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Friday, February 27, 2015

Deer hunters have a choice. Keep on hunting the way you do now, or stop and be a D.I.E. HUNTER

In response to a posted comment on Google+ today I wrote a thorough explanation of why a deer hunter should buy my book, and what he or she will benefit from it.

Here is the post as it was started by Bruce Hutcheon (an avid deer hunter who has used Bob J. Mercier's tactics and was successful in 2014 tagging a buck),

Bruce commented on Google+
Dominance Is Everything is for anyone looking to explore deep into the mind of a whitetail and willing to change decades of whitetail hunting traditions

Bob J, Mercier Commented on Google+
The reason behind my tactics is so the hunter can get close to the mighty king of the herd, which I have discovered leads a calculated life. A person using my tactics can get closer than 35 yards from any deer that is not being pressured by a human or a predator (at that moment in time). We (D.I.E. System Users) have a better way to hunt deer than traditional methods, at least in my opinion and that of those who have shot a buck using my tactics. It makes bucks fight for the right to continue to own/have the right to breed on the exact piece of land that we set our tree stand up on. I have learned from observing deer and accomplishing the goal of learning how deer process information, how to do what a dominant buck would do. I think like a dominant buck and I teach others to do the same. You can be anything you work hard to be in life. I am an invisible pair of deer that came to the place, where I stand to hunt, from over one mile away (another deer herd territory), and I am there to break the rules that kings and their herds live by. That is it in a nutshell. 

No matter what time of year or what the weather might be, the wind tells deer where to go, which trails to take, and how soon to get there. I have a complete understanding of that, and I can move into and out of deer herds as a deer, in the minds of all deer that hear me, attempt to scent check me, or actually lay eyes on me. I am invisible and you can be too. My first book was worth the effort. I wrote it, had it edited and proofread, and then went to press. I published it myself because no on in history has ever said the things that I teach in my book (in print, or publication, except for two sentences. Those were both common knowledge so I did not have to credit anyone in my book except for the man I learned to make deer steps from, and I did credit him. 

My editor said I need to back up the words by proving it to people or many people will not believe. I know hundreds of facts that deer have kept secret from humans for eternity. I believe no other human in the history of man has been able to see these facts as actual facts before because humans (like me when I am at home) primarily think about themselves in every situation. 

I am now a deer in the woods. Not a man. I think of every circumstance as I am a deer and this car pulls up and this two - legged animal gets out, and it comes into my world. What should I do? Well folks I know what the king would do, and that is slip away downwind of this two-legged creature and tell the rest of the herd (which he is there to protect) that they are being visited by an intruder, a predator, and a threat. They (deer) cannot make a human leave, so they choose to watch your every move, and report it back to the elders, who make the decisions as to where the safest place to hide from enemies is, at that particular moment in time. 

Sometimes people get the chance to tag a monster-racked whitetail, but that is less than 5% of the time for an average deer hunter. That means you may go on 19 hunts and never see one, but your 20th hunt you hit the jackpot! Was it worth it? To me the answer is no. I want to see the herd king everyday, and I have learned how to do it.

Since October 2010 I have personally taught over 1600 people how to be invisible to deer, and how to use my tactics which I have named the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System. Many of those people have shot the biggest buck of their lifetime while implementing some or all of my tactics on land they have hunted in the past. Some people pick a new spot based on my scouting techniques and they see the king or a swamp buck or challenging intruder like clock work show up to the D.I.E. Scrape on the first or second day, every time they set it up. I teach you that your land has nothing to do with a deer herd. A human is not a part of it. What you see as your land is either a safe place for deer to eat, sleep, travel, or breed during daylight or it is not. You tell me. I teach you to read deer sign to know if a deer is safe there in daylight or not. If not you cannot be successful with my D.I.E. Scrape there. You must use your head, and think like a deer. You must place the scrape where deer would feel safe in daylight so they will come to it in daylight. I know human behavior and it has no place in the DEER WORLD. 

In the deer world there are no people. Forget what you know, or what you think, and let me make this one point for you to see the facts about deer.  In the DEER WORLD, there are deer, trees (and other living and dead vegetation that is rooted in the ground, there is the ground, the sky, air, and water. In the sky there is a moon and the sun. The sun is yellow and the moon is white most of the time. As far as animals go, there are bears, cougars,  wolves, coyotes, small critters, and all mammals, reptiles, and birds in the DEER WORLD. 

In Wisconsin the only deer type animals we may see are deer, elk and an occasional moose.

Deer live in the DEER WORLD. HUMANS do not. Live means where the deer bed down. A deer lives where it feels the safest in daylight and in the dark. Because humans are not part of the deer world, and no healthy adult deer would bed near a human if they knew you were a human, why is it that 95% of all deer hunters who hunt traditionally seek out a bedding area and place one or more tree stands, and recently trail cameras in there hoping to get close to a monster buck? It doesn't make sense to me. No deer older than two years of age that did not have fawns, would frequent such a place in daylight unless there was a potential mate traveling through it, or bedded in it. 

Do you see that if you do not belong there, and they feel safest there, and you are taking up a permanent residence there, you are forcing the deer to leave, to avoid running into you! I teach my students, to pull their stands and all trail cameras and to leave the deer alone. If you want the deer to not know you are a human or that you will be back the first thing you need to do is to stop interfering with their lives. 

When a human walks into the forest we tell deer, by the sound of our footsteps getting louder and louder that we are going to the deer. The deer ask themselves who might this be coming to me at this time of day, from that direction? As soon as you make a move in a direction no deer would go, you have told them you are their enemy. A threat! Deer do not stick around to find out who you are, except young and dumb deer. I call bucks less than 2 years old, and does less than 1- 1/2 years old young and dumb. They bed on the downwind side of core doe bedding areas, and for that reason many deer hunters base all their knowledge about deer behavior on sightings of the young and dumb. There is much more to a deer herd than does and fawns folks. There is a king, and his pecking order, and the top buck has a Pope and Young Scoring rack over 90% of the time with no antlers broken. He walks where they walk but not at the same time as they do, and he beds in the same territory, but 99.99% of the time he beds at least 35 yards away from all other deer, and he allows no deer to bed downwind of his body, unless he is being pressured by a human, or a predator that has moved in an made a permanent home in his territory. That is when rub lines become evident. I wrote all this in my book folks, but that is not all there is so much more. 

When you go to the woods you can be a threat by behaving as a human, or you can pretend you are a deer, by behaving like a deer. I choose the latter option. I will be a deer, because all deer welcome other deer to come face-to-face with them on a daily basis. No deer feels pressured by another deer unless they enter one another's element. That is a 35 yard radius invisible bubble that surrounds each whitetail from the moment they are born. I learned of it, and I rely on it to tell me how to behave when I get within 36 yards of a deer. You have to tell them what your intentions are before going any closer. Only deer have business with other deer, so entering the invisible bubble as a human would scare the deer off. Most often it will run at a full gallop with its tail flagging from left to right in a timing pattern of a pendulum.

Go back to the DEER WORLD with me for a second. If you were in the deer world wearing camouflage from head to toe, and you were backed by the vegetation that matched the clothes your were wearing and the deer were upwind of your body, no deer could possibly know you were a human unless you were moving. I prove this point on page 146 of my book DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! Copyright 2011 by Bob J. Mercier.  

This photograph was taken by photographer Scott Anderson The point of the photo is to teach you, that people are not part of the deer world. Put your finger over my face and you would not see a human there, unless you were guessing. Humans guess what they see. Deer analyze it by sight, smell, and sound, and they decide if it is not a deer, they have no business with it, and if it wasn't there yesterday when they were there, but it is there now, that it came there or fell from the sky. If it is attached to a tree and a deer cannot move it, then they better get used to it, but they better tell every adult deer in their herd about it so each one knows there is some risk going to that area in daylight, as long as that item is still there to be found. I teach you to think like the deer, and be a tree, or a branch that broke off of a tree, and fell from the sky and landed at the base of a tree. That they will accept, but a hunter standing in front of a tree they will not, and a man without a facemask sitting on the ground will be discovered at least some of the time, by deer, because our head height is at the same height as a walking deer holds its head. They are trained to look for things that are out of place and to report back to their king. Deer have a society, and a heart, and moods, and they feel pain. Those are the facts. Whether you can accept the truth or not. I am only one man trying to reach millions to share some insight into the real world that deer live in. They do not live in MAN LAND, they LIVE (bed) where it is safe, and that means away from humans, unless they are young or dumb or injured, or dying of old age. I am hunting healthy bucks, and for those of you who are doing so too, my book will be a good investment. 

The trees are black, white or shades of grey to deer, and the ground shows up as a pattern that matches the ground cover and low brush. Camouflage is made to disguise a human figure while we are in the woods, wild, grass, plains, and sometimes skylined in the sky (in a tree stand or standing on a hill). Wearing the pattern or colors that are to your back side when a deer is coming towards your front side will make you invisible as long as deer cannot see the whites in your eyes, or any metal on your body, or reflective surfaces.

I know that many deer hunters do not wear face masks, but they are not me, and they do not teach others how to be invisible to deer. You cannot be invisible to deer 100% of the time if you do not paint your face or wear a face mask. I do not hunt traditionally anymore, and for those who do and are good at taking trophy bucks or getting close to them, I am happy for them. Are they teaching others to do what they hold dear to their hearts as secret? Not many of them are. I am not better than anyone. I am more skilled than most, and I know it. The only way I can teach others is by telling you what I can teach, and backing up my words with results. Come to a seminar where I teach you to be hunted by the king of a herd, then you will see the truth.

In my book I explain to my readers (you), how deer live there daily lives, and how a deer hunter can cloak him or herself as an invisible pair of deer, or just one deer at any time, by using my tactics. My book is for every deer hunter who ever lived, and who is yet to be born. The knowledge I am sharing with you, will surely change your life forever (in a good way). Call me if you want me to show the DEER WORLD to you on land you like to walk or hunt. I am here for that reason. I will teach others what I have learned from deer until the day I take my last breath. People who want to learn my methods for scouting, setting up a stand and making a D.I.E. Scrape can purchase my first book titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! Copyright 2011 by Bob J. Mercier I sell it online for $39.99 + 2.20 Sales tax and I am shipping USPS Priority Mail FREE of charge for 2015. Read it now, and learn to be hunted by kings. Thanks for reading this. Bob J. Mercier (262) 719-2743 www.DominanceIsEverything.,com

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bob J. Mercier welcomes you to learn everything he knows about deer

I am Bob J. Mercier, and I teach deer hunters to get close encounters with deer. Most often my clients are seeking the most dominant buck, but at times I teach about hunting mature does, or swamp bucks. I am learning more and more everyday from deer. I am writing what I learn so you may read it, see it for yourself, and hopefully be grateful that your and my paths have crossed in this lifetime. Thanks be to God.

I teach both indoors and out of doors. At local hotel conference centers, and on the land my clients choose to hunt.

I have taught more than 200 deer hunters on their own hunting land, how to read buck rubs to find the beds of the king of the herd, as well as the 3 core doe bedding areas, and the bedding and breeding areas used by the pecking order bucks. Every deer hunter I have taught to see the DEER WORLD now knows more about deer behavior than every other person in history. A bold statement indeed, but it is absolutely the truth.

I am on a mission to teach others to see the truth about whitetail deer, and to be able to hunt one to four days at a time and count on having a close encounter with a mature buck worthy of tagging. Most people want a big buck when it comes to filling their deer tag, but they do not know how herds work, or where the deer are on the parcel they have a right to hunt, when they are there. I teach you that your land is only part of a deer herd, and because of that depending on the wind direction the deer herd may be located over 1/2 a mile away from your land on any given day. Deer can only lay down in one place at a time. I am sure you know that, but hunting too close to their choice bedding areas will cause the most mature bucks to only move through the human used areas in low light and after dark. I teach you to be invisible to deer, to find the deer, and to walk among them. You can get as close as 15 yards from almost any deer that is bedded down before it will feel pressured as long as you approach it as a deer instead of doing what most people do. I know you do not know me, but do not let that stop you from learning from me.

I teach you what I have learned from deer. I have a gift from God.

Believe it or not!

For that reason, I promised God I would not be selfish. I would share my knowledge of how to get close to deer in daylight with anyone willing to learn. My book is my way of sharing with you.

Some people do not like to read, and personally I do not like to be taught without a manual. Both being facts, I went forward with my promise to God, knowing that a book was the only way I could teach the whole world, and make sure the people reading my material could go back to it if they forgot it.

The way we behave in the wild woods that deer live in, is the most important thing I feel people need to change in order to allow deer to travel the routes they normally do when we are not there. If we can stay undetected by deer, then we can be invisible to them. We do not disappear, we just do not let them smell us, see our human features, or hear any abnormal sounds as we go from one place to another in the wilderness.

Deer choose routes of travel (based on the wind direction at the time). They know where they are going before they take each step. As long as they do not encounter anything new, (a scent, a figure in their view, or a sound) they will continue along that path. Deer use deer trails when they are going somewhere where other deer could be, and they get off the trails when they arrive where they were going. Deer go to bed, to food, to water, to breeding scrapes, and to congregation zones, and they use trails to get to each of those things. They leave the trail in the morning to get to water, to leave the water, and to find an actual piece of ground to lay their body on. It may be a new place or there may have been a bed impression on the ground there already. Deer tracks are the key to whether deer are safe or not. You should learn to read the tracks and break it down to tell yourself whether or not the deer that made the set of tracks was safe from humans and other threats or not. It is a fun way to learn about deer.

So based on what I know and what I know no other person has ever written, or spoke publicly about, I am teaching my students, which I call D.I.E. HUNTERS a new set of rules to live by. My rules were set forth by kings of deer herds. The kings control territory until something takes them off their thrones. The king of a herd is the most amazing buck a person can learn from. His behavior is predictable, yet deer hunting writers who are unaware of my writings will tell you the opposite. I can save you hundreds of days afield making human mistakes, if you would just buy my book, and see for yourself that I have figured the real DEER WORLD out!

I can help everyone who hunts deer, and everyone who wants to learn what their behavioral traits mean.

I would like a radio show, where people can call in and ask questions, but I am not there yet. I am willing to go on TV to show the way I take customers to dominant buck beds from any type of deer sign, but I have not yet been asked to. 

All I want is to keep on teaching, and to keep on writing. 

When I have the time, I hunt trophy bucks.

I have been teaching for 4 years now, and everyone I have trained is a better deer hunter because of what they learned from our meeting. They tell me so.

If you want me to help you, all you need to do is call me and talk to me.

My phone number is (262) 719-2743

What can I do for you?