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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Whitetail Bucks are on the move

In the past week (August 26 to September 3), I have seen many whitetail bucks on the move. They are anxious to move to their new home, where they will be staying for the next six and half months. They are moving South West of the place they were bedding all summer.

How far Southwest? That depends on the terrain and available shaded vegetation in the area that their king calls home. Every buck chooses to live in the territory of one king of a herd. They do not all show allegiance to the king, but they all live inside one territory. I have taught this fact, and over 400 other previously unknown facts about deer to those who read my books, attend my seminars, or hire me to train them on their own land, or public land across the country.

I am an expert at deer behavior. More importantly... there is no one else anywhere in the world who can teach others to see the "Deer World". I am a man, with a gift from God. I am sharing my gift, for that very reason, and I welcome you to see the Deer World by purchasing a copy of my first book titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! Copyright 2011 written, published, and distributed by Bob J. Mercier owner of MINDFUL OF NATURE LLC.

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This is a factual book, that no person can critique because I discovered these facts, and no other person in history is an expert at these behaviors. If you want training to walk among kings, or to finding the best places to see monster bucks on your land, while using a D.I.E. Scrape in the rut, or while standing still and encountering a buck searching for you, then call me today.

Those are some of my skills that I am willing to share with others. Thanks be to God.

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