Tuesday, July 22, 2014

FAQs about the D.I.E. System for Deer Hunters

    • What is in the D.I.E. Book? It is a $50 book for every deer hunter, and every person who wants to know all they can about whitetail deer behavior. It could be the best $50 you ever spent. I teach you how to use my deer hunting tactics also known as the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System so you can get close to the biggest-racked bucks in the herd any day of the week, by going on foot, or by sitting in a tree stand and having them come within 35 yards of you. My focus for writing this book was to share my knowledge of deer behavior with everyone all at once. I know things about deer that no one else, has any idea are facts! These facts I have learned from deer have been overlooked by whitetail experts for centuries. Knowing these facts makes deer hunting for mature bucks and does, an easy feat. Anyone can go afield and hunt a matter of hours, never more than 4 consecutive days during the rut, and meet the most dominant buck in the area at that time, when he walks up to a D.I.E. Scrape that they build to my specifications within 35 yards of their tree stand. I have more knowledge about whitetail deer  than anyone, and I aim to prove it. I am writing books, and I will go on TV, Radio, and in the future I plan to make training and hunting videos showing others what I have learned from deer. The fact is I know what deer think. Using my tactics any person can see a mature buck every day of the week on their own land.
    • Where did you get this knowledge? From 1991 to 1996 I studied 6 different deer herds. They each had a king, a pecking order, unranked bucks living inside the territory, a group of does, and fawns and young bucks that did not hold rank. Each king had his own territory and the king behaved differently based on the conditions he was facing at the time. I learned from kings of herds how to think like them. They keep all other deer safe. Now I can convince any animal that I am not human, and so can you.
    • Is the meaning of buck rubs really so important? Absolutely. They are street signs to deer. You will soon realize that knowing what the DEER RULES are by reading buck rubs, makes you a more knowledgeable hunter. Your hunts become more fun, because reading buck rubs allows you to role-play with the king and his herd. I learned there are 9 types of dominant buck rubs. I know what each one tells the deer that read it. I teach you to read rubs, when you read my book. No one else has ever written or taught the meaning of rubs and been accurate before. Why base your findings on assumptions, when I can prove these facts to you.
    • Are you still teaching? If so where can I meet you? Yes, I taught 1400 people in classrooms over the past 4 years, and 200 of them took me afield on their own hunting land. I show those who hire me, how to use my tactics to experience the biggest racked bucks in face-to-face encounters. You have to be willing to change your ways, in order to be successful using my tactics. Not everyone kills a buck, but nearly everyone encounters a buck worthy of shooting on their first hunt. Failure is when you quit early, or when you hit the buck but never recover his body. Sometimes you are going to choose to fail. I choose to never fail intentionally.  I feel that every person who hunts deer can learn from me by reading my book from cover-to-cover. I am glad people who have read it - have replied telling me they love it.
    • Is the D.I.E. Book a handbook? Yes, it is the best tool any deer hunter can have to help them understand deer movements and locations to hunt so the hunter can become the hunted and their odds of seeing a trophy racked buck on every hunt will rise to from less than 3% to better than 90%. The D.I.E. Book is the first book that I have written. It is meant as a tool, a handbook for deer hunters who have not been seeing any trophy racked bucks, or very few of them while deer hunting. I can change the outcome of every deer hunt you go on for the rest of your life (on your own land) if you adapt to the deer world using my methods, then kings of herds will hunt you there! My book is awesome because I teach you how to read buck rubs. What they mean, and how powerful having this knowledge makes a monster buck hunter when he or she is afield.