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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Who is BOB J MERCIER- Does He Really Know more about deer than anyone?

            Bob J. Mercier – is known as a whitetail deer behavioral specialist. He teaches others to see the DEER WORLD for what it really is – to the deer that live in it.

Bob is the first person on earth to discover the true meaning of all whitetail deer sign, and normal behavioral traits. Bob is not a biologist and has not been trained in any school or university. He learned it all from walking among deer since 1991 when he mastered his own methods. Bob has named his methods for getting close to any deer in daylight while hunting or not, the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System.

To Bob there is no easier means for any human to get within 35 yards or less of any deer. Bob teaches those who hire him to train them. He is author of the much hoarded book titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! ©2011 by Bob J. Mercier

In 1991, Bob started studying whitetail deer in Southeast Wisconsin in an area where they could not be hunted. For 6 years Bob hiked into the wood, fields, creek beds, swamps, and up and down hills following live deer, or just following their tracks and other signs, they left, on their last trip through the area. Bob was astonished to learn that deer do not see people. People say, “Hey deer, over here, here I am.” Bob learned from deer that nearly every belief deer hunters have for why deer do what they do is an assumption. We all know that when you assume you are wrong most of the time.

            Bob was seeking the truth about deer. He had been a WI deer hunter since 1979, but until Bob learned about deer, from spending time with deer, all Bob knew was what others had told him. Knowing what deer think was his mission, along with seeing what deer see, and sensing danger to deer immediately when it enters the area, and until it leaves the herd territory, just as real deer do.

I read dominant buck sign and take clients to the king's bed - sometimes he is in it! Here is a true story.

  •     Customers often ask if I have ever taken Private Lesson Clients to the bed of the king of the herd and found him there in his bed, and the answer is yes I have. 

  • It happened a few years back while I was working for a man and a woman in Northern Wisconsin. Consulting them on the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System, and the best places to set up for a quick encounter with the king of a herd. The rut was on, and we were on a mission to scout for the easiest ambush locations, I could find for a client named Randy to set up a D.I.E. Scrape. He had high hopes and rightfully so. 

  • I set him up in a great place and he saw 3 shooter bucks in 3 days of hunting, with the king of the herd being one of the first two bucks to approach the D.I.E. Scrape. The king offered Randy shot opportunities at 15 yards and 11 yards, but Randy froze up and failed to grunt to stop the buck at 15 yards, or to grunt as he neared the D.I.E. Scrape. So the buck got to the scrape and then swung his head back around and Randy was convinced the buck was looking him right in the eyes. He shot at the standing buck and he says the arrow missed its mark because the buck wheeled around and took off right when he fired the arrow. I believe him, because lots of deer hunters, who are first time D.I.E. HUNTERS make the same mistake that Randy did on their first D.I.E. HUNT. He already had some trophy racked bucks on the wall of his cabin, but he wasn't expecting such an awesome encounter with the king of the herd as such close range, just the way I had predicted it would happen for him.
  • He was excited and the adrenaline in his blood, kept him from calming down to make a killing shot at the first opportunity that a D.I.E. HUNTER gets. You should always take the first shot opportunity you have, because sometimes you do not get a second chance. I (Bob J. Mercier) as Randy's Personal Trainer in being a D.I.E. HUNTER can only wait so long for a client like Randy, with big-buck killing experience to call and give testimony. The thing is many of my clients intend on giving testimony, but when they do kill their first D.I.E. Buck they do not want anyone to know that they made the buck come to them at the stand site I taught them to choose, just because they believed in a New Way to hunt deer. They do not want anyone to know how easy it is to have this happen on every hunt, because many deer hunters compete for bragging rights, and anyone who has gotten the chance to brag, surely hates giving up those rights. THE FACT IS FOLKS - DEER HUNTING IS AS EASY AS YOU MAKE IT, AND WITH MY TACTICS - IN MY BOOK, YOU CANNOT FAIL TO SEE THE KING WITHIN 35 YARDS OF YOU IN LESS THAN 4 DAYS. IF I SET YOU UP AND YOU FOLLOW THE RULES THAT KING COULD COME ON DAY ONE.

  •      I know Randy was successful at using my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System from the start. Did he ever kill a D.I.E. Buck? I do not know. I know he hunts with my tactics and he loves it. I know I walked up to a king with him and his girlfriend while on a private lesson and I documented that encounter so I would not ever forget it. 
  • Here it is for you to learn by.

Bob Mercier will be releasing D.I.E. HUNTER Training Video clips - very soon.

Hi Everyone,

Due to customer requests from those who own my book and love it, but who cannot come to see me at sport shows or teaching events, I have decided to share some of the LIVE TEACHING I have done - and had filmed. Please excuse me for the non-professional filming. I am an amateur photographer at best. I hope you learn from my teachings, and you have many up close encounters with trophy racked bucks and mature does because of it.

To view my Videos, please visit my website at www.DominanceIsEverything.com

Visit my YouTube Videos by searching YouTube for Dominance Is Everything. When you view one of my videos, please click SUBSCRIBE so you can see the latest videos I am making now, and those I have made in the past. The quality is improving.

New content will be added as time allows. You will see, videos of me teaching my tactics which I call the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System.

I am planning to hunt in Missouri, Wisconsin, and Ohio in 2017. I will film each of my hunts with a GoPro on my head, and in the future I will show these video clips to people who are interested in seeing what a D.I.E. HUNT looks like to an invisible human who follows the deer rules, and calls the king to his or her stand in daylight by behaving as an invisible pair of breeding deer.

D.I.E. HUNTERS have all been taught how to prepare and dress, and what to bathe in and how to walk, where to walk, and why to choose to walk there, by me. I have a unique way of doing things that deer are convinced is a deer way. We are approached by the king of the herd on every hunt, because DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® To A Monster Whitetail Buck! A dominant buck will not allow a deer to go where we go, and do what we tell him we are doing. I learned these facts from observing every buck and doe in a 6 mile x 3 mile area for 6 years. I learned that deer have a way of thinking that has nothing to do with the human thinking process. I teach my book readers how to think like a deer. That is the best skill a person can get to improve their chances of encountering any buck or doe at any time of the year at close range, which to me is always less than 35 yards.

Thanks to all the customers who are providing testimonials and feedback. It is much appreciated.