Saturday, August 22, 2015

Jerry DenBoer was hunted by a king using the D.I.E. System

Let me introduce you to Jerry DenBoer from Minnesota, with a monster 8-Pointer he shot with his bow, on his first hunt with the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System in Wisconsin, on October 26 2012 in Buffalo County WI.

Jerry was a first-time user of D.I.E. and with his successful harvested D.I.E. buck he became ranked as the 15th person in the world to be successful in harvesting a mature whitetail buck using the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System

I ranked the first 28 people that have given me testimonials, and I found it takes more effort than I can muster to keep track of all the success stories.  I have stopped ranking customers now, because hundreds of people were successful at taking Pope & Young Caliber bucks in 2012 in states all across the the USA and in Canada. I cannot possibly rank them if they are not sharing their stories with me.  

Many first time D.I.E. hunters see the biggest racked buck of their entire hunting career on the first day of their first D.I.E. hunt. For others it took 2, 3, or 4 days for him to show up, but when he did, they freaked out, by the size of his rack! Ask a D.I.E. Hunter what caliber of bucks hunt them? If they are honest, you better be seated, because their story is going to be a long one. Dominant bucks hunt D.I.E. hunters. We sit still and wait for the king, and all the while as time ticks on by, our odds increase, because to this day, no one has ever had to wait more than 4 consecutive days to meet the king of the herd at less than 35 yards from their stand while they waited for the buck to come to them during legal shooting hours.