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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The reasons behind why Bob J. Mercier wrote his book DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! Copyright 2011

In 2009, when I started writing the D.I.E. Book - titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! there were three D.I.E. HUNTERS in the entire world, and each of us saw the biggest racked buck of our bow hunting history while on our first hunt using the D.I.E. Scrape. There was me Bob J. Mercier and two guys I met at work and at home. The two men were Tom Earle of Palmyra WI a sign painter, and fellow machinist, and Matt "Rhino' Rynearson (a pro staff hunter) a Pro Hunter sponsored by Cabela's and many other firms at the time. Do not forget I invented the D.I.E. Scrape Hunting Tactic in October 1998 while hunting on my family's hobby farm in New Berlin Wisconsin. 

I wanted to tell people that I have big-racked bucks waiting for me by my stand each day, but I knew they would not believe me without video proof, and I wanted to be hunted by big-bucks more than I wanted to share my secret system that makes bucks fight and the winner beds down and waits for you to come to your stand.  To this day I have not recorded any of my D.I.E. HUNTS. I will teach you and you can learn, but I do not want people to find out how it works unless they own my book and learn it from me, or from someone who shared my book with them. I feel the truth about deer behavior must be told, and I know the truth. I will tell it to every deer hunter, through books, even if some of them cannot read, or do not care to read. 

I am trying to help those who do not know how to help themselves see big bucks and mature does in a short period of time, no matter where they hunt deer.

In 2002, Tom Earle shot a 150" 7-pointer on public land on Day 1, being in his stand less than 1 hour during a heavy snowfall. He shot it with a muzzle-loader at 75 yards as it came straight across a snowcovered field that was plowed earth below the snow. He said he shot it way out there, because there were other deer hunters on the state land that day, and he could kill it from a distance of 75 yards with his weapon. I am proud to say Tom Earle has shot 4 dandy bucks with my D.I.E. System. His first was a king, and so was Rhino's first buck.

Matt hunted in MN on land no one had scouted. He did it in secrecy and a 180" 12-pointer walked right up to his tree stand, turning around at 10 yards and going away, just 8 minutes after he got in his stand. He was late getting there by one hour, and the buck was waiting for the hot doe to arrive. The king stiff-legged walked straight to the place where his feet left the earth as he climbed up the tree. He did everything right except being late, and because of it, he did not pull his bow up in the tree yet. The buck saw his movement when he was hand over hand raising his weapon on the string.

I cannot fault him for that. He called me and asked how to get that buck and I told him he had to wait a week or move 80 yards or more from that spot and set up again. He moved to another area and found himself in the herd territory of a different buck. He was successful there, shooting a 9-1/2 yr old 10-pointer which came in with a doe in estrus. His shot was broadside at 15 yards in 2008. In 2009, he shot a 7-1/2 yr old 11-pointer using the exact same D.I.E. Scrape and following my instructions. Matt had no D.I.E. Book and he found the D.I.E. System to be the easiest method to kill a king on any property where people hunt deer. He does not work for me, and he never has. I do not know him much better than I know my bank clerk. He was a dedicated deer hunter, who's reputation mattered to me, and whom I trusted to never teach my tactics to anyone. 

When I put this D.I.E. System together. I was trying to make mature bucks that bedded, bred, and fed on neighboring properties to come onto the land I could hunt, so I could get a walking or standing shot at them with my bow. I could shoot accurately to 35 yards and I did not have more than one tree stand. I use a belt-on stand today, just as I did back in 1998 on my first D.I.E. HUNT. I have killed three dandy bucks with my D.I.E. System. 

To be a successful D.I.E. HUNTER - hunting with Bob J. Mercier's D.I.E. System

A human hunter, a D.I.E. book (Bob J. Mercier's teaching), and one tree stand, and some specific scents, and one D.I.E. HUNTER (a person who knows how to walk like a deer, talk like a deer, and read deer sign like a deer after reading Bob J. Mercier's book titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! Copyright 2011

The D.I.E. HUNTER scouts land, any land for dominant buck sign, to determine where on the maps on pages 60-66 in Bob's book (the deer herd) they are. They determine where the king's primary bed is by reading the wind, and using a compass, which Mercier teaches. They then scout the deer sign that is left by all deer to determine where the does and fawns are bedding, and which of the three core doe bedding areas 95% of the herd is bedding in that day. Once determined, they know the king is downwind and crosswind of those does a certain distance which Mercier teaches in his book. 

D.I.E. HUNTERS hunt upwind and crosswind of live deer, because they cannot be detected as humans, by deer. Other people can certainly detect some of us, but we are not hunting people and they are not hunting us, so it does not matter. 

The D.I.E. HUNTER chooses two stand sites, and if Mercier is hired to provide a Private Lesson Mercier teaches his client to accomplish all of these goals.

One stand site is to hunt from and set up in, and the other is to go to if the King or another buck busts you and your identity as a human becomes known to the bucks in the herd.

You set up as directed, in the book. There are diagrams, showing distances and angles of wind currents, so you will have the best opportunity at a clear shot. You set up without error, and you go home for the time allotted.

The deer in the herd that lives where you set up, find the scrape in the coming hours, due to the scent and the sign of deer that you left there for them to read. They cannot find the maker of the D.I.E. Scrape, so they send their king to find you. He believes you are a bigger-racked buck than he is, but he cannot be sure without seeing you. He has to come to your stand at least one time during the estrus cycle of the imaginary doe you represent, and that entrance will come during daylight (legal shooting time).

In the book I teach you about deer behavior. You will understand all of the workings of the D.I.E. System by reading the book, but if you cannot read (some people cannot) or you do not like to read (many people hate reading) you can still learn, at the current time because Bob J. Mercier offers to train you in your town in seminar, or by private lesson.