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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Newest D.I.E. HUNTER to fill his tag in WI sends testimonial

On Saturday October 4 2014,

One of my customers named Scott Rankin texted me a photo of an 8 point buck he shot while implementing some of the methods I trained him to use, this summer, while we scouted his hunting land together in Central Wisconsin. Scott, wanted a mature buck and he did not want to have to hunt for 4 days. I aim to please, so I taught him optional set ups, that would allow him to be encountered by kings and their pecking order bucks, as well as challenging intruder bucks, in less than a 2 or 3 day period whether the rut was on or not.

Scott is as dedicated as a deer hunter as any person can get, and he assured me that he would use some of the optional methods I had taught him, if and when he was able to hunt in the early bow season prior to October 12 (the date I have taught all D.I.E. HUNTERS to know that the rut is on in Wisconsin).

Scott texted me. "He is not the king but I could not pass him up." Less than 6 hours of hunting on Day 1 and he shot a mature 8-pointer at 50 yards. I am proud of him, for harvesting a dandy buck on Day 1 of his first modified D.I.E. HUNT.

Here is his testimonial and a photo of the buck taken on October 4 2014 by Scott Rankin. Congratulations Scott!

"On Saturday Oct 4, 2014 I used all the skills I have learned from my Dominance is Everything book and killed this beauty 16 1/2 inch 8 pointer. I shot this deer with my bow at 50 yards.  Went to the stand in the morning using traditional methods and did not see a thing.  In the afternoon I walked to the stand using Bob's techniques(Walking like a deer, and using scent on a drag line the way Bob showed me) and at 6:08 p.m. I landed my trophy for the year.  Can't wait for gun season!  I am going to use the same techniques I have learned from Bob."


Thanks Bob.

Scott Rankin
Waushara county - Wildrose - WI