sales tax unless you are tax exempt.